Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 409

Veronica Is on the Brink of Death

However, Xavier’s psychotic infatuation was terrifying. Veronica’s body trembled in anger and there
was a wave of fury that filled her. She had to control herself to stop herself from strangling him.

She glared at the man she used to think was her best friend and she seemed to find him much more
distant and terrifying than ever. “Hah!” After quite some time, she revealed a smile.

She leaned back against her seat resignedly. “I can’t stop what’s coming because it is only a matter of
time. Luckily, Melissa has already pre-warned me about what is coming, so I’m not as fearful as I
should be. If you really intend to die, then I don’t mind dragging your sister along. That’s fine with me.”

Veronica was not one to be confined by the ways of society since she was a child, so even if the video
was released, she was not going to seek death because of that.

As soon as Xavier heard that, he tilted his head and scrutinized her with a solemn expression. They
looked each other squarely in the eyes for a few seconds before he finally voiced out, “You’re my Roni,
so I won’t stand by the side and watch you perish.”

With his strong feelings for her, he reached out to stroke her cheek, but before he could even touch her
face, she slapped his hand aside. “Don’t touch me.”

The sharp look she shot at him was the look she gave an enemy.

“Get your filthy hand away from me!” Veronica yelled out the last sentence and it was quite hurtful as
he felt a sharp pang in his heart.

At that point, his expression tensed, and his hand remained frozen by the side of her face. His facial
muscles twitched significantly. “Filthy hand? Hah! That’s such a great description! You’ve finally
admitted that you loathe me.”

Veronica was significantly speechless by his words.

She leaned back in her seat and refused to say anything. After all, she felt that whatever she said was
basically a waste of breath and she could not do anything about someone as intent on causing trouble
as Xavier.

The time ticked by gradually and Veronica was still considering how to escape. She was inside the car
with the doors locked, so she could not get out at all. This is getting frustrating!

As she noticed that they were about to enter the highway, she instantly spoke up, “I need to use the

“Hold it,” Xavier replied mercilessly.

Her expression instantly turned ugly and she glared at him while clenching her fist.

Meanwhile, they arrived at the toll station and the driver stopped the car to pay the fee.

At that point, Veronica realized that this was her only chance, so she formed a fist with her right hand
and gathered up all of her strength. Suddenly, she smashed the glass with her fist.


As soon as the sound rang out, the glass window was shattered by Veronica’s punch, “Help. Save
me… Save… Umph… Ah…”

She yelled out in the direction of the staff manning the toll booth, but Xavier immediately smothered her
lips with his hand. As soon as the driver noticed the unfolding scene, he instantly accelerated and
rammed the barricade to enter the highway.

It hurts… Veronica had used up her might to smash the glass and this was her final attempt to escape,
so she had to do everything that she could. However, it was because of this very cause that it hurt so
badly; blood trickled down her right hand and the pain from it nearly crippled her.

She reckoned that she must have broken some bones in her finger.

Out of desperation, she had no other choice but this; had she not grasped this final chance, then there
would be no way she could get the word out to Matthew. After alerting the staff at the toll booth, the
police would be alerted too, so Matthew would definitely be notified.

Xavier smothered Veronica’s lips and pressed her against his lap as their car drove away from the toll

Outside the window, the cold breeze entered their car and the coldness was bone-chilling. However, he
did not feel the cold at all.

He glanced coldly at the woman in his arms and his expression was eerily thunderous. “Are you
planning to sacrifice an arm to get the word out to Matthew?”

Earlier on, he had pressed Veronica against his lap to prevent her from yelling for help at the staff at
the toll booth. At that moment, he released her but noticed that she was barely moving at all.

Instead, she was trembling; he realized that she was not trembling from the cold but from the pain. Her
hand hung limply and her fingers were blood-soaked as the blood trickled down her slender porcelain

Despite that, she did not grunt in pain at all. “I would rather lose a hand than be held captive for the rest
of my life.”

In fact, no one knew how much effort it took for her to utter those words. She refused to leave with
Xavier and though she had tried to come up with various solutions along the way, the best solution she
figured out was this current one.

With that, the car continued moving along the highway.

The reason why Xavier took this highway was because there were no security cameras along a
particular stretch, and they could abandon this car there and get off the highway. There was a main
road after exiting the highway and he had arranged for five identical cars there. As long as they arrived
there, then he could successfully leave with Veronica. From then on, no one on earth would be able to
locate them.

Still, things were not as simple as Xavier expected.

The hand of the woman on his lap continued to bleed profusely and her body became increasingly
weaker as her face turned paler by the minute. He was originally engrossed in his anger and he felt
that Veronica had disappointed him badly.

However, as Veronica gradually turned weaker and harder for her eyes to remain open, he suddenly
felt his heart clench.

“Roni?” He patted her shoulders. “Don’t fall asleep.”

At that point, he sensed that something was amiss. He continued to call out her name while reaching
out to grab her hand; he was shocked to find her bleeding profusely on the wrist.

The wound on her wrist was her old wound that had burst open and the bleeding was unable to be

At the sight of that, he frowned and instantly yanked his tie off from his neck to wrap it around her wrist.

“Stop fooling around. You’re so good at fighting. You can’t possibly be losing your life from breaking
some glass. Veronica, you’re not that weak!”

Xavier dressed her wound and held her hand in his, but he realized that her little hand was extremely
cold to the touch.

“I won’t die that easily. I… am fine.” She remained on his lap and forced those words out of her mouth.

Though she refused to admit it, she somehow found herself in a very weakened state. Pain… and

The blood was trickling out of her body and her body heat gradually dissipated. She was getting weary
and did not feel like moving. Instead, she was tempted to remain on his lap and go to sleep. What’s
wrong with me? Veronica thought to herself.

Her mind was filled with the memories she had with Matthew since they first met, and the flashbacks
were playing like movie reels in her head.

She recalled the moment they met, how they got to know each other, and finally got close to each

They appeared to be enemies, but as Veronica recalled everything between them, it was all beautiful
and she found their memories so sweet and happy.

“Matt…” Her lips were pale and devoid of color, but she suddenly muttered his name.

Xavier’s heart shattered into pieces upon hearing her call out Matthew’s name and the feeling he
experienced was torturous. However, he was much more concerned about her condition.

As he looked at her weak and feeble self, he felt as if there was something a part of him about to
detach from his body. At that point, a wave of fear hit him.

“Veronica? Veronica? Wake up! Damn it! Why are you falling asleep?!” Panic washed all over Xavier.

He reached out and started to pat her cheeks. “Listen to me. I’ve got a lot of things that I haven’t told
you. Actually, you know what? You don’t have to get together with me and I don’t intend to make you
stay with me. I just wanted to make things complicated for Matthew. I hate that b*stard so much for
always acting so high and mighty.”