Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 415

Spare Xavier’s Life

While the Larson couple was searching everywhere in Bloomstead for Tiffany, they received a call from
the police and went straight to the police station. Silence dawned upon them in the car as they were
absorbed in their own thoughts.

“You can easily tell that Matthew is behind this.”

Rachel propped head with her arm against the window and sighed. “No matter how foolish Tiffy is, she
wouldn’t have done this in such a critical time.”

“She’s foolish for offending Matthew.” Floch was feeling helpless as well.

Despite knowing who the mastermind was, both of them were aware that there was nothing they could
do about it because Matthew was doing it for Veronica’s sake and she was their future young lord. The
only option available was to sacrifice one of them to protect the other.

Before long, they arrived at the police station and saw Tiffany in the detention room. She crouched
while wrapping her arms around her knees at a corner in scruffy clothes. With her head buried in her
knees, no one knew what she was thinking about.

It pained Rachel to see Tiffany like that. With red-rimmed eyes, she walked into the room and yelled
out, “Tiffy?”

She called out for her with a soft tone, yet Tiffany did not move an inch as if she could not hear it.

“Tiffy, M-Mom’s here,” she called again.

Finally, Tiffany raised her head to show her sorrowful face that was rife with helplessness and despair.
She looked at Rachel coldly with a hollow gaze before rising to her feet to head out of the room,

bypassing Floch and the police officer like a zombie.

She slowly regained her senses at the police station and cottoned on the situation through the
interrogation. Once again, she fell into Matthew’s trap.

It’s because of Veronica again! You b*tch!!!!

Along their way home, the elderly couple attempted to strike a conversation with her only to receive
zero response from her. She cooped herself up in her room as soon as they arrived home and never
stepped foot out again.

Similar to the night sky, it was pitch black dark in an underground basement with dead silence. Xavier
was fettered to a steel chair and could not budge at all, rendering him vulnerable.

Clomp. Clomp. Clomp.

The sound of footsteps reached his ears and before long, the door opened and the man standing by
the door turned on the lights, causing him to shut his eyes in discomfort due to the brilliance.

A moment later, he adapted to it and opened his eyes to see the person before him. He cocked his
head and sniggered. “I admit—I’ve lost.”

From the moment he asked the driver to make a detour to the hospital after Veronica bled and fell into
a swoon, he knew what was ahead of him. Thus, he was not surprised to be caught.


Matthew lit up a cigarette and inhaled the tip of it before exhaling a puff of smoke, which covered his
face. “You’re brave.”

“Don’t say that. I’m just a loser,” Xavier dissed himself as though he was yielding to fate.

“I warned you not to lay a finger on Roni, but you ignored my words.” Matthew stood upright with a
hand delved in his pocket and the other tapping on the cigarette. “But… I do admire your loyalty for
choosing to save her life instead of yours. So, I won’t kill you.”

Undoubtedly, Veronica was really important to Xavier. Despite knowing that he would get caught if he
returned, he sent her to the hospital without a second thought; that alone was enough for Matthew to
spare his life.

“You… won’t kill me?” Xavier frowned in confusion as he was aware of the vengeful character of

I’ve kidnapped Veronica and almost got her killed. Why is he showing mercy?

Xavier sensed the perilous ferocity in the air.

“Bring him out.” Matthew motioned for the two bodyguards to lift up the chair and bring Xavier out of the

At the underground garage, over ten well-built bodyguards stood in a straight line whereas a tied-up
Melissa was kneeling on the ground with her gagged mouth.

“Hmm…” As soon as she saw Xavier, she whimpered nonstop. Everything she tried to say turned into a
moan and no one could understand her.

In split seconds, his heart fell to the pit of his stomach and his face turned pale. “Matthew Kings, what
the hell are you trying to do?”

The indifferent and prideful man let out an engaging smile. “Why are you so nervous? I’m just playing
along with your game.”

A calm Xavier became anxious as he stood up albeit being tied. Before he could even reach Matthew,
the bodyguards pressed him down to sustain him.

A subordinate brought over another chair for Matthew to watch the scene with crossed legs. He
gestured to two bodyguards to untie the rope around her legs and ripped her clothes into rags before
tossing them aside.

Melissa moaned as she struggled to free herself with widened eyes, but the men were too powerful.
One of them brought over a chair and commanded her to grovel like a dog on it. She refused, resulting
in getting a few slaps in the face before being pressed against the chair with her hair being grabbed.

It was literally a live pornography.

Of course, Xavier was not in the mood to watch it as he wriggled to free himself and roared, “Matthew
Kings, you better f*cking let my sister go! Just come at me, you f*ckers! How can you do this to a girl?
Let her go, you f*cking b*stard! Stop it! I’m gonna kill you guys if you touch her. Don’t touch her! Stop!”

Xavier shouted from the top of his lungs while struggling to free himself, causing the steel chair to
graze against the floor and screeched.

“You and your loud voice.” Matthew, who was phubbing, touched his ear in displeasure.

Standing next to him was Troy, who motioned the bodyguard to execute something. A jarring scream
could then be heard at the very next second.

“Grr… Ah… M-Matthew Kings, just come at me! Don’t hurt my sister. Do you even call yourself a man?”
Cursing at the man, Xavier noticed that his knee had been stabbed while blood was gushing out of his
joint as it dripped off the hem of his pants. Soon enough, he was surrounded in a crimson pool.

“Oh?” Matthew raised an eyebrow. “You want me to come at you?” He smiled in amusement. “As
expected from a brother who adores his sister. Since you want to suffer for her stead, I’ll be glad to
grant you your wish.”

As soon as Xavier heard that, he stopped his harangue toward Matthew; instead, his face turned
ghastly almost immediately.