Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 419

There Is No Future for the Both of You

Having flipped through the ‘Secret Affair of the Hidden Clan’ and analyzed Veronica’s situation,
Matthew concluded that there was more to her than they thought. If he assumed correctly, she could
very well be the leader of the hidden clan.

Veronica and Tiffany were twin sisters. If the former was the leader of the hidden clan, then Tiffany
would naturally be one as well. Matthew had taken Randy’s sample before to run a DNA test, only to
find that he was not Floch and Rachel’s biological son, but his DNA structure was similar to Veronica
and Tiffany’s.

This could only mean that all three of these siblings were not biologically related to Floch and Rachel at
all, but that they were descendants of the hidden clan.

If Floch and Rachel somehow managed to get their hands on and raised two of the three descendants,
then it prompted the question of their true identities.

In fact, what was Master Crayson’s true identity? Did Tony and Daniella know the truth of Veronica’s

Countless questions flooded Matthew’s mind and he investigated further into the history of the hidden
clan, only to dig up baseless legends and nonsensical rumors. This led him to think that perhaps the
hidden clan was nothing more than an extinct tribe, but he refused to give up on uncovering the truth.

After a long while, he finally came to terms with Veronica’s identity. When he chose to be with her, he
had already made up his mind to protect her for the rest of her life.

Presently, he and Veronica made their way back to Twilight Condominium.

They went into their apartment and Veronica immediately plopped down on the couch. She sighed
wearily as she said, “My parents were totally fine with our plans to marry until Master Crayson decided
to butt in and dissuade them. That old geezer’s ruining things for me.” She reached out to grab a throw
pillow and lay down flat on it in frustration. “I just don’t understand why he doesn’t like you. You’re the
ideal husband material if you ask me!”

She did not think it was easy for her to finally meet someone she would like to spend the rest of her life
with; the only reason why she wanted to secretly marry him was because of his status. She did not
want to be in the center of public attention, and announcing their marriage to the rest of the world would
mean sacrificing what little modicum of privacy they had.

She did not think that in successfully evading the public’s white-hot microscope, she would have to put
up with Master Crayson’s unreasonable protest against her marriage to Matthew. Now, the old man
was on his way to Bloomstead.

Matthew’s heart went out to her and he poured her a glass of warm water. Handing it to her, he said,

She did as she was told and he gently pulled her into his arms while his hand cupped the back of her
neck tenderly. “Your master has watched you grow up and you’re just like a daughter to him. It’s only
natural that he wants to have a say in who you get to marry. He’s concerned for your happiness like a
father should be.”

After drinking the water, Veronica set the glass down on the coffee table. More accurately, she
slammed it down on the coffee table, just hard enough to show how exasperated and belligerent she
was. “I know that, but it doesn’t mean he gets to stop me from living my life the way I want to. Don’t I
get a say in my own happiness, too? How can you expect me to just be cool about this?”

“Okay, you’re getting worked up,” Matthew said as he caressed her hair soothingly. Then, he
murmured, “Good things come to those who wait.”

At once, Veronica fell silent. She thought about how Matthew had been a great help around the house
during New Year’s previously. He had respected her family and did all the dishes, as well as went out in
the snow just to chop up firewood for the stove. Maybe Master Crayson and my parents will change
their minds about Matthew after they’ve come over and talked to him, she thought. Maybe good things
really do come to those who wait.

Hence, she waited alongside Matthew for a few grueling hours. At long last, Master Crayson and
Veronica’s parents arrived at the Bloomstead train station.

She and Matthew drove to pick them up after which they headed toward One Piece Restaurant so they
could have dinner in the private dining room.

The only time the stifling silence between the five of them was broken was when Matthew ordered the
food, but as soon as the waiter left, Veronica went back to sulking as she sat next to him.

“Mr. and Mrs. Murphy, Master Crayson, I—”

Matthew was trying to alleviate the tension in the room by making small talk, but he broke off when he
saw Master Crayson raise his hand to stop him mid-sentence. He obediently kept quiet out of respect
for the old man.

“Young Master Matthew, I’d like to speak with my daughter… in private, that is. Could you…” Daniella
began, eyeing Matthew meaningfully as if hoping he would catch on to what she was asking of him.

“Very well,” he replied agreeably. “I was just about to go out for a smoke anyway.”

He rose to leave, but Veronica’s hand darted out to grab his arm. She turned and said with implication,
“Sit down. Whatever she has to say to me, she can say it in front of you.”

Matthew was admittedly shocked to see how protective she was of him. His heart warmed, but when
he caught the looks on Daniella, Tony and Master Crayson’s faces, he decided that it was better for him
to give them some space. As such, he thought of an excuse that not even Veronica could counter and
said, sounding forced, “I need to use the restroom. My stomach’s feeling a little… funny.”

“Your—oh, whatever, go ahead,” Veronica said, sighing in exasperation as she let go of his arm. She
watched as he walked out of the private room. When the door closed behind him, the room fell into a
deafening silence once more.

Unhappily, Veronica turned to look at the three figures seated across from her and demanded, “What is
it about my plans to marry Matthew that makes it so objectionable to the three of you? Do you guys not
like him or something?”

“Well…” Daniella sighed. “It’s not so much about how we don’t like him as it is about how we think he’s
too good for you.” She clenched and unclenched her fingers, then put her hands out like she was trying
to present her reasons.

“We’re basically bumpkins to big-city folks like him, so how are we ever going to match up to his
family’s standards? Roni, you don’t know what these blue bloods can be like and I don’t want to see
you get hurt just because of your humble background.”

Tony, who had been silent all this while, finally spoke up. “I second your mother’s reason, Roni. I don’t
understand how you could possibly think you’d outdo the other more accomplished young ladies of
high society who circle around Matthew all the time. He’s rich and capable, but what are you bringing to
the table other than that pretty face of yours?

Your mom and I want you to be happy, but marriage isn’t play-pretend, it’s about how two families
become one and ours is sorely lacking in wealth and status compared to his. Who’s to say you won’t be
treated like a scullery maid if you marry into his family?”

Master Crayson merely sat and sipped his tea wordlessly. It was only when he sensed Veronica’s
burning gaze on him that he set his cup down and cleared his throat, then said, “There is no future for
the both of you.” He sounded solemn, his words leaving no room for negotiation.

Veronica looked at him for a long moment. She could not help feeling that there was more to what he
said than on the surface. She might be able to let his words slide if he had simply said he did not like
Matthew or if he thought Matthew was unreliable and the like. However, she found herself relating his
words to his recent odd behavior and she became somewhat unsettled.

“I’m the one who gets to have a say in whether we have a future or not,” she bit out while looking
steely. “He’s the man I love and I’ll marry him no matter what. I just don’t want to publicize the whole
thing and get our paperwork sorted in private. Also, I know you all think I’m making the wrong choice
here, but…”

She paused and squared her shoulders as she met their eyes, then continued, “But probability-wise,
the good outcome is on equal standing with the bad outcome. If there’s a fifty-fifty chance that I might
end up happily married, why do you choose to believe otherwise?”

“Why must you be so stubborn?” Tony took a gulp of his warm water and breathed in, then exhaled in

“Mom, Dad, I’ve never gone against your will before, not even as a child. I’ve never made you worry
about me or done anything that suggests I cannot take care of myself. I’ve put a lot of thought into this
before deciding to settle down with Matthew.

I’ll admit; there were moments when I nearly gave up because I believed we would never work out; but
you don’t know how much I have been through and every single time I was in danger, Matthew would
risk everything, even his own life, just to save me,” Veronica said frankly, hoping that she would be able
to convince them by telling them just how much she and Matthew meant to each other.