Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 447

The Tyrant Wanted Her Out of the Car

“Even if we did break up, it will never be your turn to be with her,” Matthew domineeringly declared his
possession of Veronica to Miguel. In fact, he was feeling helpless about this situation.

As the person who insisted on introducing a man to Veronica was Elizabeth, there were things he
couldn’t say even if he wanted to. All he could do was watch his grandmother ‘add fuel to the fire’.

Fortunately, the person she was introduced to was only Miguel. Matthew couldn’t even begin to
imagine how it would turn out if it were someone else. “Alright, alright. Anything you say.” Miguel

Although he didn’t understand why Matthew was involving himself with Veronica’s affairs, as a good
friend of Matthew’s, Miguel could clearly feel that Matthew still had lingering affection for Veronica.

He still feels for her, huh? Will their romance rekindle? His eyebrows crinkled as he thought of a grand
scheme. “Fine. I am off, then.” He waved at Matthew and immediately left the dining hall, planning to
leave through the back door of the villa.

Matthew only stood there staring at Miguel’s back before he sighed in relief. He then raised his hand
and brushed away the hair in front of his forehead. For some reason, he felt a sense of loss, and was
even a little tired both physically and mentally.

He walked out of the Kings Residence soon afterward, where he found Miguel’s car in the parking lot
by the entrance. He then unhesitantly opened the car door and sat in the car. “Miggy, you—Matthew?
Why are you here?”

Veronica, who was sitting in the car and fiddling around with her phone, thought that it was Miguel
when she heard someone opening the car door. Surprisingly, it was Matthew who came in.

“Some people are like dangerous beasts that people can’t help but avoid,” Matthew casually
commented as he picked up the car key Veronica had put on the dashboard, and started the car before
he drove off. Despite how fast he was going, she couldn’t react at all from the surprise.

“You are the wild beast!” After realizing that he was insulting her, she no longer held back as she
chided, “You know best if he left voluntarily or he was forced by you. I honestly don’t know how an
unreasonable man like you has real friends.”

Even though Veronica was saying this, she had to admit that Matthew was quite a fine man. At least,
other than that one incident he had with Sasha Claude.

Not only was he responsible, he was also a man of his word. This was something she had noticed
throughout the time she spent with him. There had been a lot of times she wondered why a man like
him would fall for Sasha.

However, it suddenly didn’t seem all that impossible when she thought about current trending movies
like ‘Brokeback Mountain’. Novels about love between men, too, usually ran on stories like this anyway.

She had read and seen too much to the point where she was starting to be able to accept it. “Just
watch yourself,” Matthew said coldly before they fell into complete silence.

Thinking about how he had been seeing her on TV recently, he couldn’t help but ask, “You have done a
good job in Starshine. It seems like Sean thinks highly of you.”

They were only at each other’s throat the minute before, but now he was showing her his care again.
Veronica could feel a hint of concern from the tone and attitude in which Matthew spoke. What the hell
is this? Is he flirting? she thought to herself. Or is this the last ounce of guilt he has left?

“It doesn’t matter what he thinks of me. Also…” She opened her bag and rummaged through it. Upon
finding her wallet, she took out a bank card and handed it to him. “This is the dividend you gave me

after First Meeting was established. Since I don’t work for your company now, there is no need for me
to take the money.”

Matthew kept his eyes ahead, but his expression dimmed when he caught sight of the Oculus Bank
bank card out of the corner of his eye.

So eager to distance herself from me, huh? Regardless, I have the final say. “You have to keep the
money,” he insisted. “Why?”

“After the company was established, most of the working teams are your former subordinates. If you
don’t take the dividends, I will worry that you will take revenge against my company.”

“You… Revenge, my foot! I am not that kind of person.” Veronica was angry as she didn’t expect him to
think of her this way.

She then glared at him before looking at the bank card in her hand. Annoyed, she threatened him, “I
thought I didn’t want the dividends, but I am regretting it now. Not only do I think you have to give me, I
don’t want anything less than what I should be getting. Or else, I will set you up behind your back and
bleed you dry!”

Narrow-minded a*shole who thinks badly of everyone! Veronica grumbled to herself as she leaned into
the passenger’s seat of the car. With her gaze ahead, she tightly grabbed onto the bank card and
puffed out her chest.

She would have loved to get out of the car if it wasn’t because this wasn’t the best location for grabbing
a cab. She didn’t want to stay in the same space as Matthew even half a minute longer.

“I have a lot of money. I will acknowledge your ability if you can swindle it all,” the man teased. The two
of them started bickering with each other then.

“So what if you have mone—” She blurted out those words, only to stop halfway when something
seemed to come to mind. The corners of her red lips then curled slightly, and she suddenly chuckled.
“Right. You are the heir of the Kings Family, so of course you have money. Besides, you are my
brother. You having money means that I have money too. You have to take good care of me, alright?”
She was inwardly assessing the situation.

Even though Matthew couldn’t fathom what she meant, he knew that she definitely wasn’t thinking
about anything good.

However, after he calmed down, he realized something.

The initial reason he broke up with her was to show that he had severed ties with her to the public. But
now, they were somehow getting close to each other again.

He was even hoping she wouldn’t ignore him.

He had thought that feeling could be controlled, but he knew now that he had been overconfident.

“You are my godsister when Grandma is around, but when she is not, you are you, and I… I am me!”

Thinking of this, Matthew suddenly stepped on the brakes to stop the car. “Get out,” he demanded.

He only took a second to turn into his cold, ruthless self, and he was even stopping the car to get rid of

Veronica peeked out the car window and realized that they were in the middle of nowhere. Where am I
supposed to get a cab?

“Matthew Kings, don’t you think you are going too far? How am I supposed to go back if you dump me
here?” she questioned angrily.

Still, he kept his aloof attitude as he commented, “Does it have anything to do with—” He deliberately
dragged his words as he finished, “—me?”

“You… Ha! Fine! You win!”

Furious, Veronica unbuckled the seatbelt and opened the door. After she got out, she forcefully
slammed the door shut, making a loud bang and causing the car to shake.

As Matthew looked at her to get out of the car and stomp forward, he couldn’t help grabbing the
steering wheel tightly while he suppressed his emotions.

Sitting in the car parked on the side of the road, he opened the windows and smoked a cigarette.

It wasn’t that he was cold-blooded. The reason Matthew did this was because Conrad had been living
in Kings Residence since he returned to the country. He wasn’t home this afternoon because he had
something to deal with, but that didn’t mean that he wouldn’t be home tonight.

It might be bad for Matthew’s plan if Conrad were to see Veronica and him in the same car.