Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 450

You Must Be a Snail

Stephen Armstrong was a popular international superstar who was loved by the public because of his
handsome appearance, good acting skills, and down-to-earth personality.

Veronica had only seen Stephen on TV, but she never thought there would come a day she would be
able to act in a movie with him.

“Yup. How does that sound? Do you want to come over? Tsk! My gut is telling me that you must be so
overjoyed you have forgotten who you are!” Larry couldn’t hold back and spoke with an accent.

In fact, Veronica was exhilarated. Her heart was beating faster than usual from the jitters. However, her
eyes darted toward Sean, who sat beside her, and she said to Larry, “I have to ask for my boss’ opinion
on this. I will call you back later.” “Sure, no problem.”

“I will call you later.” After she hung up, she clasped her phone with both hands and looked at Sean.
“What is it?” Sean asked after hearing the conversation from the side.

“Uh…” Veronica frowned and thought about it, seemingly looking for a better way to express her

She took a moment to herself before explaining, “Here is the thing—wasn’t I at Rocky Bay to visit a
friend of mine who was filming a sci-fi blockbuster two days ago? I met Stephen Armstrong there, so
my friend ended up telling him that I am good at fighting, which got Stephen wanting to spar with me…
And today, he told the director that he wants to have a fight scene with me.”

This wasn’t a situation that could be summarized into 2 to 3 sentences, but she knew that Sean would
definitely be muddled if she didn’t explain it to him.

“What did you say? Stephen Armstrong?” He suddenly remembered the photo he saw of her circle of
friends the other day. “Oh, is the friend you are talking about… Larry Freeman?”

“Heh, that is the guy.” Her answer surprised him. “When did you get to know a top actor like Larry
Freeman? And you and him seem pretty close, too.”

“Friends. We are just friends.” Veronica didn’t dare tell Sean their actual relationship, lest Sean asked
her to have Larry do something as her friend.

Hearing that, Sean twirled the pen he was holding between his fingertips and let out a deep frown as
he thoughtfully said, “You have to think this through. You promised the partner today that you would
take a set of photos today. Even though they are a mid-range clothing brand, it still is a good start.”

In any case, the breach of contract was subject to compensation as long as the contract was signed.
Moreover, it would be bad for her reputation. Veronica understood what Sean was trying to say.

After all, she was still a no-name model. She might have participated in a catwalk in Bloomstead, but it
wasn’t a big-enough stage for her to brag about it. “Then… I will go take the pictures today.”

“Decide for yourself. If you want to go to the filming location, I can terminate your contract with the
partner or recommend another model,” Sean offered before reminding her, “Also, even though I don’t
know how good you are at fighting, you have never been an actress, after all. With your zero
experience… it might not work out even if you were to choose the movie…”

He must have encountered countless offers like this to find it unsubstantial.

Stephen Armstrong was an international superstar. Countless popular domestic actors had been
eliminated from auditions, not to mention Veronica, who was a novice without any experience in acting.
“Alright. Thank you for the reminder, Mr. Ludwig.”

Veronica didn’t say anything much after that, but she soon left the office after having a small chat with

After she was outside the office, she gave Larry a call. “Hey, Crazy. Thank you for your kind intentions,
but I have other things to do today. Please pass Stephen the message and thank him for me.”

Truth was, she still had the tiniest bit of hope, but she also understood that such a big crew would
never wait for her.

Her rejection would automatically mean one lost opportunity.

Despite how reluctant she was, she had to fulfill the contract.

“What is holding you up? Seriously, Demoness, did a donkey kick you in the head and break your
brain? This is an internationally renowned director who must have gotten tired of winning awards we
are talking about. You will have a bright future ahead if you are part of the crew and the director takes a
fancy to you.”

Even Larry thought that Veronica was an idiot for rejecting such a good opportunity.

“Thanks for the thought. I really do appreciate it, but I signed a contract with a clothing brand and we
agreed to shoot today.”

Although it was just an ordinary collaboration, it was still a new starting point for her.

Moreover, Sean had gone through lengths to get her that contract.

“Ah… Alright, then, if you have made up your mind.”

“Mm. Tha—” Beep! Beep!

Larry had hung up before Veronica could finish her words. He was probably irritated by how she had
outright rejected him even though he had pulled strings for her to have the chance.

After the call ended, she stood in the corridor and leaned against the wall. She then looked down at her
phone before letting out a long sigh.

She couldn’t help feeling like it was a pity as his words kept playing back in her head.

Not long after, she went to the clothing company with her workplace’s staff to take photos of her in
different outfits.

Her entire morning was spent on taking photos.

She continued to change into more than 10 outfits and take photos in the afternoon.

The photoshoot didn’t progress smoothly as she didn’t have experience doing this, and it dragged on
until 4PM before she was done.

After finishing work, she changed back into her clothes and went back with the company staff.

She took her phone out when she was seated in the car, only to realize that she had gotten a bunch of
missed calls. It was mostly from Larry, with the exception of one unsaved foreign number.

Ignoring the call from the overseas number, she called Larry back.

Beep! Beep!

The dial tone had only rang twice before the other end accepted the call and greeted her with a harsh
scolding. “What have you been doing, Demoness?! How could you not pick up my call?! Oh, you make
me so mad.”

“Sorry. Today is a really busy day for me.” Feeling guilty, Veronica let out a bashful chuckle. “What is
the matter?”

“Are you done with your work?” he angrily questioned her.

“Mhm. I am done here.”

“Get your a*s here if you are.”


“When else? Think I am going to tell you to come over next year?” Still angry, Larry then roared, “Now!
Immediately! ASAP! Get your butt here!”

“Oh, oh. I am coming! Coming, alright?”

He had rarely gone off on her, but she could only patiently take his scolding today since she was the
one who let him down.

She then got out of the car and directly got a cab from the roadside to head to Rocky Bay.

After urging the cab driver throughout the journey, she finally arrived at the location after 40 minutes,
where she immediately trotted toward the crew.

They were about to stop her when they saw her, but Larry was one step ahead of them when he
dashed toward her and grabbed her by the wrist. “Are you a snail? Did you crawl all the way here?” he
demanded in annoyance.

“Get off my d*mn back! Even the cab almost turned into a plane. I couldn’t possibly come here in a
rocket, could I?” Veronica was also infuriated. She then sassed, “Why did you want me to come here in
such a hurry?”

He had better have a good reason for doing this to me, or else I will kick this b*stard to death!