Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 457

Veronica Is Pissed

Matthew held the phone and put it to his ear as his earlier question echoed in his mind. He couldn’t
help but frown. D*mn it, why is my self-control getting so bad? Why couldn’t I help calling her after I
saw her group photo with Stephen and Larry?!

Matthew had made the call on impulse. Now that he had calmed down, he didn’t even know when he
had called Veronica. It was as if the process of calling Veronica happened in an illusion.

On the other end of the line, Veronica had a dark expression when she heard Matthew’s voice. B*stard,
why are you calling me?!

“I don’t have to report my schedule to you. If you have something to say, do it now. Don’t waste my
time!” Veronica scolded Matthew angrily. Then, she added, “I’m busy.” Busy?

Hearing her words, Matthew remembered the intimate photo of Veronica with Stephen and Larry. In the
photo, she was smiling and was in a good mood. Is she being so-called busy flirting with handsome
men? Bullsh*t!

Matthew was gloomy and wished he could immediately appear before Veronica and take her home to
hide her. “I don’t care what you are busy with; you must come to the Spinfluence Group immediately.”

Matthew had completely lost his reasoning at that point.

He did not care how he planned to keep his distance from her in order to not be discovered by
outsiders that they were close. It didn’t even matter how he tried to keep himself away from Veronica so
that she would not realize that he still loved her.

He had long forgotten everything about those plans. Matthew could swear he had never lost his mind
until now. However, Veronica ruthlessly refused. “I said I’m busy.”

B*stard, who does he think I am? Can I be easily called to come and go?

Seeing that she didn’t want to come over at all, Matthew irritably ran his fingers through his hair.
Suddenly, he had a flash of an idea and he said with an indifferent tone, “Are you sure you don’t want
to know about Yvonne?”

After a year, Yvonne and Veronica had become good friends, and they could even call themselves best
friends. Matthew knew Veronica had been worried about Yvonne. Hence, he hit it where it hurt.

As Matthew managed to grab her by the heart, he managed to let Veronica change her mind in a
second. And so, she immediately said, “Okay, I’ll be there in a moment.”

After hanging up the phone, Veronica put away her phone and couldn’t help cursing, “What the heck!
Why won’t he say anything on the call? He kept wanting me to be there. This is ridiculous.”

However, there was no other way. To help Yvonne, Veronica had to go.

After saying goodbye to Larry and Stephen, she left the place and agreed to hang out together

She then drove to the Spinfluence Group.

It was rush hour, so it took her about an hour to arrive at the company.

She knocked on the door, and Matthew’s voice came from inside. “Come in.”

Veronica was the god-granddaughter of the Kings Family, so she was free to enter the company with
no one stopping her.

She opened the door and walked in, but didn’t see Matthew at the desk.

After taking a few steps inside, she found Matthew sitting on the couch in the lounge area, preparing to

A full-course meal was on the table, filled with balanced nutrition and a variety of food.

Veronica’s stomach groaned as she had been busy in the morning.

That sound was obvious in the quiet office.

Her angry face suddenly flushed red, and Veronica felt annoyed and beyond embarrassed.

Despite that, she still managed to maintain her icy façade and walked up to Matthew. “What is it about

Veronica had mixed feelings in her heart when facing the man she used to love.

Matthew glanced at her. Lowering his head, he picked up his fork and knife. “Let’s talk after eating.”

“Matthew, I’m swamped. Can you eat after you tell me about Yvonne?”

Veronica was very annoyed and felt Matthew was deliberately wasting her time.

After she finished saying this, Matthew stood up, and a charming smile appeared on that handsome
face of his. “You can go now if you are busy.”


Veronica felt her blood boiling. She clenched her fists on the side tightly and wanted to fight him.

Calm down. I must endure it. I can’t be so rude.

She took a deep breath and smiled politely, “Then… please go ahead and have your meal. I will wait
for you.”

Then, she simply threw her bag on the couch and sat opposite Matthew.

He didn’t speak. Instead, he forked up some meat and chewed slowly.

He ate at an average speed with elegant movements, and it was pleasing to the eyes.

Coincidentally, the food on the table was all Veronica’s favorite.

She felt that the b*stard Matthew did it on purpose.

The moment that thought occurred to her, she heard him say, “You can have some too if you’d like.”

“I don’t want to eat.”

Veronica leaned on the couch, snorted coldly, and refused despite wanting it.

Then, her stomach growled again.

At this moment, Veronica almost went crazy.

She trained frantically with Crayson, then rushed to film in the morning. In the end, she only ate one
sandwich to fill her stomach.

Then, she planned the fight scene choreography with Stephen and fought with him a few times to build
their chemistry. Truth was, she had been hungry for a long time and felt dizzy.

Now, she could not resist when she saw food.

However, she didn’t want to eat Matthew’s lunch even when hungry.

“These dishes are made by a new top-level state banquet chef from One Piece Restaurant. They taste
amazing. It’s a pity that you won’t eat them.”

Matthew deliberately teased Veronica and used the fork to point at the steamed fish. “The steamed fish
is tender and delicious. It melts in the mouth and has no fishy smell, not to mention has a refreshing
aftertaste. It is truly the best. Look at this roasted pork too; it is made with secret sauce. Moreover, it is
not greasy and tastes amazing. However, the chicken salad is too spicy for my taste. I can’t stand spicy

Matthew ate while elaborating on the food to Veronica.

Although he couldn’t eat spicy food, he still ate Veronica’s favorite food. He was aware that Veronica
had a strong taste and liked spicy food.

Hearing the explanation, Veronica suffered as her stomach growled louder.

“Can’t you shut up while you eat?” Veronica angrily gritted her teeth.

Matthew held a fork and knife, and he looked up with an innocent expression. “Why can’t I comment on
the meals made by my home chef?”

He meant to say it was just a comment he said for himself.

At that point, Veronica almost burst into anger.

Matthew did not say anymore, but he ate the meal gracefully with a fork in his hands. He chewed
slowly, making it look all the more delicious.


Veronica couldn’t help but swear and picked up the tableware on the table in a fit of rage to start eating.

“I didn’t allow you to eat. That tableware is for Thomas,” Matthew pretended to stop her.

Veronica ignored Matthew. Instead, she took a piece of roasted pork and stuffed it into her mouth to
enjoy it. “You’re too slow, so I’ll finish it for you. Then, we can discuss serious business soon.”

She thought of herself as a clever girl as she said a perfect statement.