Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 459

Send Yvonne’s Child Away

It was well known that Elizabeth pampered Matthew, so it was no exaggeration for Veronica to say so.
“I won’t die.”

Matthew closed his eyes and enjoyed Veronica’s massage. If something terrible happens to me, does
she only care about Grandma being sad because of me? What about her?

They were silent for a while before Matthew said, “Uncle Conrad keeps wanting that child. Yvonne
won’t be able to get rid of him even if she goes to Castron with her child.”

Matthew knew Veronica was worried about Yvonne, so he told her about it. At the mention of Yvonne,
Veronica was filled with worry and it showed on her face. Finally, she said, “What should we do?”

“If Yvonne trusts me, I can settle the child down safely. However, she can’t see the child within a year.”
Matthew didn’t have any good ideas. After all, Yvonne had to hide from both Conrad and Zac.

Matthew could stop Conrad from hurting the child, but he couldn’t stop Zac. Veronica stayed silent.

She was stunned, and her massaging had stopped too. Then, she went around him and sat opposite
the man. “After a long time, you could only come up with such a bad idea?”

Veronica thought Matthew had a better solution other than separating the child from the mother.

Matthew leaned on the couch and gazed at Veronica with calm eyes. “Why would you think I have
better ideas? Even if we take Uncle Conrad out of the picture, we still have to fight Zac. I can’t compete
with the royal family alone.”

Even if he could compete with the royal family, Matthew wouldn’t waste his energy on a person who
had nothing to do with him. Hearing Matthew’s words, Veronica lowered her head, knowing that what

he said was reasonable. “Yvonne loves that child. I don’t think it’s easy to separate them.”

“Is it easy for her to let the child die?”

The simple words stunned Veronica to the core. After being silent for a while, she said, “Okay, I’ll ask
Yvonne’s opinion.” After saying that, she got up and prepared to leave. Before leaving, she asked
Matthew, “If the child is taken away, can Yvonne have a video call with the child? How often will they

“I can let them see each other once every three months. Of course, it’s best not to chat online if there’s
no emergency.” “Okay.”

Veronica left without saying anything. When she left the office, she wanted to tell Matthew to go to the
hospital for a check-up. However, she couldn’t bring herself to say it.

After leaving the Spinfluence Group, Veronica drove straight to Yvonne’s home and met Yvonne at her
house. At this moment, Yvonne was lying in the bedroom and nursing the baby in her arms.

Seeing Veronica come over, Yvonne asked, “Why did you come back so soon? Is the filming over?
How did you feel during your first shoot?”

“It was alright. I was fortunate to have the guidance of an expert, and I had a great time.”

Veronica walked into the room and closed the door. After sitting on the couch, she exchanged a few
words with Yvonne before she changed the subject. “Have you thought about what to do with your

Yvonne had no idea what to do with her child, and the question had been bothering her. It was
undoubtedly the biggest problem for her now.

“I don’t know.”

She had a sad expression on her face, and she looked very worried. “Yvonne, t-there’s another way to
save him.” “What is it?”

“Well… The child… You can consider separating from him; this way, you may be able to protect him,”
Veronica said hesitantly. She was unconfident, worried that Yvonne would disagree.

After all, the baby was Yvonne’s child. Yvonne gave birth to a child with much effort, so she couldn’t
possibly give the baby up in such a short time.

Moreover, the baby was still young, so Yvonne wouldn’t bear to do so. “S-Separate?” Yvonne was
stunned, and her eyes fell on Veronica blankly. “You mean… send the child to a safe place?”

“Matthew just contacted me. He said the best way to protect your child is to send him away to a place
no one knows, so someone can safely raise him.”

“Matthew? Didn’t that b*stard break up with you? Why did he suddenly seek you out to talk about me?”

Yvonne felt there must be an ulterior motive for Matthew to do this. In addition, Veronica had broken up
with Matthew a few months ago, so he had no reason to do so.

“I think…” Veronica pointed to the baby in Yvonne’s arms. “It’s related to him.”

She then told Yvonne about the agreement between Conrad and Elizabeth.

It was only then that Yvonne realized the situation. “Matthew is helping me because he will profit from
it. If my child is not taken away by Conrad, he will not be the heir to the Spinfluence Group, right?”

Other than that, she could not think of a better reason. Her thought was the same as Veronica’s.

“Matthew knew you would be reluctant to separate your child, so he said he would let you meet your
child once every three months. Compared to you, I think it will be better to let Matthew handle this


Yvonne was surrounded by only a few mercenaries arranged by her father to protect her. Moreover, her
parents were spied on by Zac’s men for a long time, so their every movement would be easily
intercepted by Zac.

On the other hand, Matthew was powerful. He had secret forces, so placing a child in a safe place was
easy. Yvonne stayed silent, and she paced back and forth in the room with the baby in her arms.

The wrinkled child wasn’t the best looking baby, and he looked like an old man. However, Yvonne still
felt warmth and thought the baby was cute when he smacked his lips and reached his arms out of his

She never thought of separating from the child, and the proposal made her flinch. “Is Matthew reliable?
Will he k-kill the baby because the baby interrupts his plans? Also, where will he place my child? I’m
still worried. Roni, you—”

Yvonne asked several questions one after another, revealing her nervousness.

Veronica raised her hand to make Yvonne calm down. “Please calm down. Firstly, Matthew won’t kill
innocent people. Secondly, if he wanted your son’s life, you wouldn’t even have been able to give birth
to your child. I don’t know where Matthew will place your child, but he will clarify it to you.”

“I-I… Let me think about it.” Yvonne still couldn’t make a decision, so Veronica didn’t force her. “You
should think about it. I think you should decide sooner. If you delay the matter, it won’t be good.”

The good friends stayed in the house for a while before Veronica left. However, Veronica did not go
home. Instead, she went to meet Sean at Starshine Media Agency. Sean’s voice came from inside
when she knocked on the office door. “Come in.”

She opened the door and walked in, only to find that Ruka was there. “Ruka, you’re here too?”

Ruka and Sean had a good relationship, so she often came to the company when free.

Ruka sat on the couch and she had her arms crossed over her chest. She smiled lightly when she saw
Veronica. “You are amazing. I never thought that you would know the superstar, Larry Freeman.”