Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 460

Not an Ordinary Woman

In Castron, Mia lost a bet with Veronica worth hundreds of thousands, and the former suffered a lot.
After returning to the company, she secretly said terrible things about Veronica.

Mia had also embellished the story where Veronica hooked up with Larry. Then, Ruka saw the picture
from Veronica’s Instagram Stories.

“He’s an old friend,” Veronica replied, then asked, “I believe you and Mr. Ludwig have something to talk
about, so I will leave you two alone and come back later.” “Don’t. I have nothing to talk about with him.”

Ruka waved her hand to Veronica and patted the couch. “Sit down for a while. Let’s talk; it’s been too
long since we saw each other.” Truth was, it was only about a month since they last met.

Veronica cast Sean a pleading gaze, hoping to seek his help. However, Sean said, “She is here for
you.” He pushed his spectacles up the bridge of his nose and stood up with some documents in his
hand. “You may chat. I’ll do something and be right back.”

After he finished speaking, he left the office. With the boss away, Veronica lost her restraint and asked
Ruka, “Why were you looking for me?”

They had each other’s contact information, so they could talk over the phone. However, Ruka wanted
to meet Veronica in person, which meant Ruka might have something important to say to Veronica.

Ruka wore a deep V-neckline sleeveless red corset dress. Coupled with her long hair and red lips, she
exuded an icy sensuality. Veronica had to admit that Ruka was beautiful and she had natural charm.
Indeed, Ruka was a stunner.

The woman raised her hand and turned around to face Veronica. Raising her beautiful eyebrows, Ruka
murmured, “Well…” She thought for a few seconds, then asked, “Do you know where Hendrey is now?”

“Hendrey? As in Hendrey Johnson?”

When Hendrey returned, he worked in a branch of the Dame Group, so naturally he talked with Ruka
and often had meals together.

“That’s right. Didn’t he go abroad? I was able to contact him when he first went abroad. However, it
now seems that he has disappeared into thin air. Aren’t you friends? I think you know where he is.”

“I don’t know. I haven’t been in touch with him for a while.” Veronica shook her head, and curiosity
surged into her heart. “He’s been abroad for so long, so why are you looking for him? Wait, oh…” Then,
she realized something. “Are you… I mean… do you like him?”

She asked dazzlingly with a wicked smile on her face. “Hey, what are you talking about?! I just want to
chat with him.”

A blush appeared on Ruka’s cheeks, which was very unlike her. This rendered Ruka’s explanation

“I really don’t know.” Veronica put away her smile, took out her cell phone, and searched for Hendrey’s
phone number. “This is the only contact information I have access to. Don’t you have the number too?”

“Try to call him,” Ruka urged. “I… Okay.” Veronica couldn’t refuse. After all, she could work in Starshine
because of Ruka, so she couldn’t afford to offend the woman.

Veronica dialed Hendrey’s number, but a mechanical female voice came out from the phone, “The
person you called is unavailable.”

After hanging up the phone, Veronica called again, but Hendrey’s phone was still turned off. She
shrugged at that. “I don’t know what happened.”

“Argh!” When Veronica couldn’t contact Hendrey, Ruka sighed. “It’s so annoying. It’s worrying that he’s
not replying.”

Ruka was worried about Hendrey. However, not only did Veronica not worry about him , she even
suspected something was amiss with the man.

“Just be patient. Maybe you will be able to contact him soon.” Veronica tried to calm Ruka. Ruka’s
delicate face was full of disappointment. Finally, she said, “There’s nothing else I can do, though.”

Without getting any news from Hendrey, she left after sitting for a while. Then, Veronica waited for
Sean to return to the office and told him about the filming in Rocky Bay that day.

He was relieved to learn that Veronica’s first filming went smoothly and received unanimous praise
from Johansson and Stephen.

“Continue with your great work. If you become popular and someone contacts you to film another show,
I can also profit as I’m your agency.”

“When did our company expand to the film industry?”

The company had been training models and only accepted a few advertisements.

The experienced model in the company, Mia, had only done two episodes in a reality show, so the
company had never dipped much into the film industry.

“We didn’t have a good seedling until now, so we didn’t expand our business into the industry. The
entertainment industry is too competitive. The newcomers are all bought with money. It was too
troublesome, so I didn’t try to expand to that industry.” Sean leaned on the executive chair while turning
the pen in his hand. “If you have the skill to develop in that direction, I’m happy to see it. After all, we
can earn money together. It’s a win-win situation.”

These words made Veronica calm down.

She thought that if the other companies asked her to shoot a drama series, she wouldn’t be able to
sign the contract with the company as she already had a contract with Starshine.

Thinking about it, she was overthinking it.

“Johansson was feeling generous and gave me 20,000 for today. I will report the income to the finance
department; please send the money to me according to the share.”

She came here today to discuss this with Sean.

Before filming, she called Sean, and he had made it clear that she could sign a contract with the crew
just one time.

However, Veronica still had to send the money to the company when she got the income.

“Forget it. As an agency company, I didn’t help you with anything. You did everything alone, so you
don’t have to pay the company.”

Sean was not a stickler for formality, so he didn’t care about Veronica’s little income.

“However, you must discuss everything with the company from today onwards. If you can participate in
dramas, I can assign an agent to help you.”

“Really? Thank you, Mr. Ludwig!”

Veronica felt very happy.

“The contract isn’t too long. If you want to renew the contract, do it. If you don’t, you can find another
job. However, that’s for the future.”

Sean casually talked about the contract.

When he drafted the contract, Matthew intervened, so Sean did not dare to play tricks on the contract.

After all, as a businessman, he wouldn’t do anything when there was no profit.

When he saw Veronica had an outstanding performance, he knew she was a rare seedling and should
value her.

Presently, he added, “However, if you are willing to sign a long-term contract with us, I will do my best
to give you the best resources.”

“I’m still new.” Veronica chuckled at that.

“If you are highly valued by Johansson, it means you have the skills. I plan to find an instructor for you
to improve your acting skills. I want you to develop your acting skills.”

Sean liked Veronica not only because of her skills, but also her connections.

He had great eyes and knew that she was no ordinary woman.