Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 464

But Demoness Doesn’t Like Me

The way she spoke sounded like she was cutting Matthew out of her life. After she finished her
sentence, she ignored the troubled expression on Matthew’s face as she hurried off toward Larry and

“Why is it just the both of you? Didn’t you guys say there was someone else?” Veronica tilted her head
and peeked into the car to find just the both of them.

Larry shrugged. “Both of us took a day off. The rest of the production crew is busy, and the director
didn’t allow them to take a break,” he explained. Both of them were used to speaking in English. Before
Stephen could comprehend what they were saying, Skyler charged toward them like a madman before
grabbing Stephen’s arm. “My idol! Hahaha… Hello, my idol. I’m… Oh, my apologies! I should speak in
Chinese,” Skyler cried.

Skyler had been too excited for a moment—he nearly forgot that Stephen was from Castron.

After Skyler switched to a different language, he began to speak to Stephen again. “Hello, I’m
Veronica’s friend, Skyler. I’m a loyal fan of yours, and I’m so shocked to see you here today. Can I get
an autograph? You’re my idol. Hahaha… I’m so excited! I’m so happy right now!” Skyler grabbed
Stephen’s arm firmly while he bombarded Stephen with a string of words.

Veronica dragged Skyler aside when she saw the embarrassed look on Stephen’s face. “Stop fooling
around. Can you be a little more dignified?” she whispered to him in English. Then, she apologized to
Stephen in Chinese. “I’m sorry. My friend is a loyal fan of yours, so he’s especially excited to see you in

Stephen nodded before responding with a grin. “Hahaha… It’s fine! Don’t worry about it.” Skyler
immediately pulled his phone out when he saw how laid-back Stephen seemed. Skyler hastily stood

beside Stephen before snapping a few pictures with him. Right then, the few people who were standing
by the side walked over. Veronica positioned herself as the middleman as she began to introduce the
two parties to each other.

However, she introduced all of the people except for Matthew. She didn’t seem to care even as the
man’s expression turned grim and sour. Larry, on the other hand, asked about Matthew when he
realized that there was someone Veronica hadn’t introduced. “Who’s this, Demoness? I noticed how
you guys seemed really close earlier. He’s not your boyfriend, is he?” Judging by how the man
interacted with Veronica earlier, Larry had a feeling that this man wasn’t just any regular friend.

Veronica gave Larry a solid nudge to his chest. “Are you blind? What makes you think he’s my
boyfriend?” She pouted and shot Matthew a dissatisfied glare before introducing him to the rest. “Let
me introduce you guys to each other. This is Matthew, the future heir of the Kings Corporation. He’s
also my godbrother.”

“Woah. He’s your godbrother?” Larry seemed to sense something fishy as he let out a whistle while
raising his eyebrows suspiciously. “What are you thinking about? Old Mrs. Kings took me as her god-
granddaughter, so he’s my godbrother. Anyway, he has a girlfriend, so you should stop overanalyzing
the situation.” Veronica emphasized the fact that he was taken.

Larry let out a rather bashful smile after hearing her explanation. “Oh, I see. Sorry about that.” He took
a step forward and reached his hand out in front of Matthew. “So, you’re Young Master Matthew, huh?
I’ve heard a lot about you. You’re really good-looking! I’m Demoness’ good friend, Larry.”

Matthew kept the same calm and icy expression on his face, but there was a glint in his dark pupils as
he looked at the person in front of him. “Hello,” he greeted while reaching to shake Larry’s hand.
Matthew didn’t say anything else after that—he was a man of few words, after all.

“Hello, Young Master Matthew. Do you still remember me?” Stephen stepped forward to shake
Matthew’s hand before striking a conversation. “We met in the production team in Castron last year,” he

“Of course.” Matthew spread his lips into a faint smile. “It’s been a year since we last met. You’re
looking better than ever.”

“Hahaha. Thank you!” Stephen threw his head back as he laughed. Veronica hadn’t expected Stephen
and Matthew to have met each other in the past. What a small world, she thought to herself. “Alright.
Let’s head up the hill. There’s a nice spot where we can have a picnic. How about this? The guys can
carry all the heavy stuff while the girls can take the lighter ones.” Veronica took charge of the situation,
and everyone began to make a move.

Skyler idolized Stephen a lot, so he kept tagging along behind Stephen. Caleb and Abby walked as a
pair—Abby couldn’t use any sign language if she were carrying things in her hands, so Caleb made
sure that she didn’t have anything to hold. Shirley and Monica were a little shy, so they kept to
themselves as they walked side-by-side. Larry, Veronica, and Matthew were the remaining three.

Veronica opened the trunk of the car to pull out the barbeque grill. When Larry saw this, he hurried
forward to offer help. “Let me do it, Demoness. Step aside.” He held onto Veronica’s arm before
tugging her to one side. She allowed him to do the hard work as she crossed her arms in front of her
chest and stared at him. “Alright, alright. Since you’re so good at this, you can do everything.”

“Sure thing, Ma’am,” Larry replied with a light-hearted laugh. Matthew simply stood by the side as he
watched both of them interact with one another. At that moment, he felt utterly invisible—both of them
had completely ignored his presence. The expression on his face was so dark that it seemed that black
ink would drip down from his chin at any moment. With his fists tightly clenched in the pockets of his
slacks, Matthew pressed his thin lips into a straight line as he tried his best to contain his emotions.

Suddenly, he was reminded of what Veronica had said earlier. “With my good looks, I’d have no
shortage of handsome men pursuing me!” She’s right. There is no shortage. Even our country’s well-
known Oscar-winning actor is willing to treat her like a queen. So how could she have a lack of

Even though he seemed calm and collected on the outside, Matthew was going through a state of
emotional turmoil. It was psychological torture—he felt like he would lose his mind at any moment. The
same question popped up in his head once more. I used to think that I could cut ties with her, then
secretly build my capabilities so that I could help her to pave her future pathway and give her a good
foundation to work from. But will this plan really work out? Is it too late to regret my decisions?

Matthew had never been an indecisive man, but he simply couldn’t seem to come to a conclusion on
this matter. On one end, he was telling himself to keep himself calm and in control; on the other end, he
couldn’t stop the jealousy brewing in him as he watched Veronica and the other man flirting with one
another. This psychological torture made him feel like he was about to go crazy.

“You can take these and make a move first, Young Master Matthew.” Larry handed Matthew a few
items before telling Matthew to leave. He was trying to send Matthew away, and Matthew could clearly
tell what Larry’s intentions were. “What’s this? Is my presence a nuisance to you guys?” Matthew
spread a faint smile across his handsome face. He looked breathtakingly handsome as he raised his
chin a little to reveal his sharp jawline.

Then, he gave Veronica a fond glance before speaking carefully. “Are you interested in my godsister?”
Matthew was talking to Larry while playing the role of a ‘godbrother’. Right then, Veronica shot him an
irate glare as she felt that Matthew was acting like a madman.

In the end, Larry handed Matthew a large bag of frozen skewers before tugging his lips to form a wide,
sunny grin. “It’s been a while since I’ve been interested in your godsister, you know. Unfortunately,

she’s a Demoness who refuses to give me a chance. I guess we have no choice but to treat each other
as good friends for now.”