Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 466

He Kissed Her

“What is it?” Veronica turned around and glared at him with a displeased look on his face. The man
took a few steps forward and grabbed onto her hand before dragging her out. “Follow me. It’s too
dangerous here.”

“Why are you dragging me out? Let me go!” Veronica was fuming as she tried to shake him off.
However, her tiny hand was no match for his large and muscular arms, so she couldn’t get him to let go
at all. “Hey, Matthew. Don’t force me to get violent!” Veronica growled.

Matthew finally let her go after hearing her threat. He turned around and stared at her with his
handsome features. “Do you know how dangerous this is? If anything happens to you, I’ll—” He pointed
at the mining well.

“Even if anything happens to me, what has that got to do with you? There’s no one else here, Matthew.
So, you don’t have to be all pretentious in front of me,” she said. After the ‘inappropriate’ things that
happened between Sasha and Matthew, Veronica had always felt resentful toward him. So, she would
instinctively argue against whatever he said.

“It does have nothing to me. Nonetheless, if anything bad happens to you, Grandma would hold me
responsible.” This was the best excuse he could come up with. “Hah!” Veronica seemed to have
expected his response, and she spread her lips into a sarcastic smirk. “Who are you? You’re
Grandma’s biological grandchild—she would definitely take your side. How could she possibly lecture
you? What a joke,” she hissed.

Veronica’s delicate face was filled with a scathing look, making Matthew feel rather annoyed. After she
finished speaking, she turned and walked back into the mining pit. After walking for about 10 yards, she
looked ahead to see a pit of water about 90 yards away from her. There were salamanders inside. Out
of curiosity, she wished to go over to take a look.

The salamander, scientifically known as the Ambystoma maculatum, was a tailed amphibian from the
family of hermaphrodites and the phylum Chordata. Their bodies were large and flat, and they
generally had a length of about 23 to 32 inches. They lived in caves, stone caves, and deep pools of
streams and rivers at least 0.6 miles above sea level. It was a relatively common creature and
belonged to the national second-level protected animals.

Veronica hadn’t seen them before, which was why she felt so curious about them. Regardless, she
hadn’t expected Matthew to be so resistant to the idea. Humans were generally rebellious. The more
Matthew wanted to stop her, the more she wanted to take a look at it. Finally, when Matthew saw her
walking in without even looking back, he reached forward to grab her arm again. “Come back!”

“Hey, Matthew. Aren’t you tired of—”



Veronica had been frowning at Matthew when a baby-like cry sounded from inside the cave. It came
out of nowhere, and it echoed through the walls of the cave. Veronica was so shocked that she flung
herself into Matthew’s arms before hugging him tightly. “What the f*ck! What was that? Why is there a
child in there?”

She was like an octopus that clung to Matthew tightly. The man was stunned at how scared she was,
and his muscles tensed up for a moment before he patted her on the back. “How will you go in there if
you’re such a scaredy cat?”

“Wuu…” The cave was filled with the sounds of water and the baby’s cries. Veronica was too scared to
let go of Matthew. “What’s going on? It sounds like a child’s cries, but it doesn’t seem exactly like it…”

“That’s the sound of salamanders, you silly girl.” Matthew couldn’t help but laugh at her. His handsome
features spread into an amused look as he told her the truth.

“What?” Veronica let go of Matthew immediately. “Was that really the sound of salamanders?” Oh gosh.
I’m such an uneducated woman. Coming to think of it, I might have heard someone say this in the past.
Salamanders do sound like that. Well, I might know it as a fact, but it’s still horrifying to hear it for the
first time.

Both of them exchanged glances for a moment. They had traveled nearly 40 yards into the cave, so it
was much darker there. The man’s back was facing the light, so Veronica couldn’t really see his
expression. Nevertheless, she could sense his gaze on her. Right then, she recalled how things were
when she first initiated hugging Matthew. She pouted for a moment, and a somewhat awkward look
surfaced on her face.

“Well… I’m here to see the salamanders. You don’t have to follow me.” Veronica explained herself to
reduce the awkwardness she felt. “Let’s go together. I’d like to see them as well.” Matthew understood
that Veronica wanted to see the salamanders, so he decided to go with her in order to satisfy her

They walked into the cave, and Matthew turned his phone’s flashlight on to guide the way. They made
their way in to find a few salamanders swimming around in the deep pond. Since the salamanders
were nationally protected animals, they simply looked at them for a moment before walking off.
Veronica spoke to herself for a while as she admired the fish, but Matthew wasn’t paying attention to

His focus was all on the face that he had been missing every day and night. Ever since they broke up,
he hadn’t really got a chance to spend quality time with her. Only God knew the amount of control that
Matthew needed to stop himself from hugging her at that moment. “Matt—” Veronica was looking at the
salamanders, and she let out a cry of excitement when the salamanders made noises. She tilted her

head and called for Matthew. Right when she was about to say something, she felt the man pulling her
into his arms before pressing his lips against hers. At that moment, a familiar scent of vanilla shot up
her nose.

The scent was unique to Matthew, and it triggered something within Veronica. His lips felt warm against
her cold skin, and the kiss was sweet, loving, and gentle. She couldn’t help herself from wanting more
of him. Veronica hadn’t come to her senses yet, so she stood still in her spot while allowing him to kiss
her. It was the middle of summer, and they were dressed in thin clothes, so she could clearly feel his
heaving breaths and his thumping heart.

In fact, for a second, she felt immersed in his passionate kiss. Unfortunately, the sound of salamanders
was like a wake-up call to her. She quickly pushed Matthew away before raising her hand to give him a
slap across the cheek. “Matthew, you b*stard!” As her hand swung toward his face, he widened his
eyes and stood still while staring at her.

Veronica knitted her sharp brows and stopped her hand inches away from his face. The force of her
hand brought about a surge of wind that made his hair move. “Are you crazy? You’ve only been away
from Sasha for half a day. Are you already horny to a point where you’d kiss anyone you see?”
Veronica was clearly furious, yet she couldn’t bring herself to slap him.

Matthew could have easily avoided her slap, yet he didn’t move at all. Tiny details like these made
Veronica more confused than ever. Why didn’t he fight back? Why did he kiss me? Does he still have
feelings for me?

“I’m sorry, I didn’t…” I didn’t control myself! Matthew couldn’t bring himself to say the rest of his
sentence, so he changed his narrative instead. “I just miss Sasha after seeing you,” he muttered before
turning around and walking away. He walked calmly and casually, almost as if the kiss hadn’t happened

at all. When Veronica came to her senses, she pointed at Matthew’s back before shouting at him. “I
want you to stop right there, Matthew!”

The lady ran over and circled around him to block his way before holding her hands out to stop him.
“How dare you leave after taking advantage of me?”

“What do you want me to do then?” he asked.

“You kissed me once, so I’ll have to kiss you back to make it even!” After her resolute declaration, she
actually grabbed his collar and dragged him over before getting on her tiptoes to kiss his lips. As
revenge, she even bit him on the lips before letting go of him.