Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 470

Sasha’s Pursuer

Ruka was pleased since Veronica agreed to her suggestion. “I should be the one thanking you since
you’ve agreed to go to Castron with me. Come on; I’ll buy you a meal.”

They headed to Phil’s Restaurant, where they had their meal in a private room. “You can go ahead with
your meal. I need to use the washroom.” Veronica finished her beef wellington, but her stomach felt
rather uneasy. I wonder if it’s because I drank cold water last night.

“Sure. Go ahead.” Ruka nodded. Veronica got to her feet and headed out of their room before walking
toward the washroom. Right then, she heard the sound of people arguing. “I dare you to touch me
again! I’ll… Ah!”

The argument was followed by a scream, along with a banging sound. The person’s voice sounded
somewhat familiar to Veronica. She instinctively stopped in her spot as a person’s face popped up in
her mind. Sasha! It sounds exactly like her.

“Why don’t you take a look at yourself, Sasha? Do you think anyone other than me would be interested
in a psycho like you? Do you think you’re actually a woman now? Well, you don’t have a uterus at all!”
A man’s loud and harsh voice filled the air.

“Wu… No… You can’t say that…” she cried. “Hmph! Am I wrong? Do you think Young Master Matthew
would be interested in someone like you? You can’t even bear his child!”

Veronica stood still in her spot for a long while. She hadn’t intended to eavesdrop, but the person’s
words made her contemplate matters for a while.

Tap tap tap… Right then, the sound of footsteps came closer to her. Before she could turn around to
see who it was, someone shoved her out of the way. “Step aside.”

The rough push sent her crashing against the wall beside her, and she let out a gasp of pain when her
shoulder struck the concrete wall. “How dare you hit Sasha, Adrian?! Do you have a death wish?”

This voice was even more familiar to Veronica. She immediately spun her head over to see the person
who had pushed her aside—Skyler. And the guy in the suit behind Skyler is… Matthew? What… is he
doing here?

“Wu… You’re finally here, Matt.” Sasha, who had fallen to the ground after being hit, hastily scrambled
to her feet before running to Matthew and hugging him.

However, Matthew didn’t allow her to do so—he pushed her aside before lifting his leg to kick Adrian in
his chest. Thump! Adrian fell backward and hit the table behind him before collapsing onto the ground.
He was so shocked that he couldn’t even stand up properly for a while.

“I’ll paralyze you if you ever lay another finger on Sasha!” Matthew hissed through gritted teeth. His
voice was filled with hatred and anger.

Meanwhile, Veronica pressed her palm against her chest as she stood by the door and watched
everything that went down in the room. At that moment, she couldn’t help but think about what
happened between her and Matthew in the cave a few days ago.

For a while, Veronica had felt some hope in her—she thought that Matthew was still attracted to her
even if he had fallen for Sasha for a time. I thought he could give up on his peculiar relationship with
Sasha to return to me.

But it seems like I was just overthinking all along. Otherwise, why wouldn’t Matthew realize my
presence after they shoved me into a wall? He should’ve recognized me even from my silhouette.

“Hahaha…” Adrian pressed a palm against the ground before forcing himself to his feet. He rubbed his
chest with his other hand as he let out a sarcastic laugh. “I didn’t know you liked snatching away things
that others fancy, Young Master Matthew.”

Sasha, who was wearing a dress that fell below her knees, stood behind Matthew with a fearful look on
her face. She grabbed Matthew’s sleeve with her fair and slender hand, showing how much she
depended on him.

“What are you talking about? Do you fancy her? Does your definition of fancy involve hitting the other
person? Look at Sasha’s face!” Skyler, who was standing in front of Matthew, pointed at Sasha’s face
while confronting Adrian. Nevertheless, when Skyler turned to point at Sasha, he found himself
distracted by Veronica’s figure standing outside the room.

Skyler paused for a moment. “R-Roni! What are you doing here?” Skyler’s eyes lit up for a moment as
he instinctively glanced in Matthew’s direction. Shit. Was the person I pushed aside earlier… Veronica?
Thankfully, I didn’t say anything wrong. Otherwise, everything might have been exposed.

Matthew glanced at the look on Skyler’s face, and he felt his muscles tensing up immediately. When he
turned around, he found himself looking at Veronica, who had her left hand clutched onto her right

She was staring at him with a dazed look on her face. The moment he met her gaze, he felt his heart
sinking. For some reason, he found himself panicking.

As he was focused on Veronica, Sasha noticed how his expression had changed. She followed the
direction of his gaze to see Veronica standing outside. “W-What are you doing here?” Sasha was just
as shocked to see Veronica.

Veronica straightened her figure as she felt multiple pairs of eyes turning to focus on her. She quickly
lowered the hand that had been holding onto the shoulder. “What are you guys looking at? You guys

can go on. It’s a free ‘show’; it’d be a waste if I didn’t stay to watch,” she said in the most nonchalant
tone she could muster.

After that, she crossed her arms in front of her chest before walking over to lean against the door
frame. This time, she looked like an actual spectator. Deep down, she knew that she’d seem like she
was running away if she left right then.

On the other hand, she didn’t want to appear pathetic or helpless in front of Matthew, showing him that
she still had feelings for him. There was a battle going on within her—she didn’t want to lose, but she
didn’t want to end up in an awkward position, either.

Veronica’s presence made everyone feel surprised and embarrassed at the same time. Veronica felt
just as awkward as the rest, but she was used to putting on a show, so she stuck her hands into her
pockets before pulling some candy out.

She unwrapped the candy and popped it into her mouth before speaking. “Go on, guys.” Her words
were rather muffled as she had candy in her mouth. Regardless, they could still hear what she was

The corner of Skyler’s lips twitched as he stared at the woman outside the room. He was so shocked
by her presence that he felt like his jaw was about to drop.

Meanwhile, Matthew didn’t seem to show much emotion on his flawless face. Instead, he slowly turned
his head back to give Adrian a disdainful stare. “I want you to turn the other way the next time you see

Otherwise, you’ll have to face the consequences.” With that said, Matthew held onto Sasha’s wrist
before turning around and leaving. As he brushed past Veronica’s shoulder, he didn’t even bother to
gaze at her at all.

Skyler, on the other hand, was still furious at Adrian. He wagged a finger in Adrian’s face as he scolded
him. “Sasha belongs to Matthew, you f*cker! I’ll f*ck you up if you ever lay another finger on her! F*ck!”

Once he was done cursing at Adrian, Skyler walked over to Veronica with a grin on his face. “Hey,
Roni. We’ll leave now, alright? I’ll buy you a meal soon. You’ll have to get Stephen to come along,
alright? It’s a date!” He patted Veronica on the shoulder and chuckled before hurrying off.

Veronica raised an eyebrow before curling her red lips into a smirk. Does he genuinely want to buy me
a meal? I bet I’m not the main reason he wants to have a meal with me. Stephen is his idol, after all.

Since the ‘show’ was over, Veronica glanced at the man in the room before leaving. I have to say—this
guy is pretty good-looking, she thought.

Adrian was dressed in a vintage-looking outfit. He had a gentle and kind face, yet he seemed to be a
rather mean person. In Veronica’s eyes, any man who laid hands on another woman couldn’t possibly
be a nice guy. She met gazes with Adrian for a moment before turning to leave. “Are you… Veronica?”
The man spoke up all of a sudden.