Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 473

Turning Against Each Other

Matthew ignored Sasha; instead, he stared straight at Veronica, waiting for her to answer. It was this
exact attitude of his that made Veronica feel even more upset.

That interrogative look on his face was as if he wouldn’t let her go if she couldn’t give him a reasonable
explanation. In the face of something so familiar and deeply engraved into her mind, she couldn’t help
but think about what happened that day in Qurra Mountain.

She thought about how passionate they were and the heartache she was feeling right now. She stared
at the man unblinkingly; her fingers that held the bag began to tremble slightly.

Then, she discretely took a deep breath, kept her emotions in check, and put on an indifferent front
before smiling at his charming face. “Am I right?”

After she said that, she added, “Bro.” “Apologize!” Matthew ordered, without leaving room for argument.
This cold attitude brought Veronica back to when they first met; he was extremely oppressive without a
care for others’ circumstances.

Besides, he was always aloof, ordering people around. “No way!” She spat out two words bluntly.

Sasha noticed the tense atmosphere and took Matthew’s hand. “Matt, I’m fine. You don’t need to get
Roni to apologize to me. In all honesty, I should be the one apologizing to her. I just didn’t want Roni to
spread what happened in the western restaurant today. Maybe I misspoke and made her angry.”

In the beginning, after Veronica and Matthew had broken up, he only allowed Sasha to come over as
his fake lover. Although he did not tell her the reason for their breakup, Sasha knew that he loved
Veronica deeply.

However, the three coincidentally met at the western restaurant earlier today, and Veronica happened
to see Matthew standing up for Sasha.

So, Sasha wanted to take this opportunity to visit Veronica in the middle of the night to tell her to stay
away from him.

But who would have thought that Matthew had somehow found out about it and come over as well?

As Sasha was talking to Veronica just now, Sasha noticed him coming over. Although she was
surprised, a plan brewed in her head. She deliberately angered Veronica to the point that she would
slap her.

Sasha was confident that since Matthew was the one that initiated the breakup, it wouldn’t be weird for
Veronica to be angry at her. This was a rare opportunity to sow discord between Veronica and Matthew.

It was all going well until now.

At this moment, when Sasha felt the tension between the two, she couldn’t help but feel afraid.

That was especially so when she saw how ruthless he was toward Veronica, and she realized that he
would be even more heartless toward her once he left.

“Don’t test me!” Matthew said.

“Yo, what’s going on?”

Suddenly, Conrad showed up before the trio. He saw the confrontation between Matthew and Veronica,
and his gaze darted to Sasha, who was standing behind Matthew, and his eyes flickered slightly.

“Matthew, as the brother of Veronica, how can you side with outsiders to bully her?” Conrad said.

It was no wonder that Matthew and Veronica were rarely seen together in the past days. They
appeared to have broken up, and the reason behind that was Sasha Claude.

As far as he knew, Sasha was a transgender woman.

Matthew really had a broad palette!

Nevertheless, although she had undergone gender reassignment surgery, she was still unable to have

With that, as long as he managed to find Yvonne’s child, how could he still be scared about being
unable to be the patriarch of the Kings’ Family?

Conrad’s mind was filled with these thoughts.

At this moment, Veronica glanced at him and snorted. “What ‘brother’? What could be more important
than his lover?”

Her attitude toward Matthew became more callous as anger burned in her heart. In the end, she
couldn’t help but say, “There’s one way for me to apologize to Sasha. Only…over my dead body.”

“What, do you think I wouldn’t dare to?”

Matthew’s face was tense; his handsome face was outrageously gloomy.

It had never been his intention to treat Veronica like this.

He had hurried over once he learned that Sasha was coming to Veronica’s place. Alas, he did not
expect Conrad to appear out of the blue.

In order to keep up with his act, he had to be merciless to Veronica.

“What a joke! In such a big city like Bloomstead, is there anything that you, Matthew King, dare not

It was as if she had heard the funniest joke in the world.

Although there was a smirk on her fair, delicate face, Veronica’s heart felt like it had been stabbed
again and again.

The knife was dripping with blood, and the pain was almost excruciating, but she had to hold herself

“Since you know how capable I am, you should know how to act.” Then, Matthew put his arms around
Sasha, pulled her to the front, and ordered Veronica, “Apologize!”

“Roni… Actually… There’s really no need. Don’t be like this. I-I’m fine.”

For a moment, Sasha almost believed Matthew’s performance.

She didn’t understand why he was so angry and arguing with Veronica, but Sasha knew one thing.

And that was…

At this moment, the cruelty that she would endure later would bound to be ten times worse than what
Veronica was suffering right now.

“Shut up,” he reprimanded as his gaze remained fixated on Veronica, waiting for her to apologize.

In the face of Matthew’s aggression, Veronica was thoroughly disappointed.

Those clear eyes were like ripples, but their depth was like polar glaciers, covered with a thick layer of
frost. His gaze was frigid to the bone.

“In your dreams!” After she spat out those words, she pushed past Sasha and walked toward her

Yet, the next moment, Matthew called out, “If you dare to leave, I will ensure you’ll never get a job!”

His threats were ruthless.

Although his tone was filled with arrogance, everyone knew that he was really capable of doing what he
had just threatened.

This made Veronica halt in her steps; she never expected that he would be so uncaring.

Still, she took a deep breath. “Oh, really? I’d like to see how you’re going to stop me,” she said as she
tilted her head slightly at him before she left unhesitatingly.

At this moment, Matthew’s hand in his pocket tightened slightly. That was because he didn’t expect
Veronica to be so stubborn.

“Matt, I think you should just let it go.” Sasha tried to calm him down.

As a result, Matthew fished out his phone and dialed Thomas. “Contact Sean immediately and get him
to terminate his contract with Veronica. Also, let the news spread that anyone who dares to work with
her will be my enemy.”

On the other end of the phone, Thomas was dumbfounded for a moment. He couldn’t understand how
the situation had changed; how two people who were madly in love with each other were now at each
other’s throats.

“Yes, boss.” He did not dare to question Matthew and quickly hung up the phone.

After Matthew kept away his phone, he immediately left with Sasha.

This whole time, he did not say a word to Conrad.

Conrad fell into deep thought when he saw Matthew bringing Sasha away.

He was pondering carefully on what exactly happened between Matthew and Veronica when the two
turned against each other and fought like this.

Could it be that it was all an act?

No, there was no way.

With Matthew’s power, which was far above Conrad’s, there was no need for Matthew to play games.

But what on earth was going on?

Could it be that Veronica did something that crossed Matthew’s line?