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Chapter 474

Veronica Is At Her Wits’ End

As doubts grew in his mind, he turned into the unit building. He took the elevator up to Veronica’s
apartment and knocked on the door. Finding out where she lived was an easy task. Conrad rapped on
the door with growing impatience.

“Who is it?” Veronica’s muffled voice came from inside the apartment before she opened the door.
There wasn’t the slightest hint of surprise on her face when she saw him standing in the doorway. “Is
something up?” asked Veronica.

She thought, Today’s been a lively day. Everyone’s coming over to join in on the fun. “I—“

Whatever he was about to say was interrupted by a blaring ringtone. However, it wasn’t his phone, as
he didn’t recognize the ringtone.

“I have to take this,” muttered Veronica. Sean’s name flashed on the screen and she couldn’t help but
frown slightly. As she ruminated on Matthew’s words, she could guess why he was calling.

She silently cursed at Matthew in her heart. Afterward, she walked toward the living room and
answered the call. “Mr. Ludwig?”

Sean’s voice on the other end sounded flustered. “Veronica, what the hell did you do to piss Matthew
off? He told me to terminate our partnership. Did the two of you fight or something?”

Sean felt that he was in a bind. He was fully aware that his small media company was incapable of
competing with Matthew.

Matthew’s words carried the weight of the imperial decree. Sean had no choice but to swallow his pride
and accept his marching orders as he was in no position to disobey Matthew. Unless … he was willing
to burn all bridges with Matthew.

Veronica bit her lips as she tugged at her hair in annoyance. Eventually, she muttered, “It’s nothing. I’ll
head to the office tomorrow and officially terminate our partnership.”

She’d been around Matthew long enough and knew him far too well by now. He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for
an answer.

Sean’s Starshine Media Agency simply could not withstand the retaliation Matthew would unleash. If
Sean refused to roll over, Matthew would utterly destroy his company.

Veronica didn’t want her troubles to bother anyone else.

“That’s too bad … I do admire your talent. Maybe you should talk to Elizabeth Hutchinson. You are her
god-granddaughter, after all. I don’t think she’ll turn you away if you need help.”

Sean was trying his best to come up with a plan for her.

However, Veronica couldn’t stomach the idea of begging for help again and again. She wouldn’t do it;
her pride couldn’t handle such a thing. “That’s all right. I appreciate your concern. Thank you for taking
such good care of me at Starshine. I promise I’ll buy you dinner someday.”

“I … I look forward to that.”

Sean had wanted to give a few parting words of advice. Nonetheless, he sensed Veronica was not in a
good mood, so he chose to say nothing in the end.

After she hung up the phone, she lounged on the couch. She looked up at Conrad as he had invited
himself in, and she all but growled, “Well, say whatever it is you have to say.”

Conrad was making a statement that he wasn’t here to hurt her by leaving her door wide open. He
pointed at the couch. “Can I sit down? I just want to chat.”

Veronica waved her hand indifferently. “Suit yourself.”

Matthew’s actions had truly hit her where it hurt, and she could feel the utter disappointment and
despair welling up within her.

The happy times they had spent together played in her mind like a movie. She had once thought that
meeting Matthew was the best thing that had ever happened to her.

She knew better now. The love that Matthew could give to Sasha was indeed something that made
everyone envious, and she was not an exception to that rule.

He would end Veronica’s career just because she had slapped Sasha.

Veronica was once again grateful that she hadn’t revealed her stake in Vincere Games. She had
inadvertently given herself a lifeline.

She could take comfort in the fact that the company had a stable income and was diversifying into
other ideas. At the very least, she didn’t have to worry about being strapped for cash for the time being.

Yet, it was an undeniable fact that Matthew’s actions had dealt a significant blow as she felt that with
every beat of her heart, the metaphorical knife just kept twisting deeper and deeper. What a heartless

“Matthew acted too rashly. You guys were so close. Even if he did all this because of Sasha, he
shouldn’t have treated you like this.” Conrad wanted to comfort Veronica, but he was also digging for
more information.

Yet, Veronica was entirely in the dark. There was no hope of getting any useful information from her.
“What happened is between Matthew and me. So, you don’t have to worry too much about it.”

Finally, she placed her phone on the table. She still hadn’t offered Conrad a drink until now. The
meaning of her discourtesy was obvious.

“It’s late. Are you sure you’re not here to talk about Ian?”

Ian was Yvonne’s son.

Veronica suspected that Ian was the real reason why Conrad had come over so late.

Conrad chuckled embarrassedly. He tilted his head as he murmured, “You’re far too clever for your own

He pulled out a wallet from his suit pocket and placed a check on the table. “Here’s ten million dollars.”

Still, Veronica leaned back into the couch and stared blankly at the check without saying a word.

“I couldn’t be by Ian’s side after he was born. I’ve failed as a father. I understand Yvie doesn’t want me
to see him, but please pass this money to her as a … gesture of goodwill.”

The sincerity in Conrad’s voice was palpable.

While he was full of polite smiles, and he gave off a courteous impression, Veronica could sense that
the intentions of his visit today were not as pure as they seemed.

This money was bait.

“I’m sorry. I’m afraid I can’t help you.” Veronica leaned down as her slender and fair fingers traced the
cheque. Then, she gently pushed it back to Conrad. “Yvonne has her family’s help. She’s also more
than capable of supporting herself. She doesn’t need your money at all.”

Yvonne had her own company. In fact, she had her parents’ generous support, so she didn’t have to
work at all. Besides, she was constantly working hard just to prove herself and develop as an

Forget about Yvonne. Even someone as poor as me wouldn’t stoop so low as to accept this money,
thought Veronica.

Conrad kept his cool even after Veronica had insulted him. “I know you don’t think much of this money,
but it’s only a year of alimony. So, please, just do me this favor, will you?”

Veronica huffed; she had no idea what Conrad was trying to do here. She firmly said, “The child’s last
name is Spencer. He’s Yvonne Spencer’s child.”

He sighed. “Well, seeing as you’re not willing to help me, I suppose I better contact Yvie myself.”

With those words, he picked up the check and stood up to leave.

Then, she squinted as an idea came to mind. If Conrad is willing to spend 10 million to impress
Yvonne, then what’s the harm in accepting the cash?

Veronica called out, “Leave the money. I’ll pass it on to Yvonne.”

Conrad halted in his steps as a cunning gleam flashed through his eyes. Regardless, he did nothing
but turn around and place the check back on the table. “Thank you, Veronica. You have no idea how
much this means to me.”

Finally, he left the apartment, closing the door on his way out.

Veronica stared wordlessly at the check for a long time. She picked it up and stared at the piece of
paper a little longer with a solemn face.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the chiming of her phone.

This time, it was Ruka calling.

Veronica answered the phone, but before she could get a word in, Ruka dispensed with the
pleasantries as she blurted, “Veronica, what’s up with you and Matthew? I just got off the phone with
Sean. He said Matthew ordered him to end his partnership with you?”

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