Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 475

True Colors

“Yeah.” Veronica nodded. “Yeah? That’s it? What is going on with you guys? I heard from Sean that
you offended Matthew, and he’s now trying to force you to admit to your mistakes. This is why Sean
asked me to persuade you to give in just this once, for the sake of your career.”

It wasn’t easy for the company to find a good candidate, especially one as good as Veronica. Sean felt
like he hit it off well with Veronica, and there was no doubt in her capabilities regarding her work. It
wasn’t a good idea to terminate a contract just because Veronica offended Matthew.

“It’s nothing. I offended the person that Matthew likes, and so he forced me to apologize. Unfortunately,
I couldn’t do it, so this happened,” she said in a light-hearted manner.

She lost a job, and it would be difficult for her to find employment in Bloomstead. Yet, how she casually
explained her current dire situation made it seem like she was merely talking about the weather.

“The person he liked? Who is it?”

As Ruka once loved him, Veronica’s words aroused her gossipy nature. “Sasha. Don’t you know?”

“Sasha? Who is she?”

“Sasha Claude.” “I know her name is Sasha, but I’ve never heard of this person before.” The
conversation between them didn’t make sense.

“Uh… Do you know Manuel Franklin?” Veronica didn’t try to hide anything from Ruka. After all, Matthew
gave Veronica a hard time today, so it was only natural for her to hold a grudge against him.

“Oh, yeah I know.” “You know Manuel Franklin, but you don’t know Sasha Claude?”

“What do they have to do with each other?”

“Are you dumb? Do you still not understand? Manuel went through a sex reassignment surgery and
became Sasha. D*mn it! She came to my place to insult me today, so I slapped her. Matthew saw all of
it, yet he demanded I apologize, or else he would make me lose my job in Bloomstead!”

She started getting more agitated the more she talked about the incident, and finally, she couldn’t hold
herself back as she let it all out.

She was truly highly irate about the matter.

It wouldn’t have mattered if whatever happened in the cave at Quran Mountain hadn’t happened a few
days ago. Because of that passionate day, she thought she still had a place in his heart, but she ended
up receiving his brutal treatment, which was a harsh wake-up call as his actions disappointed her

“Hold up. Let me try to process this. This is way too much information.”

Ruka analyzed the words that Veronica had just said, and then it dawned on her. “Right. I think I heard
someone say that Manuel had a sex change operation before, but I didn’t know she was called Sasha
now. Damn, Matthew’s tastes can be really… interesting, to say the least.”

She thought of the previous encounter in the mall when Matthew kissed Veronica, who was dressed as
a man. Nonetheless, Ruka still found herself wholly repulsed when she recalled the incident.

At that time, she couldn’t believe it.

Now, when she heard Veronica venting her frustrations, everything suddenly seemed to make sense.

Veronica was silent for a while as her head drooped in discouragement.

“Hey, so what’s your plan? Do you want to work for me?” Ruka felt a little sorry for her.

A few months ago, Veronica and Matthew were so loving, and it was as though they couldn’t get
enough of each other. Suffice to say, it made Ruka insanely jealous.

Nevertheless, when she saw that Veronica was abandoned by Matthew as well, she couldn’t help but
sympathize with her.

“There’s no need. Matthew let it be known that anyone who dares to hire me will be working against the
Kings Corporation.” Veronica didn’t want to make things difficult for anyone.

“It’s okay. I don’t believe he can go against me.”

“You can protect me for now, but can you protect me forever?” Veronica inquired sharply.

Ruka was rendered speechless momentarily because that was a good question. It was one that she,
herself, didn’t know how to answer.

“I appreciate your kindness. I will think of a way myself. Anyway, it’s getting late. Goodbye.” Veronica
hung up the phone and went to take a shower. Afterward, she sat on the bed as she had a video
conference with Vincere Games’ partner.

The company’s revenue was stable, and the turnover had increased substantially.

The company participated in a competition in the first half of the year and won an award, and now
many sponsors wanted to cooperate with them.

Finally, there was some good news in such a disastrous chapter of her life.

After the video conference ended, Veronica suddenly thought of the 1.5 million dollars that Conrad had
given her to pass on to Yvonne. Therefore, she planned to visit Yvonne tomorrow.

The next day, Veronica woke up early to train as usual. After she finished training and ate breakfast,
she went out to visit Yvonne.

Initially, she had planned to accompany Ruka to Castron tomorrow. Thus, Yvonne had requested Sean
for a day off in her stead.

Now, it seemed like a wasted effort.

When Veronica arrived at Yvonne’s villa, she was doing yoga.

“So anxious to get back in shape?” Veronica teased.

“Alas, a woman’s body changes after giving birth. But, of course, I would like to maintain my figure.”
Yvonne did a backward stretch and asked, “Why did you come over so early today?”

“I’ve brought something for you.”

Veronica walked up to Yvonne and waved the check given by Conrad in front of her. “Here’s 1.5 million.
I was asked to bring it to you. He says it’s for the child’s living expenses for one year. He will also pay
for child support for the following years accordingly.”


Yvonne immediately lost her motivation to exercise after hearing his name. Instead, she sat on the
yoga mat and took the check from Veronica. After she had inspected it for a while, she frowned. “What
is he playing at?”

”I’m going to continue to play dumb.”

“Fair enough. He’s going to reveal his true colors sooner or later.” Yvonne nodded her head.

The two chatted for a while before Veronica left the villa and went to Starshine Media Agency to sign
the termination contract with Sean.

It was precisely at this moment that Yvonne’s cell phone rang.

When she turned it on, she saw an unfamiliar string of numbers on the screen.

“Hello. Who’s speaking?”

“Hello. Are you the wife of the owner of this phone? Your husband has fainted. I found your phone
number on his phone under ‘wife’,” the other party spoke frantically.

“That’s crazy. I’m not married yet. How could I have a husband?” Yvonne cursed at them and hung up
the phone.

She threw the phone on the table in vexation and sat on the couch as she pampered herself with a
facial mask.

But the longer she thought about it, she suddenly felt that the string of numbers just now was
somewhat familiar.

Suddenly, she realized something and muttered to herself, “Isn’t that Conrad’s number?”

After the previous conflict between them, she blocked his number.

Still, she bought a new phone, so she forgot about blocking his number on this one.

Isn’t that his number?

Her mind recalled the words of the person who had just called…

Are you the wife of the owner of this phone…Your number is on his phone, under ‘wife’.

All this time, Conrad had not been in contact with her.

Yvonne thought that she had blocked him so he couldn’t call her. Now that she had thought about it
carefully, she changed her phone, so it was possible for Conrad to call her now. Though, he never took
the initiative to contact her.

He even gave 1.5 million to her through Veronica.

Why am I still called ‘wife’ on his phone?

All kinds of thoughts came to mind, and she felt slightly unsettled.

Just now, the person said that Conrad had fainted.

Yvonne felt a hint of uneasiness and figured she should at least call back to find out what exactly was
going on.