Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 477

The ‘Truth’ Is Revealed

After Yvonne arrived at Southcon Enterprise, she checked in with the receptionist, who took her to the
president’s office. She rapped smartly on the door, and a muffled voice permitted her to enter after a

Her hand hovered over the door handle. She swallowed nervously before pushing the door open and
entering the office. “Ugh …”

Conrad slouched in the executive chair and was coughing uncontrollably. Conrad looked flustered
when he saw Yvonne entering the office. He hastily stowed away the medicine boxes on the table into
the drawer.

In his haste, he accidentally knocked over a box of medicine, and it clattered noisily on the floor.
Yvonne, who just happened to walk over, picked up the box when she spotted it.

The box was labeled ‘Soranib’. The label further explained, ‘This product is used for treating inoperable
or distant metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma.’ “How dare you touch my things?!”

Conrad lunged over and snatched the box away from Yvonne. He stuffed it into a drawer and slammed
it shut. A loud bang resounded in the office.

He shot Yvonne a glare. “Aren’t you just here to hand over the check? You can leave if you’ve done
what you came to do.”

Then, he smoothly picked up a document on the table and pretended to read it. He had no intention of
entertaining Yvonne.

Yvonne felt the discomfort in her heart swell when she saw his agitated outburst. She had known him
for such a long time and had never seen him in the throes of such a violent temper. Furthermore, the

look of panic on his face was not an act. “Does he really have … cancer?”

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. A secretary stepped into the office and said, “President
Kings, the meeting has begun.”

“All right. I’ll be there in a moment.”

Conrad placed the document back on the desk. Then, he stood up and said, “If you’ve delivered the
check, please leave. As you can see, I’m very busy. I have no time to idle chatter.”

He strutted out of the office and headed for the conference room.

Inside the office, Yvonne stood frozen in the same spot. She was instantly besieged by a swirl of
emotions that she couldn’t even begin to identify.

She was wholly frazzled as her thoughts felt like a ball of yarn. She had no idea what to make of
everything that had just happened.

She was in love with Conrad, and the sudden terrible news stunned her. She was suddenly
overwhelmed by a sharp flare of despair.

Her reverie was interrupted by yet another series of knocks on the door.

The door opened, and a woman peeked into the office.

Click, clack, click, clack.

Her high heels clicked on the floor tiles as she stepped into the office. “Where’s President Kings?”

“Ah, h-he’s gone to the meeting,” sputtered Yvonne.

The woman who just stepped in was the chief secretary. Therefore, it was only natural that she
recognized Yvonne. “Ah, it’s you, Miss Spencer. Why don’t you sit down for a while? Would you like a
drink? Some coffee? Tea?”

The chief secretary arranged three thick folders on Conrad’s desk.

Yvonne stole a quick glance and noticed that they were insurance documents.

Her heart pounded with trepidation, so she blurted the first drink that came to mind, “Umm … if it’s not
too much trouble, do you have any grounded coffee?”

“Why, of course.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it, Miss Spencer.” The chief secretary briskly walked out of the office.

After Yvonne ensured that the door was closed shut, she hurriedly grabbed the insurance documents.

She initially thought it was the insurance Conrad had bought for her. Alas, her worst fears were
confirmed when she opened the folder. It was a life insurance plan that Conrad had bought for himself,
and he had listed Yvonne as the beneficiary.

In that instant, tears suddenly welled in her eyes as she began to accept the reality that he was truly ill.

She turned her attention to the second insurance contract.

It was an accident insurance. The insurance insured both Yvonne and Ian for ten million dollars.

The insurance even had both their ID numbers.

Yvonne sighed as she continued to read the third document. It was a profit-sharing policy for Ian.

The amount insured was another ten million.

Yvonne suddenly remembered something after she had read all three documents in detail. She
hurriedly scanned the file and discovered that Conrad had bought it for her six months ago …

Six months ago… Isn’t that when Zac arrived in Bloomstead and kidnapped me?

She was sure of it. She had called Conrad, begging for help, but he hadn’t picked up the call. Instead, it
was Veronica who had rescued her and showed her footage from a surveillance camera.

In the video, Conrad was sitting in the office with a girl straddled on his lap.

Why? If I mean nothing to him, then why did he buy me an insurance policy half a year ago and make
me the beneficiary?

An answer came to mind …

Could this all be an act on Conrad’s part?

He clearly had her contact information yet chose not to contact her.

He obviously knew where Ian lived. So why hadn’t he visited him?

Conrad constantly threatened to take Ian away, yet he had made no concrete moves.

Yvonne mulled over the onslaught of information. At the end of the day, it was too much for her to bear
as her knees wobbled, and she fell to the ground.

She clutched the contract close to her chest as her hands trembled uncontrollably. Finally, she couldn’t
hold back her tears and broke down in uncontrollable sobs.

Yvonne placed the documents back on the desk and sat on a couch in the lounge room.

Not long after, the chief secretary brought her a cup of coffee. “Miss Spencer, please take your time.
President Kings is currently in a meeting. He’ll be with you as soon as the meeting is over.”

Yvonne sniffled as she tried to wipe away her tears discretely. “Okay. I’ll wait.”

“Miss Spencer, are you crying? Is everything okay?”

Yvonne nodded her head. “It’s fine. Everything’s fine.”

The chief secretary clearly wanted to say something but bit her tongue out of professionalism. “All right,
please let me know if you need anything else.” Then, she turned and left.

As soon as the door shut, Yvonne couldn’t stop bawling.

Excruciating pain tore through her heart. It didn’t hurt like this the time she and Conrad had a
misunderstanding. It even hurt more than the time he suggested they break up.

Why is this happening?

She sobbed as an oppressive sense of despair overwhelmed her entire being.

The office door opened, and Conrad entered the room. He stared at her. “W-Why are you still here?”

Yvonne choked back tears. Her face was red and blotchy from crying, and she looked at him with tears
in her eyes.

She saw the face she knew so well, as calm, dignified, and charming as ever. The instant she was
reminded that the man she loved didn’t have much time left, agony gripped her heart.

Conrad didn’t say anything upon seeing her tears; he offered no words of consolation. Instead, he sat
down at his desk and began sorting out a pile of documents.

This blatant attempt at ignoring Yvonne confirmed her suspicions.

There’s no doubt about it! Conrad knew he had cancer. That’s why he deliberately chose not to answer
my calls. That’s why he had an affair with another woman.

Both Conrad and Zac were friends. After she planted evidence on Zac to frame Conrad, Zac spared
Conrad’s life, knowing that his friend was fighting cancer.

This line of reasoning made too much sense.

She braced herself as she staggered towards Conrad.

She stumbled over, gripped his desk, and mumbled, “Are you hiding something from me?”

Conrad didn’t look up from the documents he was reading. She immediately noticed that he had
already hidden the insurance policies away.

“No.” Conrad’s answer was curt and matter-of-fact as if he wasn’t dying from cancer.

That wasn’t the answer Yvonne was looking for as she stood mutely by the desk. For a long time, she
didn’t know what to say; tears wordlessly rolled down her face.

Her fingers scratched against the desk in anxiety. Finally, after she watched on as Conrad signed some
of the documents, she bit the bullet and muttered through gritted teeth, “I … read the insurance

Conrad’s hand wavered as soon as he heard what she had said. Then, he violently slammed the pen
against the table. “How dare you go through my things?”