Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 469

Follow Me to Meet Hendrey

After the child was sent away, Yvonne’s emotions were all over the place, so Veronica decided to stay
in the villa to be with her. Both of them chatted for a long while and only slept in the middle of the night.

The next day, Veronica made her way to work, keeping her busy for a few consecutive days. However,
she was reminded of an incident when she was done with her work.

She recalled what she had done in the mountains with Matthew a few days ago, and she realized how
she hadn’t taken any morning-after pills following their intercourse. So… Does it mean that I’m at a
higher risk of getting pregnant? Just the thought of it made Veronica feel horrible.

One day, Veronica headed to the lounge to get some rest after she took a series of pictures in the
studio at work. When she walked past the office, she bumped into Ruka. “Hey!” Veronica greeted Ruka
first. When Ruka saw Veronica, she walked over and gave her a friendly squeeze on her arm. “What
have you been up to? I haven’t seen you around at all,” Ruka commented.

“Well, what else could I be up to? I was just filming in the studio this whole morning,” Veronica replied.

“I heard Sean say you’re a pretty influential figure at work. I bet Mia’s really jealous of you.” Even
though Ruka wasn’t in Starshine, she was highly familiar with everything that was happening in the
company. “Well, a fight is bound to happen as long as women are involved,” Veronica said with a
nonchalant shrug.

A conflict had already started brewing back when Mia and Veronica were in Castron together, and Mia
had already despised Veronica back then. Tiffany was the one who was giving Mia her orders, but Mia
hadn’t even shown up at Tiffany’s funeral when she passed away. Their friendship was practically
meaningless as they had only been using one another from the very start.

Both Ruka and Veronica made their way to the lounge. “What brings you here today?” Veronica asked.
Since Ruka discovered that Matthew was interested in ‘men’, she was no longer as hateful toward
Veronica. Back then, Ruka had treated Veronica as a love rival since she was interested in Matthew.
Nevertheless, after Matthew was exposed online for having kissed a ‘man’ on the streets, Ruka was
utterly taken aback for a while.

Furthermore, when they were in the clothing store, Veronica kissed Matthew’s neck while she was
dressed in men’s clothing, and she did it right before Ruka’s eyes. The whole incident came as a
considerable blow to Ruka, and the impact was so strong that it completely changed her view on

Ever since then, Ruka had started getting closer to Veronica. They were relatively close, but they
weren’t close to a point where they’d share everything with each other.

“Well… I was thinking of taking a trip to Castron,” Ruka spoke after some hesitation.

“Castron?” Veronica frowned as she recalled how Ruka had asked her about Hendrey just a few days
ago. “Are you going there to meet Hendrey?” Ruka smiled without saying anything for a while.
Regardless, there was a somewhat awkward look on her face.

“You used to be interested in Matthew. Have you fallen for someone new already?” Veronica asked in a
teasing manner. Ruka pouted at the mention of Matthew. “Stop talking about that guy.

That was such a shame,” she complained while sitting on the couch and resting her forehead against
her palm. “It was all one-sided love. If I knew that he was into men from the start, I wouldn’t have fallen
for him at all, right? Ugh. Every time I think about the fact that he likes men, I just…”

Ruka pressed her hand against her chest as she gritted her teeth and frowned to put on a pained
expression. “I’m sure you feel my pain, right?”

Veronica shook her head. “No. I can’t relate at all. I’m not interested in a jerk like him.” Her words were
the complete opposite of how she felt. Thankfully, I’ve already broken up with Matthew. Otherwise,
Ruka might find out that I’m the one who was pretending to be a man, and she’d kill me!

“At least you’re not in love with him anymore. You’ve spared yourself from all the pain that I’m feeling
now,” Ruka sighed. She ran her long and slim fingers through her hair and thought about it for a
moment before suddenly realizing what she had said earlier. I just realized this now, but it seems like I
do admire Hendrey quite a bit. I can’t believe I exposed myself there. Well, he is pretty good-looking.

As the young lady of the Dame Family, Ruka had been to all sorts of events and places. She had seen
countless men in her life, but Hendrey was the one person that indeed left an impression on her. Sure,
she had fallen for Matthew in the past, but they had grown up together. Regardless of how good-
looking he was, his looks would never stun her to the point that left her breathless.

Hendrey was different. He had a unique aura and was gentle and kind to those around him. Ruka
couldn’t seem to forget about him after meeting him the first time. She had to admit it—she was in love
with him. “Hehe… Actually… Actually… I wanted to meet Hendrey to talk to him for a little.” Ruka could
sense the rather amused look in Veronica’s eyes, which made her feel incredibly uneasy.

“Aren’t we all women? You don’t have to explain yourself.” Veronica leaned back on the couch.
“Hendrey is a pretty good guy, but…” When Veronica thought about all of the mysterious and secretive
stuff surrounding Hendrey, she gave Ruka a kind reminder. “You don’t know him for long yet. Suppose
you’re genuinely interested in him. Then, you should find more chances to get to know him and spend
time with him.”

Veronica didn’t know if Ruka was aware of Hendrey’s past with Tiffany. She couldn’t bring herself to
initiate a talk with Ruka about it either. “By the way, he’s your ex-boyfriend. Do… you not mind if…?” It
was natural for women to be interested in their crush’s ex-partners.

“What’s there to be bothered by? It’s all in the past,” Veronica said. Yet, Ruka still felt the curiosity
bubbling within her upon Veronica’s mention of the past. So Ruka got up and sat beside Veronica
before casting her an interested gaze and nudging her elbow. “Hurry up and tell me about it. How did
you guys break up in the past? Hendrey is such a handsome man, and he seems pretty gentlemanly.
He looks like a good guy.”

Veronica turned her head to look at Ruka. “Are you interested in him?” she asked.


“Well, back then…” Veronica leaned back in her seat and gazed at the ceiling as she recalled the past.
“We were doing pretty well back then, but the whole breakup was a mess. He wanted to further his
career overseas, so we lost contact after that.”

“Was that it?” Ruka wasn’t too satisfied after hearing Veronica’s brief explanation of her breakup.
Suddenly, Ruka was reminded of the first jewelry exhibition that Veronica had ever done. Her eyes lit
up as she questioned Veronica. “When Ivan’s team hosted the jewelry exhibition, you wore that set of
jewelry called ‘First Love’. Was that inspired by Hendrey?”

“Pfft!” Veronica covered her mouth as she let out a burst of laughter. It was as if she had just heard the
funniest joke ever. “What nonsense are you talking about? That was just a title. Anyway, if you’re
interested in Hendrey, you should meet up with him.” Veronica was also curious to find out how
Hendrey was doing. It didn’t feel good not to know what he was up to.

At the mention of serious business, Ruka forgot all about her curiosity about Veronica’s past. “I can’t
find him, so I want you to go to Castron with me. I’ve already gotten Sean to give you a break, and he
agreed,” she said sternly.

“I… Did you guys make the decision for me? Do I even have a say here?” Veronica sent Ruka a side

“Hehehe. Don’t give me that look. I did you a favor, too—I helped you contact a company in Castron for
a fashion show. So that’s what I’ve done for you in return. How does that sound?” Ruka gave the other
woman a cheeky laugh. It was as if she was flaunting how thoughtful she was.

Well, in that case… What else can I say? Veronica thought. In the end, she simply nodded to show her
gratitude. “Thank you for providing me with a job, Madam. I’m so thankful for this.”