Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 479

Conrad’s Scheme

After their merriment, Yvonne fell asleep while Conrad leaned against the bed’s headboard, looking out
the window with deep thoughts in his mind.

Even though his plan was a success, he felt no satisfaction or exhilaration from it. In contrast, he felt
even more troubled.

Time passed by, and the tired Yvonne woke up. When she saw that the man was smoking beside her,
she reached out and held him by the waist. “Conrad, you’re not well. Why are you still smoking?”

“It’s fine.” Despite what he said, he had already put out the cigarette between his fingers in an ashtray.
“Don’t be so worried about me.”

“How can I not worry about you…?”

As she leaned on him, she took in his unique smell, then immersed herself in bitter sadness.

She had even forgotten that it had only been two weeks since she had given birth and was still in her
maternity period.

“You should be worried about yourself and the baby. It will be best if both of you are healthy and safe.”

There wasn’t any sweet talk, but just because Conrad said these in his ‘current condition’, it moved
Yvonne so much that she felt a sting in her nose again.

Tears stung her eyes, and she pursed her cherry lips. “The baby… Have you met him yet?”

Since he knew which hospital the baby was born in and also had a copy of his proof of birth, could it be
that he had also met the baby before? she wondered.

“Yeah, I did,” he admitted. “The baby is very adorable, and his eyes look just like yours.”

The best lies are the ones that were built upon the truth. If it weren’t because he didn’t have cancer,
even he would be caught up in the lie and feel touched.

For Yvonne, just the thought that Conrad purposely stayed away from her because he had cancer and
even planned their breakup filled her with guilt.

“Conrad, I’m sorry…”

Previously, she had made all the preparations to guard herself against him, but who knew that he didn’t
have any thoughts of harming the baby, not to mention taking the baby away from her side?

“Huh? Why are you apologizing out of the blue?” A gleam flashed past his eyes, feigning ignorance
even though he knew what she meant.

“I-I…” She raised her head, looked into his eyes, and whispered softly, “Before this… I kept having the
wrong idea about you. That’s why I don’t want you to meet the baby. I-If I knew that this is what the
situation is, I wouldn’t have allowed Matthew to hide the baby.”

All the prep work from before was so that he could find out the baby’s whereabouts from Yvonne.
Nevertheless, he didn’t expect that everything would progress so smoothly.

Three days, he thought. No, if I calculated everything into hours, it was only fifty hours.

Luckily Veronica wasn’t in the country, or Yvonne wouldn’t have taken the bait so easily.

“You…” He knitted his brows slightly and sighed. “That’s just as well. It’s not a bad thing to pass the
baby to Matthew. He’ll probably protect the child well. Otherwise, I can’t imagine what will happen if Zac
finds the child.”

“Conrad, aren’t you enemies with Matthew the whole time?”

“Silly Yvie, no matter how we’re always going against each other, we’re still related by blood. On the
other hand, Zac is a ruthless person you must beware of.”

“But Roni told me previously that you wanted to take the baby…” she trailed off hesitantly as she
couldn’t bring herself to complete her sentence.

“You wanted to say that I’m using the baby as the bargaining chip to vie for the spot as the heir?”

“Yeah.” When Conrad said it aloud, Yvonne’s heart felt more at ease.

He held her in his embrace as he twirled her hair playfully and stared at her cherry lips before giving
her a light kiss. “Even though I’m going to die, that is my baby after all, and I just want him to have what
he deserves.”

Conrad’s initial intention was that since the baby was a member of the Kings Family, the Kings had to
provide the benefits and inheritance he deserved.

Since he had such a perfect explanation at hand, Yvonne wholly believed his words, and she was so
moved that she couldn’t even express the emotions she was feeling in her heart.

Therefore, she lifted her head to look at the man in front of her and committed his handsome face into
memory as her admiration and love for him overwhelmed all of her rationale.

She placed her hand on his face and stroked the stubble on his chin. Even though he had a beard now,
his mature appearance made him even more attractive, making her heart skip a beat.

“Conrad…” she whispered softly.

He raised his brows. “Yeah?”

“Do you know that you’re the most amazing man I’ve ever met in my life?” she said, and her voice
started to quiver while her fingers on his face trembled. “God is simply too unfair.”

Conrad felt triumphant from the success of his strategy when he saw that she had fallen so deeply into
the trap that he had set for her till she could not untwine herself from him. Despite that, he didn’t display
those emotions on his face and continued with his passionate act. “Loving you with my whole life is
God’s gift to me. I’m very content, Yvie.”

Right after the words left his lips, he leaned over and took her lips again.

When both parties had deep feelings for each other, it was only natural that they were unable to control
the burst of hormones that followed.

Hence, from morning until afternoon until late night, they both made love with breaks in between. Their
passion was overflowing, as though they were madly trying to make up for the six months they had lost.

On this day, she realized that being with him brought her exhilarating comfort and satisfaction.

At last, she lay there completely drained, shaking her head. “Conrad, that’s enough… enough…” Then,
she sat up and dragged the man behind her to face him. “Please watch out for your health, okay?
You’re in a special period now.”

“Silly Yvie.” The corner of his lips curled into a smirk as he held her waist and pulled her into his
embrace. “If my body will perish, girls, I will cherish. My motto in life is, life is short, so we should
always live in the present.”

A phrase that was filled with positive energy took on a different twist when Conrad said it.

She drew circles on his chest with her slender fingers, feeling the warmth from his skin and lusting for
the madness from earlier.

“We can’t do that. Your health is more important.”

She was apprehensive about his health, and although he seemed fine now, the outbreaks of some
diseases were concentrated in later stages, making it impossible for people to notice. Nonetheless,
now that she knew he was sick, it would be better if she paid attention to everything.

“Once. Just once, okay?” He leaned towards her and whispered into her ear, “Do you have any idea
how I made it past these six months?”

One phrase was all it took to turn her on; her ears felt hot, and she glanced at him with blushed cheeks,
saying, “T-Then… just this time, okay? After this, both of us have to… control ourselves, alright?”

While he gazed at the dumb girl before him, who appeared as innocent as a rabbit, a smile spread
across Conrad’s face, but his mind was filled with scenes when he was humiliated by Zac.

“Okay, I promise you. I’ll get you a glass of water.”

Then, he got up, paced to the table, and took out a glass from the cabinet. He also took out something
else before pouring her a glass of water and dropping it in.

That thing melted in water immediately and went unnoticed.

“You must be tired, aren’t you? Have a drink of water.” Finally, he turned around and passed the water
to Yvonne.

When she saw how attentive he still was toward her, she was very touched. “You’re so nice, Conrad.”