Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 481

Completely Out of Job

After Veronica and Ruka stayed in Castron for a week, they were still unable to find out anything about
Hendrey’s whereabouts. Finally, disappointed and discouraged, they could only return to Bloomstead

“I’m sorry I’ve wasted a week of your time.” When they arrived at Bloomstead, Ruka said to Veronica
apologetically, “Are you sure you don’t want to work with me?”

Everything was going smoothly when Veronica worked at Starshine Media Agency, but they terminated
her contract, and Matthew was exerting pressure on her now. What should she do afterward? Ruka
wondered, worried for her.

Veronica shook her head. “It’s fine. I can take care of it,” she said, confident in herself.

“Okay.” In the face of Veronica’s confidence, Ruka didn’t want to force the issue anymore and waved
her hand. “Oh, all right. Bye-bye!”

“See you!”

After she said her goodbyes to Ruka, she drove home and slept for a day due to jet lag.

The next day after she woke up, she trained with Crayson.

As he never interfered much with her private life, and she had already asked for leave before going to
Castron, he didn’t say much about her sudden absence.

When she was finished with morning training and breakfast, only then did she open the job-searching
app and send out her resume.

Matthew had heartlessly turned against her for Sasha’s sake, and she would like to find out if he was
really that ruthless.

Thus, she was occupied the entire day as she sent out more than a dozen applications and made
many calls just for a job. In the end, as she expected, she was turned down by all of them.

“I’m sorry, you’re not the right fit for the position.”

“Sorry, our company is fully-hired.”

“Ha, Miss Murphy. This is an order from Young Master Matthew, and we can’t make an enemy out of
him because of you.”

“Veronica Murphy, you say? Hmph, don’t come and mess with our company.”

In the calls, the people were either rejecting her indirectly or directly, and there were even some who
avoided her like the plague.

Unable to find a job, she stood on the balcony and stared into the distance as she pondered deeply
about her current situation. Finally, she focused her thoughts on one person.

Finally, she dressed up simply and drove to her destination.

Half an hour later, she arrived at Luminesce Enterprise, Miguel’s company.

In Bloomstead, the Kings were the leading family amongst the four greatest families, while the Lynch
Family held the last place amongst the four.

Veronica entered Luminesce Enterprise, then politely introduced herself to the receptionist, “Hello, I’m
Veronica Murphy, and I have an appointment with Mr. Lynch.”

Of course, she didn’t have an appointment with him, but this wasn’t the point.

“My brother sent me here to pass something to him,” she added.

The receptionist thought that her name sounded familiar. “Uhm… Who’s your brother?”

“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My brother is Matthew Kings, and I’m the god-granddaughter of Old
Mrs. Kings.”

Back then, this issue caused quite a commotion in Bloomstead, and Veronica purposely brought this up
so that the receptionist wouldn’t turn her away and would take her upstairs.

Sure enough, after hearing Veronica’s introduction, the receptionist became very friendly to her. “I see,
so you’re Miss Murphy! I know who you are. Are you here to deliver something for Mr. Lynch? Here,
follow me upstairs.”

A mere receptionist couldn’t offend someone from the Kings Family, especially since it was common
knowledge that Matthew was very close with Miguel. Therefore, they didn’t have the guts to snub

Veronica followed the receptionist, stepped into the elevator, and went straight to the president’s office.

Knock, knock, knock.

Outside the president’s office, the receptionist rapped on the door. Just when she was about to tell
Miguel that Veronica was here, Veronica put a finger to her lips to shush her, whispering, “Don’t say
anything. I want to give Miggy a surprise. You can go back to work first.”

“Okay, sure.” The receptionist nodded agreeably, then quickly turned around and left.

After Veronica ensured that the receptionist had left in the elevator, she pushed the door open and
strode in.

However, Miguel wasn’t seated at his desk in the office, and she thought, Could it be that he’s not in?

Then, she took a few steps inside and saw that Miguel was laid back on a couch in the lounge area,
resting his feet on the coffee table as he lazily read a document in his hand.

She couldn’t help but stand there dumbfounded, and the man on the couch sensed that someone had
come in. So, he tilted his head toward the sound of footsteps and was startled to see that it was
actually Veronica.

“W-What are you doing here?”

In a panic, he closed his document and placed it on the table. When he wanted to stand up from the
couch, he slipped because he was too nervous and slid off the couch, landing on his bum on the
carpeted floor and looking very embarrassed.

“Bah-ha-ha!” Amused by his reaction, she asked while chuckling, “Am I a demon, Miggy? Why are you
so nervous when you see me?”

This guy, she thought. He acts like he has seen a ghost whenever he sees me—what a funny guy.

Miguel scrambled to his feet and patted down the nonexistent dust from his clothes. “W-Why are you

Once he was standing upright, he straightened his suit and had the demeanor of a polite gentleman.

“Why can’t I come over? I’m here to visit you because I’m free.”

She didn’t hesitate to take a seat on the couch and didn’t ask him what he meant with his question at
all. Instead, she lifted her head to look at him, and she could clearly see the awkwardness and
helplessness on his face, which inexplicably amused her.

“Why are you visiting me? I’m doing fine.” After he adjusted his glasses in a nervous gesture, he
scratched his head. “Just tell me why you’re here.”

While he started a small talk with Veronica, he paced to his desk as he played with his phone in his

Veronica didn’t say anything when he had his cell phone in his hands, and the second he set it aside,
she asked, “Did you send out the news?”

“What?” he blurted, confused.

“The text you just sent to Matthew. Why are you asking me?”

She thought this was highly mocking because she knew Miguel would contact Matthew, but that sat just
fine with her because she wanted to meet Matthew today.

“That… I-I was just asking Matthew what he’s doing.” His eyes wavered, and he appeared more guilty
with every passing second.

“I’ll tell you honestly, Miggy. It’s true that I’m here today because I’m in trouble.” Veronica didn’t like to
beat about the bush as she went straight to the point.

“What happened?”

“I’m jobless now, and I can’t find a job. As you know, Matthew is deliberately making my life difficult,
and I’m completely broke and destitute. I’m desperate now, so I came looking to you for help. Will you
consider accepting me?”

Just the thought of the things between Matthew and Sasha, she was filled with anger and
disappointment, and she came looking for Miguel today because she was sure he would contact
Matthew. So, she planned to meet Matthew and talk things out face-to-face.

“A-Accept you?”

Veronica literally meant that she hoped that he could hire her and let her work in Luminesce Enterprise
to support herself, but it took on a different meaning when it reached Miguel’s ears.