Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 480

Poor Yvonne

Yvonne didn’t have her guard up against Conrad, so she had no idea that he loathed her to the core,
and all this hatred stemmed from the fact that she fibbed to Zac about him before, which landed him in
such a miserable situation.

To begin with, he disliked intimate acts between men, and of all things, he had turned into the person
he hated the most. With this shame deeply etched into his bones, he couldn’t bring himself to forgive—
or even accept—Yvonne.

After she drank the water, he held her in bed and continued embracing her until her mind gradually
became confused. Then, he pulled away and kept her occupied with something else.

Before he entered the bathroom for a shower, he made a call to a person. “Bring them here.” “Okay, Mr.
Kings,” the person on the other end answered and hung up.

After a long wait, half a dozen men showed up with camera equipment in the small lounge of the
president’s office. Well-built and tall, these burly men looked like they had the brutish manner of a

Conrad swept his gaze past these men before him, smirked icily, and turned to leave the office without
a word.

Then, he took out a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet in the office, opened it, and poured a drink.
Finally, he paced to the French windows, stood there, and watched Bloomstead, the city that never

Half of his plot was a success, but he felt no pleasure after having his revenge. In contrast, his heart
felt heavier, and he wondered what he should do after he had his revenge on Yvonne. What now after

this? How can I deal with Zac?

As long as Zac remained alive, his days would be dark, miserable, and hopeless. The cause of all of
this was due to Yvonne; it was all her fault.

Laughter burst out from the lounge. “Everything aside, this chick is quite a stunner.”

“We struck a good deal today.” “That’s true! Ha!”

As the door to the small lounge was kept slightly ajar, he could hear all the voices inside clearly.

Tonight, Conrad stood in front of the windows and finished three bottles of wine, listening to the
ceaseless noises from the room as his face remained emotionless.

This scheme lasted for a few hours before everyone finally left. Everything was akin to a nightmare, but
the person involved—Yvonne—knew nothing at all, and when she woke up, it was already afternoon
the next day.

“Ouch… it hurts…”

The first thing Yvonne felt upon waking up was soreness all over her body, especially one particular
part of her body was in pain.

However, when she saw Conrad, who was dressed neatly and standing at the windows, worry filled her
mind, specifically regarding the fact that he had ‘cancer’ now, and she immediately ignored the pain
she felt.

“Are you awake, Conrad? Are you… feeling okay?”

When she recalled their crazy lovemaking the day before, she was perturbed that his body couldn’t
take it.

The man merely turned around and peered at Yvonne, who was on the bed, before smiling at her.
“You’re awake? Go and wash up quickly.”

If she didn’t, he would only find her disgusting.


She thought that he was asking her to take a shower because they were too crazy last night, and her
body was a little sticky, after all. Probably because it was too warm in the summer, there was also an
uncomfortable stench coming from her body.

She got up, wrapped herself in a towel, and went to the bathroom, but every step she took sent a jolt of
pain through her.

She knew that it was the ‘results’ of using too much force, but when she recalled how she was taking
the initiative yesterday and that both were in so much pleasure, she thought this little bit of pain was

She didn’t utter a sound as she was afraid it would make him feel guilty if she told him about it.

In the bathroom, she let the hot water run, and the second she felt the water, she took a deep breath in
pain. “Ouch…”

Despite feeling uncomfortable, she tolerated the pain while showering and then changed into the clean
clothing Conrad had prepared for her. Then, she pursed her pink lips and placed her hands behind her
back, wearing a shy expression on her beautiful face. “Conrad, I’m sorry I… messed up your lounge.”

Goodness, Yvonne Spencer. You’ve really lost your mind. You know that Conrad is unwell, but you
were still so crazy. That’s really irresponsible of you, she chided herself. She silently vowed I’ll never
ever go so ‘crazy’ with him again after this.

Conrad merely swept his cold gaze past the messy room, and a cruel gleam flashed past his eyes.
Finally, he turned around and opened the window to air the room; all sorts of scents filled this room,
and it made him feel sick.

“What are you thinking about? Let’s go. I’m taking you out for a meal.” He paced to her and patted her
head gently. She must be famished.

Hence, they went to eat, and the next few days were the happiest days of Yvonne’s life.

While she spent her time together with Conrad, basking in his affection and care, she literally felt that
she had fallen into a jar of honey, and even the air tasted sweet.

However, as fate would have it, Zac came to Bloomstead for business purposes on this day, and as
expected, Conrad couldn’t turn down the pressure from him. He felt like a piece of meat on the
chopping board and was utterly at Zac’s mercy.

The fury and hatred in his heart built up little by little, but he didn’t dare to speak a word about it. After
Zac was gone, he brought Yvonne to his office again.

That night, Yvonne didn’t leave and fell into a ‘slumber’ so deep that it was as though she had passed
out, but she didn’t know a thing about the scene that took place after she had ‘fallen asleep’.

Conrad was seated on the couch with his feet on the coffee table as he swayed the wine in his glass
before giving it a leisurely taste. As he listened to the noises from the bedroom, he chuckled, but there
was not a hint of happiness that reached his eyes. After that, his laughs turned even more outrageous
and loud.

He was akin to a person with a mental health condition who had lost his mind as he laughed

He didn’t know why he was laughing, but he thought fate was making a fool out of him, leaving him
feeling that life was sad and ridiculous. While he was laughing at the unfairness in life, Yvonne was
kept in the dark, ignorant of all that was happening.

So, after every time he was ‘summoned’ by Zac, Yvonne had to suffer the corresponding ‘punishment’.
Only by doing this could he bear the hatred in his heart and feel vindicated.

Days like this went on for a very long time; lost in the nightmare, Yvonne was oblivious to everything,
and when she found out afterward, it was another round of thunderstorms.

Never would she imagine that the ‘lie’ she told Zac before would lead to the destruction of her entire life
and even draw her closer to the end of her life.

But of course, this was all only going to happen later.

In Castron, Veronica and Ruka didn’t have any news of Hendrey after arrival. Still, Veronica didn’t have
the nerve to look for Larry to contact Hendrey as that would only alert him.

So, Ruka could only use her own connections to look for Hendrey himself. Despite that, they got
nothing even after staying there for a week.

By the end of it, they hung out in a bar. Ruka kept drinking and sighed. “Where the hell did Hendrey
go? Could it be that he’s not in Castron at all? Otherwise, why can’t I find him even after pulling so
many strings?”

It was as though he had evaporated into thin air, and it baffled her.

Veronica shrugged as she replied, “Maybe.” Ruka’s explanation seemed to make sense to her—it was
possible that Hendrey wasn’t in Castron at this time.

However, she didn’t expect that during that one week when she wasn’t home, it changed the course of
Yvonne’s life for the worst.