Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 482

Veronica Is Desperate

He thought that she wanted him to take her in. “So, is that okay?” She nodded eagerly as she gazed at
him with unblinking eyes filled with anticipation.

“No, no, no! There is no way that’s happening. Really, it’s impossible.” He was utterly flustered as he
waved his hand and turned her down. He was waving his hand so quickly that the shadows were
overlapping. “You should just wait for Matthew before we speak about this matter again.”

Veronica nodded. “Okay, that’s fine.” Thus, she checked the time and saw that it was 1.30PM, and she
immediately pleaded with Miguel. “Miggy, can you please order food for me? I’m hungry.”

With her lips pursed, she looked so pitiful that anyone would feel sorry for her. A soft-hearted person
like Miguel naturally couldn’t bear to see her so down-and-out and desperate, so he asked, “What
would you like to eat? I’ll order it for you.”

Until now, he still couldn’t figure out the secret between Matthew and Veronica or what Matthew was
currently hiding from Veronica. When would their love-hate relationship come to a stop?

“I don’t know, either.” She hung her head as she sighed despondently. “Anything to eat will do. It’s
been… two days since I ate anything.”

It was lucky that Veronica was smart enough and had already registered an account abroad. Therefore,
all the company revenues were directly transferred to that particular bank account, so Matthew wouldn’t
discover it.

On the other hand, it was indeed a fact that she didn’t have much money left on her, and it wasn’t an
exaggeration for her to say something like this.

“You haven’t eaten for two days?” Miguel paused slightly while holding his phone, and his eyes were
brimming with pity as he looked at her. “Okay, I’ll order food for you.”

Then, he contacted One Piece Restaurant and ordered two set lunches and one nutritious meal to be
delivered to Luminesce Enterprise. After he had called for lunch for the both of them, he sat on the
executive chair at his desk and texted Matthew.

‘What happened between you and Veronica? I know she’s still in your heart, so why can’t you talk
things out personally? She can’t find a job now and hasn’t eaten for a couple of days. Without money,
she can’t even purchase food for herself. So, what the hell happened that made you mistreat her so

It was precisely because Matthew and Miguel had a close bond, and that was why Miguel thought that
the way Matthew dealt with situations was a little extreme and unacceptable. Furthermore, he knew
that Matthew liked Veronica, and he wanted to persuade Matthew to be kinder. So that even if he had
reasons that he couldn’t give voice to, he shouldn’t be treating Veronica this way.

Miguel sat by his desk and kept a distinct distance between himself and Veronica, and although she
could feel that he was acting distant, it didn’t bother her at all. As she all but leaned on the couch to
play games on her phone.

After she finished one game, the food delivery guy arrived, and another person came with him—

The employee from One Piece Restaurant delivered the food and set them neatly on the table. “Mr.
Lynch, your food is here. Enjoy your meal.”

“Okay, thanks.” Miguel nodded and said to Veronica, “Eat up quickly if you’re hungry.”

“Thanks, Miggy.”

As she didn’t have much appetite during breakfast this morning, she was kind of hungry now, and when
she picked up the fork and was about to dig in, she heard Miguel say, “Matthew, you’re finally here.”


She couldn’t help freezing while holding the fork when she heard Miguel’s words and didn’t bother to
raise her head. Instead, she continued what she intended to do and started eating.

Matthew was dressed in a black shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He kept his short hair
neatly groomed, his facial features were deep-set, and he always had a dispassionate look. Thus, he
radiated a sense of authority without even speaking. He entered the office with a frown and instantly
saw Veronica eating in the lounge area.

She was crouched by the table as she stuffed her face with food using the fork in her hand. She looked
exactly like a person who had been starving for quite some time. In that instant, he felt a tight squeeze
at his heart, and he couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.

Despite that, he thought about it again and recalled the text message he received from Miguel while he
was on his way here; even Miguel could tell that he was just putting up a pretense, so how could he
convince others that his words and acts were real?

Therefore, he decided to be ruthless until the end.

“Why did you call me over so hurriedly?”

He paced to Miguel’s desk, slid a cigarette from the pack, and lit it. Then, he indifferently brushed his
gaze over Veronica at the lounge area before his eagle-like eyes shifted to Miguel. “Miguel, even
though we’re brothers, you should know my personality and that I mean what I said.”

Miguel was utterly taken aback by how strict he was acting. For a moment, he couldn’t decide whether
Matthew was putting up an act again or he was truly angry.

“What do you mean?” he asked.

In response to Miguel’s confusion, Matthew merely leaned against the desk and pointed a finger at
Veronica, who was eating. “A week ago, I announced to the world that anyone who takes Veronica
Murphy in will be my enemy. You…” He paused momentarily before he tilted his head at Miguel. “Don’t
you understand my words?”

His gorgeous, sculptured face carried a sinister air, and he didn’t seem to be joking at all.

The moment Miguel realized that Matthew wasn’t horsing around, he thought, Damn it, what’s the
situation now? What should I do?

Meanwhile, in the lounge area, Veronica ‘ignored’ Matthew’s presence and stabbed into a piece of
meat with her fork. After she had taken a bite and was chewing on it, that was when she heard
Matthew say that ruthless phrase. In that instant, she felt a sharp pain in her heart, as though a knife
had stabbed through it, and it hurt so much that she felt her body pulsing with pain.

Is he really treating me so mercilessly just because of one Sasha Claude? she asked silently.

“Matthew, no matter the problem between the two of you, you still need to understand something, and
that is, she’s your god-sister. Does Old Mrs. Kings know what you’re doing?”

Miguel was entirely out of wits at this point, and he could only bring up Elizabeth into the matter.

“Hmph, do you really think that my grandmother will take a Cinderella that walked out of the mountains
seriously? Don’t forget that I’m the decision-maker in the Kings Family.”

Matthew raised his brows arrogantly as his eyes were filled with disdain at that warning. He even held
the cigarette and flicked the ashes into the ashtray for good measure.

Veronica burst into a chuckle. She side-eyed Matthew once and said to Miguel, “See, Miggy? I told you
that I’m desperate now. I wonder if you’re willing to take me in?”

How much does he love Sasha that he is so ruthless as to cut off all chances of her building a career
for herself? Miguel thought. “Well…” Caught in a dilemma, Miguel scratched his head and said, “Let me
give Old Mrs. Kings a call.”

This time, Matthew didn’t stop him, and Miguel made a call to Elizabeth. After she picked up the call, he
first asked her about her well-being before diving into the topic. “Old Mrs. Kings, do you know what’s
happening between Veronica and Matthew?”

“Oh… Don’t mention that rascal to me. I told him off after he came home, but he doesn’t listen to me at
all.” She sighed. “I’m old, and my words carry no weight anymore. But Miggy, you must help out
Veronica. That girl is quite pitiful.” In the call, Elizabeth sighed, again and again, utterly disappointed
with Matthew.