Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 483

Be a Car Sales Consultant

Elizabeth felt that Matthew had changed a lot recently, and when he returned to the Kings’ Residence,
she did try to talk to him about this matter. Despite that, he was like a changed man and was being so
difficult that Elizabeth was very disappointed in him.

She reckoned that he was probably hiding something or had to do this out of necessity. In addition, she
was old and didn’t want to interfere with the affairs of the younger generation, so she no longer insisted
on ordering him to maintain a friendly relationship with Veronica.

Miguel frowned and sighed as he didn’t expect that Elizabeth would say something like this. “I got it,

After he hung up, he tossed the cell phone on the desk in frustration and spun around to sit in the
executive chair. Finally, he raised his head, faced Matthew directly, and said, “Since Veronica can’t find
a job recently, why doesn’t she work for me?”

As he knew that there must be a hidden reason why Matthew was doing this, hence he decided to help
her out.

Matthew took a deep drag from the cigarette between his fingers, then exhaled the smoke at Miguel’s
face. “What, my big brother? Don’t you understand what I said?”

Although Miguel was the eldest amongst them, Matthew would very rarely address him as ‘big brother.
So, when he did so today, it sounded somewhat sarcastic, as though he was ridiculing Miguel.

“Of course, I understood what you said, but I can’t disobey Old Mrs. Kings’ orders.” He shrugged
helplessly and replied, “She’s always kind to me, and I’ve owed her many favors. Now that she wants
me to return the favor by helping Veronica, I really can’t bring myself to say no to her.”

This was a reason he made up by himself because he knew that Matthew wouldn’t speak what was on
his mind now. As his friend, he had to think of a way to keep Veronica to prevent her from ending up on
the streets.

When Matthew heard Miguel’s suggestion, his face turned frigid. “So, you mean that you’re abandoning
me as your brother?” he questioned.

In a corner, Veronica, who was eating while listening to their conversation, murmured in her heart, Is
Grandma really the reason Miggy is willing to help me out?

Suddenly, she felt a shard of warmth in this cold world and was incredibly touched.

“There’s nothing I can do if that’s how you want to view things.” Miguel narrowed his eyes and
continued, “Matthew, you’re too ruthless. I heard that you’re the one who forced Veronica to apologize
because of a conflict between her and Sasha, and after she refused, you wanted to push her into
desperation. In this matter, you’re the one who has gone overboard.”

Matthew was silent, and he loosened his tie in frustration. “This is your choice. I hope you won’t regret
it later.” After he spat out a threat, he whirled toward the door and stormed out of Miguel’s office.

When he left, he didn’t even look at Veronica. Every action he took was executed elegantly, and he
didn’t show any hesitation as he left in a fury, and his relentless attitude sent a chill over Veronica’s


The office door came close with a loud bang, and she placed her cutlery away. Then, she climbed up to
the couch, slumped into it, and sighed deeply.

In the meantime, Miguel didn’t say anything and merely observed her quietly as she turned her head to
stare out the window. The initially delicious lunch felt like ashes in her mouth, and she had no appetite

After a while, she picked up her fork again and continued shoveling food into her mouth, not forgetting
to thank Miguel. “Thanks, Miggy.”

She would remember this for life regardless of why he decided to help her. Initially, she thought he
would turn her down, but who knew that he was willing to go against Matthew for her sake?

She had never expected such a turn of events and didn’t know what to say besides thanking him

“Don’t thank me. I’m only doing this because I promised Old Mrs. Kings.” Miguel snorted and put up an
aloof attitude as he lowered his head and continued to read the agreement. Afterward, he added, “But
you don’t have any experience in my company, and I won’t pay you for doing nothing just because I
made a promise to Old Mrs. Kings. I run a business, not a charity.”

Veronica understood the meaning behind his words and immediately reassured him, “Don’t worry, Mr.
Lynch. Just give me a job, and I’m sure I can do it well.”

I don’t think there’s anything I can’t excel in, she thought.

“I’ll make arrangements for you to work in a 4S store for a while. As for everything else, I’ll consider it

Although his initial objective was to help her, he was aware that suddenly arranging a job for a woman
with no job experience in this field would bring unnecessary suspicion to their relationship.

Therefore, the best way to help her while maintaining a professional relationship was to send her to be
a car sales consultant at the market.

Being a sales consultant was a very technical job that put one’s ability to test, and he believed that
Veronica would do well working in a store. No matter how bad it was, she would still have a basic
salary and wouldn’t end up starving on the streets.

At the same time, Veronica was chomping down on mashed potatoes as she looked back on her years
of experience in Bloomstead. First, she was a security officer in Twilight Club while working part-time
as a food deliveryman, then she set up her own business, which failed afterward. Next, she started
working in Sean’s company, Starshine Media Agency.

In just more than a year, she went through so many different jobs, and now, she was going to be a
sales consultant in a 4S store.

Ah, life, she lamented silently. There are so many ups and downs. And even more downs…

“In order to give you a job, I have had a falling out with Matthew. So, if you think that it’s beneath you to
work in a 4S store after being a model, you can turn down my offer,” Miguel said seriously and strictly.

“No, I wouldn’t ever think that.” She shook her head. “I’ll remember your kindness for giving me a job.
Why would I reject it?”

“That’s good.”

Perhaps because there was a change in their roles, Miguel’s attitude toward Veronica also took a big
turn. Or maybe it was because the lighthearted atmosphere between them disappeared when they
were at work, and there was a solemn, suffocating air in its place.

Hence, she finished her lunch quietly and kept away her cutleries before presenting herself before him.
“Mr. Lynch, I’m ready. May I ask when I can show up for work?”

Miguel, who was reading a document, was a little surprised when he heard her, and he raised his head
to look at the stunning woman standing in front of him. She had a proud and noble look in her eyes,
and her demeanor was extraordinary, which gave others an unattainable vibe.

Miguel knew that it was easy to shift from frugality to luxury, but not the other way around.

When she was working in Starshine Media Agency, her career was booming every day, and just a
couple of days ago, she was working with Larry and his crew. One could say that she had a bright
future awaiting her.

However, because of the incident with Matthew, her ‘career’ took a downward turn, and he thought that
she would turn down his offer like a spoiled girl, but she agreed readily instead.

This character of hers really made him look at her in a different light.

“Have you considered it carefully?” he asked.

A smile spread across her lips. “Do you think that I’m kidding, Mr. Lynch?”

At the Kings’ Residence, Elizabeth wanted to match the both of them together, so they chased after
each other at that time without any pressure at all.

But now, they met each other’s eyes solemnly as they spoke about work, and her serious attitude
toward work genuinely impressed him.

“Okay, I’ll give you a probation period of a month. If you can’t even sell a car in a month, you’re not fit
for the job.”

All of Miguel’s 4S stores were selling high-end cars, and the abilities of the sales consultants in his
stores were not to be underestimated.