Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 491

Running Into an Enemy

Mia’s sugar daddy fell. He wouldn’t allow a mere salesgirl to look down on Mia because that would
mean she was looking down on him as well. He roared, “I want to see your manager! I will not stand for
your attitude!”

Veronica wasn’t even angry about his attitude. She said calmly, “Don’t get me wrong, sir. Mia was my
colleague up until just a few days ago. I know her well. The car she wants costs about 1.3 million. It’s a
bit out of her league. See this new car here? It costs about 440 grand. It suits her really well.”

The dealership’s guys didn’t know Veronica very well. They had no idea she used to work with Mia, and
the revelation came as a shock. Mia’s sugar daddy looked a bit surprised as well. He whispered, “Does
she really know you?”

Mia was leaning against the guy’s chest, gnashing her teeth in fury. She glared at Veronica, and if looks
could kill, Veronica would have died. She slandered Veronica just to humiliate her and egg her sugar
daddy on into getting her the car, but after what Veronica said, the guy calmed down.

More importantly, Mia recommended the cheaper car instead of the pricier one. That red one costs
more than twice as much as this cheaper model! “Yes. She’s Veronica Murphy.” Mia wouldn’t let her go
this easily. “Elizabeth of the Kings Family is her god-grandmother. She broke up with Matthew, and he
blacklisted her in the whole industry.”

“Ah, so she’s Elizabeth’s god-granddaughter?” The man was reminded of something, and a sneer
curled his lips. He roared, “Where’s your manager? Get him here right now or I’ll ruin your shop!”

This man was another enemy of Veronica. His name was Quest Lemilo. He had a wedding planning
agency back in Bloomstead. Business was going well, but there was this one time where customers
who had paid the deposit changed their minds and turned to Veronica’s agency instead.

Matthew took away a lot of his agency’s customers just to make Veronica’s business better. He lost a
lot of money because of that. Quest was infuriated, but he did nothing because of how powerful the
Kings were. It’s surprising to run into her here.

Mia was curious as to why Quest changed his attitude so suddenly. “W-Why are you so mad all of a

Quest snorted and gave Veronica a look of condescension. He said, “She ran a wedding planning
agency before and took a lot of my business. I lost a lot of money because of her. Didn’t think I’d run
into her today.”

He hated Matthew for pulling the rug from under him, but he was too weak to do anything about it, so
when he realized that this woman was Veronica, he decided to vent everything on her.

“I-Is that so? That’s a bit too much.” Mia was delighted. She wanted to sabotage Veronica every
chance she got, and now luck was on her side. Veronica ran into someone she couldn’t handle right
now, and that was great. She still wanted to get back at Veronica for scamming her out of so much
money back in Castron.

One of the salespeople called Patrick to come over. “What’s the matter?” Patrick came rushing down
and approached Quest quickly. “Mr. Lemilo? What brings you here? Come, please have a seat.”