Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 493

Attack on Veronica

When she was done, she looked at Quest calmly. “Done, Mr. Lemilo. So are you going to sign the
purchase contract now?”

Two slaps were nothing compared to the pain she endured throughout her training. She did this for a
purpose and not only for the commission.

Everyone was shocked by what Veronica did, especially Mia. She never realized Veronica could go so
far for something. She wanted to insult her, but the car was more important. A million-dollar car. I don’t
get this every day.

Patrick quickly stepped in to de-escalate things. “She apologized, Mr. Lemilo. Please forgive her.” He
looked at Veronica and realized her cheeks were really swollen. He could also see the mark on it, much
to his shock. I’ve seen a lot of women in my life. Some of them are snakes, but this? This woman is in
another league of her own.

Veronica was staring at Quest, mockery filling her eyes. Quest saw that, and he was annoyed.

“You should apologize for what you did. I’m not going to pay for your mistakes.” Quest wanted to leave.
He wasn’t going to pay for a non-contract binding promise that he had made.

Yep. I knew this would happen. She went over to Hanson and took her phone from him. The recording
continued, but she was pointing her camera at Quest this time. She asked loudly, “You’re a
businessman, Mr. Lemilo. Going back on your word won’t look too good for you. I’ve recorded
everything you said.” Yeah. I’m no idiot, and I will never slap myself for nothing.

Quest stopped in his tracks and turned around, glaring at her. “Is that a threat?”

“No. Just hoping you’d stay true to your word.”

“And what if I refuse?”

“Then, this video will find its way to the Internet tomorrow.” She saved the video, opened her email app,
and then sent the video to her backup email. She kept backups of important stuff like this.

This doesn’t look too good. Mia huddled closer with Quest and whispered, “It’s not too expensive
anyway. Not worth the risk, Quest. If Veronica does upload that video, it will hurt your reputation and
business.” She was genuinely advising him, though she also wanted that car too.

Quest was infuriated as he didn’t expect things to turn out this way. He glared sharply at Veronica for a
moment and snorted. “Fine. Take my card. A million is nothing. I have all the money I need.” He would
buy the car just to protect his reputation, but that didn’t mean he would let Veronica off the hook.

Her colleagues watched as Veronica made the sale. She did it in less than an hour, and it was a
million-dollar sale too. That was a new record. Everyone envied her, though they knew she would have
to pay dearly for that.

Hanson approached her and whispered, “Are you really fine with this? Quest might get back at you.”
We’re no match for the rich. Veronica’s in big trouble now. Hanson thought it wasn’t worth it.

Veronica smiled, but she said nothing. She knew Quest would get back at her for this, but it was okay.
This was precisely what she wanted.