Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 494

Matthew Is Extremely Concerned

Due to Matthew currently in between a rock and a hard place, Veronica was forced to break up with
him. Moreover, she was aware of Zac and Conrad’s highly paranoid nature. Hence, she knew very well
they might not believe Matthew would genuinely break up with her.

She agreed to be humiliated by Quest today because she wanted to offend him and use his or Mia’s
help to post the video on the Internet.

By that time, she would definitely be mocked by others, while Matthew would undoubtedly hold his
ground and ignore the news. So, when Zac and Conrad saw that, they would finally let their guard
down and believe that there was no way that the breakup was a fluke.

On the other hand, she could pretty much secure her current job, too.

“Of course, I’m scared. Why wouldn’t I be?” Veronica stared at Quest in resignation, who had left the
place with Mia, and sighed with regret. “But who wouldn’t seize a single chance to line our pockets?”

“You don’t say! Throwing away your dignity just for the sake of earning that little amount of
commission,” the salesperson on the side, Lillian Daubney, ridiculed her with her backhanded
‘compliment’. Then, she continued. “Look at your face. It’s all swollen like risen dough. I feel disgusted
just by looking at you.”

Veronica gazed at her coldly before retorting, “You speak as if you’re not here to earn a living. Well
then, since you think so highly of yourself, you might as well be a volunteer. So, why should you stay
around and work hard to hit your performance target?”

“You!” Lillian’s face reddened with anger when Veronica refuted her. “No matter how desperate I am to
earn a living, I won’t ever slap myself as you have.”

“Sounds logical.”

Veronica nodded very pertinently. “After all, your worth isn’t on par with the price of the car sold even if
you slap yourself so hard that you might need plastic surgery to recover.”


Lillian still wanted to say something else, but Patrick, who was standing by the side, immediately stood
up and mediated the conflict. “Alright. Alright. Stop making such a fuss. Anyway, Veronica sold the
most expensive car on her first day of work today. This can be considered record-breaking in our sales,
so no doubt. It’s something worth learning from.”

The two slaps on the cheeks that Veronica gave herself earlier made Patrick witness her resolution:
she would do anything to reach her goals. Likewise, it made him more interested in this woman.

Lillian rolled her eyes when she heard Patrick’s words. “So, you’re asking us to learn how to slap
ourselves like her? Hell no! I’m not as shameless as her. Am I right, Hanson?”

When Hanson saw that Lillian had dragged him into the argument, he merely scratched the back of his
head awkwardly as he gave her a dry smile but didn’t add in his two cents.

“Shut up!” Patrick couldn’t help but reprimand her, “As co-workers, you guys should help one another.
Don’t you think you’re being too rude to your new co-worker?”

Once he had reprimanded Lillian, Patrick turned to look at Veronica with a concerned look. His attitude
toward Veronica changed drastically after she managed to sell a luxury car. “Look at how swollen your
face is. Come, let’s go. I’ll take you to the hospital, and you can take the rest of the day off. Report to
work again after the swelling on your face subsides.”

“Thanks, Mr. Simon.”

Veronica could feel her cheeks burn with pain, and what she really wanted now was to go back and

Considering the two overly hard slaps she gave herself earlier, she was slightly worried that she would
be disfigured. The only reason why she could still waste her time arguing with her co-workers was that
she could tell that her cheeks weren’t bleeding.

Thus, Veronica got into Patrick’s car as he drove them to the nearest hospital.

At the same time, Matthew was sitting at his desk working on documents in the Speilbenz Group.
Suddenly, the phone on his desk vibrated.

However, instead of immediately looking at his phone, he simply signed the document after he read it.
Finally, he closed the file, put it aside, and pulled his phone toward him. He unlocked it and clicked
open the WhatsApp message.

He saw it was a message from Miguel.

As he leaned lazily against the executive chair, he clicked on Miguel’s message on WhatsApp and saw
that it was a video.

Once he played the video, he realized it was taken in a 4S Center. He immediately recognized the
person in the video was Veronica.

Just when Matthew wondered why Miguel sent him this video, he abruptly heard a brisk slapping sound
and saw Veronica slap herself hard in the video.

At that moment, his grip on the phone tightened slightly. He furrowed his eyebrows and sat upright as
though he could feel the rising tension through the video.

After he watched the video, he exited his WhatsApp and looked through the contact list on his phone.
Later, he contacted a number. “Help me find out which hospital Roni went to.”

Meanwhile, Veronica was in the hospital undergoing a comprehensive examination. Fortunately, the
results showed that everything was normal.

Therefore, the doctor prescribed her some medicine to consume and applied antiseptic cream on her
cheeks in the hospital before allowing Veronica to leave the outpatient department with Patrick.

When they walked out of the outpatient department to the parking lot and were on their way toward
Patrick’s car, Veronica noticed a familiar-looking vehicle was parked in the parking space next to theirs.

Hence, she couldn’t help but look at the license plate curiously and wonder why that car was there. It
would be a lie to say that she wasn’t shocked when she saw the car door open and a familiar figure
step out.


When she saw him appear, she momentarily halted in her tracks. Since she didn’t want Matthew to
come across her disheveled state, she automatically wanted to turn around and hide away.

“What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to encounter you here. What’s the matter? You look like you’ve
gained a lot of ‘weight’ after just one day of not seeing you.”

Matthew had been sitting in the car and waiting for them for quite a while. He only got out of the car
when he saw Veronica show up.

Still, when he took a clear look at Veronica’s swollen cheeks, he felt his heart ache like someone had
tugged his heartstrings.

Silly Roni. Must you work so hard just to sell a car?

As expected of her miser’s temperament.

Nevertheless, Matthew curled the corners of his lips into a mocking smile even if he was extremely
heartbroken by her condition.

As for Veronica, she felt exceptionally distressed for him ever since she knew the actual reason behind
Matthew breaking up with her. She felt that Matthew had done a lot for her without ever saying a thing.

In fact, she might not have been made aware of what Matthew did if it wasn’t for an accident.

“It’s none of your business!”

With her facial expression as cold as ice, she said ruthlessly, “Such a small world we live in.”

In the meantime, Patrick, who was beside Veronica, also recognized Matthew. Although Patrick hadn’t
come across Matthew in person often, Matthew was a regular on the news.

When he saw Matthew with his own eyes at this moment, he was deeply shocked by the powerful aura
emanating from his entire figure. Even an indifferent look from Matthew would make him shiver with

This man—he looks young, yet his aura is domineering!

“You sure are sharp-tongued. I’m afraid it was this exact nature that caused you to get slapped.” He
raised his eyebrows slightly, looking like he was here to gloat upon her misfortune.

“Are you a part of the special police forces? Why do you stick your nose in everything? Such a true
busy body you are,” Veronica snorted as she rolled her eyes at him. Without further ado, she ignored
him and walked toward Patrick’s car.

Matthew turned around as he noticed that she intended to disregard him and pass him by, so he asked,
“What a mouth! I’m curious as to who could have beaten you up like this.”

Instead of getting an answer from Veronica, Patrick was the one who hesitantly replied to him. “Uhm…
it’s Quest. Mr. Lemilo from Green Reserve Corporation. He was the one who asked her to slap herself.”

The reason why he told Matthew the truth was that Patrick wanted to test Matthew’s attitude toward this
matter so he could facilitate his future moves.

After all, Veronica was Elizabeth’s god-granddaughter and was of godbrother and godsister relationship
with Matthew.

“Oh, really? How interesting,” Matthew said. Unfortunately, that was all he had to say about the matter
as he retracted his gaze and left without a word.

In the car, Veronica kept gazing at Matthew. She only looked away and lowered her head silently when
she saw him disappear from sight.

In her heart, she silently prayed. Matt, please don’t seek trouble with Quest. Otherwise, all the efforts
that I put in today will be in vain!

Meanwhile, just after two hours, someone uploaded the video of Veronica slapping herself in the 4S
Center to the Internet. Not only that, the video even made it into the list of Twitter’s top trending topics.

In the blink of an eye, her video went viral all over Twitter and the Internet.

Yet, those who posted and shared the video would insert either ‘the Kingses’ hashtag or keyword to
gain attention and popularity.