Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 496

Let’s Find Matthew

After Veronica ended her conversation with Yvonne, she placed the phone on the bedside. Just as she
was about to close her eyes and rest, her phone rang again.

The person who called her this time was Shirley. Then, she received a call from Monica. After that,
several partners of Vincere Games also called her and asked her about her condition. Finally, she
received a call from Miguel. “Mr. Lynch?”

At first, Veronica deliberately teased Miguel because Matthew broke up with her. It was an act she
purposely put up for Matthew. However, she didn’t feel the need to deliberately tease Miguel again now
that she had discovered the truth.

“I saw all the news articles on the Internet. You—is your face okay?” Miguel was a little worried about
Veronica. “Nothing major. I’ll be fine once the swelling subsides.” Veronica replied nonchalantly.

As Miguel listened to the relaxed and joyous tone in her voice through the phone, he wondered
whether she was just pretending to be calm and relaxed to prevent anyone from knowing how much
she was truly suffering.

“I did ask you to work hard, but I never said you can put down your dignity to grasp this job
opportunity,” Miguel said sternly, his serious nature that rarely appeared showed in his tone.

He was probably highly opposed to Veronica’s way of seeking a job.


Veronica carefully discerned the word as she curled the corners of her lips into a smile, then continued.
“What is dignity when I have no job and therefore no source of income? I’m just trying to survive in our
cruel society, that’s all.”

Although Veronica was acting this time, she actually felt firsthand what it meant to survive with little to
no dignity when her adoptive parents were hospitalized in a car accident and needed money for
medical and surgical expenses. Likewise, it was also at that time that she understood the meaning of

After she said those words, there was a long silence on the other end of the phone.

When she noticed Miguel’s hesitance, Veronica said, “Miguel, I’m doing quite well. Thank you for your
concern, but I’m sleepy. We’ll keep in touch again.”

As soon as she said that, she directly hung up on Miguel.

Unexpectedly, the phone started to ring again just after seconds she put it down.

At this rate, she could feel her patience wearing thin.

She had expected the video to make the news headlines, and the only thing she wanted to do now was
to avoid coming across this matter. She tried her best to restrain herself from reading the news and
looking up at those gossip as well as unsightly comments.

Nevertheless, it gave her a headache after seeing these people call her repetitively, one after another.


Just as she was about to answer yet another phone call, she realized that she hadn’t checked who the
caller was, so she brought the phone before her narrowed eyes and glanced at the caller ID. Hence,
when she saw it was Larry, she answered the call with her eyes closed and said lazily, “Make it snappy.
I’m trying to sleep here.”

“Demoness, how can you still sleep at such a crucial hour? Don’t tell me you haven’t seen the news
articles on the trending topics yet!” Larry was surprised.

“I saw,” Veronica said rather impatiently, “But what else can I do even if I saw it? Since it’s already
making headlines, just let it be. I won’t lose anything anyway, and it doesn’t impact me much. It’s
nothing but just another topic for those idlers to gossip about, that’s all.”

She was exceptionally calm, and such eerie calmness she was displaying was entirely beyond Larry’s

So, he scratched his nose as he carefully mulled over her words, then nodded firmly. “Your words do
make sense.”

Nevertheless, Larry’s confused brain suddenly became functional again. “No, that doesn’t sound right.
I’ve heard about Matthew going against you, but with your capability, you don’t have to abuse yourself
for the sake of selling a car. You can always seek refuge with me as your last resort. Besides, Stephen
also said he would connect you with his foreign friends and help you to get into the entertainment
industry. How about that?”

“That won’t be necessary.”

Veronica declined his offer without hesitation. “I’m not that interested in the entertainment industry.”

Despite saying that, as someone who was once in showbiz, she knew the words she said to Larry
weren’t genuine.

Matthew has already claimed that whoever recruits me in the entertainment industry will be his enemy.

It’s clear that I won’t have a chance to shine in Destor. Hence, He’ll definitely bring me abroad to
develop my career growth if I am to follow Larry.

She knew her abilities well and was sure that she didn’t have such skills to survive abroad, so she had
all the more reason to stay in Bloomstead.

Only in Bloomstead can I train and be of better help to Matthew!


Larry was at a loss for words for a while. He had a headache because of Veronica’s stubbornness.
“Why are you so strong-headed? Demoness, I never thought you would do such a thing in order to sell
a car. You can tell me if you face any difficulties. I’ll support you too, even if you’re jobless in the future.”

“Support me? How am I going to repay you? Are you perhaps thinking of asking me to devote my life to
you?” Veronica covered her lips and laughed, “Hahaha—if so, I hit the jackpot.”

In reality, her relationship with Larry was wholly platonic. Naturally, none of them would have improper
desires for each other.

“Bullsh*t! You don’t look like a woman at all. What’s the difference between marrying you and staying
single?” Larry teased snappishly. Despite his teasing, he breathed out a long sigh after saying those

Just when he was about to say something, Veronica heard a voice sound on the other end of the
phone. “Larry! Quick! It’s time to take the action scenes between you and Stephen. Hurry and get
yourself butt over to rehearse the lines.”

“I got it!” Larry responded. After that, he said to Veronica, “Alright. I need to get back to work. Let’s chat

Veronica only had her moment of leisure after she hung up the phone.

Ten minutes later, a mobile phone SMS alert sounded.

She turned on her phone and clicked on the SMS. She saw it was a transaction notification sent by the
bank. ‘Oculus Bank: 500,000.00 received from Larry Freeman to your account ending with 7539 at
9.37PM on July 15. The balance of the account is…’

Shortly after, another WhatsApp message popped on her phone just when she read the SMS. When
she opened it, she realized it was a voice note from Larry. ‘I transferred 500,000 to you. You can use it
for now. Just rest at home for a while if you don’t wish to enter the entertainment industry. But, please
switch to another job once the storm is over. As for your job at the automobile shop, just ditch it and
don’t report to duty tomorrow.’

Since Larry had always been carefree and joyful when she got along with him, it rather made Veronica
a little uncomfortable when she heard the serious and calm tone in his voice at this moment.

Even so, Veronica simply thanked him for his help.

After she had sent the text, she switched off her phone and went to sleep.

Otherwise, she really didn’t know who else would call her.

The following day, Veronica woke up feeling refreshed after a good night’s sleep. The first thing she did
was look at her face in the mirror. She only felt relieved once she was certain that the swelling had

After her morning exercise, she had a hearty breakfast. Then, she went to the bank and transferred
back the 500,000 that Larry had transferred to her last night.

I don’t need and shouldn’t take this money. But, even though she didn’t accept the money, she would
never forget Larry’s kindness toward her in her moment of need.

Later, Yvonne contacted Veronica as they intended to discuss the matter of having Ian return to
Yvonne’s care with Matthew. She drove over to pick Veronica up, and the two headed straight to
Spinfluence Group.

Once they arrived at the Spinfluence Group’s office building, they entered the building on the first floor
and stopped at the front desk. Yvonne stepped forward and said to the receptionist, “Hello, we’re here
to look for President Kings.”

The receptionist at the front desk regarded Yvonne and then at Veronica. “Do you have an

“She’s the godsister of President Kings, and it’s Old Mrs. Kings who asked her to come,” Yvonne lied
while directly pointing at Veronica.

“I’m really sorry. President Kings said that Miss Murphy isn’t allowed to enter the Spinfluence Group’s
office building. The decision is final, and it won’t change even if she shows up with Old Mrs. Kings.”

The front desk beauty explained, telling them that she wasn’t intentionally making things difficult for

Veronica frowned, feeling a little helpless. Nevertheless, she naturally needed to finish her act since
she was acting.

Hence, she slammed the front desk angrily. “What’s the meaning of this?! Why aren’t you guys letting
me in to find Matthew?!”