Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 497

Hendrey Has Been Kidnapped

Perhaps Veronica had exerted too much effort into her act and caused a big ruckus. Even Yvonne, who
stood beside her, was startled, let alone the front desk beauty.

The pretty receptionist shuddered at Veronica’s hostile reaction and immediately explained. “Miss
Murphy, I’m really sorry. This is an order from President Kings. If you—”

As she spoke, she started glancing around for help. When her gaze landed behind Veronica, she felt so
relieved that she immediately pointed her finger in that direction. “Miss Murphy, President Kings is here.
You can just find him if you have any issues.”

Veronica and Yvonne both turned their heads at where the receptionist had gestured. As expected,
Matthew was dressed in a neatly pressed suit and had just entered the lobby with his special assistant,

Yvonne felt anxiety overwhelming her as she grabbed Veronica and whispered, “Roni, c-can you help
me talk to him? I-I’m scared.”

At the same time, Yvonne’s mind recalled how the receptionist refused to let them enter the building a
while ago. The firm attitude shown by the front desk lady earlier proves that Matthew really hates

When she realized that, she became even more anxious and worried. And if I don’t take my child and
leave at this point, I’m afraid I may not have a chance again in the future.

Most importantly, Conny is seriously ill right now; I don’t know how much time he has left.

Sure enough, Veronica knew what Yvonne was worried about. Although Veronica wanted to press her
to rethink her decision, she was well aware that Yvonne had made up her mind. Hence, she felt like it

was pointless for her to say more.


She nodded slightly and answered. Thus, she sauntered toward Matthew and stopped in front of him,
rudely blocking his path. “Matthew, why are you avoiding me?”

Veronica directly questioned Matthew before everyone arrogantly.

Somehow, people felt Veronica was taking advantage of Matthew’s kindness after seeing her prideful

In the meantime, Matthew hid his slightly clenched fists in his pants pockets, and his cold gaze fell on
Veronica’s face.

He looked closer at her and found that the swelling on her cheeks had subsided. He also noticed the
red marks caused by the slap had faded, making him secretly sigh with relief.

God knows how worried I was about her!

“Thomas, take her away.”

After he gave the order, the man withdrew his gaze, bypassed Veronica, and left.

Even though he really wanted to take her upstairs to his office to have a casual chat and spend time
with her, their current situation prohibited him from acting so.

His mind flashed back to last night in Twilight Condominium. Last night, Matthew stood before the
French window with a glass of red wine in his hand. While he overlooked the brightly lit Bloomstead, he
felt he had returned to the good times he had spent with Veronica.


Suddenly, the phone in his pocket started ringing, piercing through his thoughts.

Matthew placed the red wine on the table next to him and grabbed his phone. When he glanced at the
screen, he saw a string of numbers instead of a caller ID.

Although he didn’t save the phone number in his contact list, he clearly remembered it was Crayson’s
phone number.

He didn’t hesitate to answer the phone. “Master Crayson?”

Ever since Matthew broke up with Veronica, Crayson had hardly contacted him. But, as it was already
midnight, he knew there must be something urgent for Crayson to suddenly contact him.

“Matthew, I’m not sure where Zac obtained the news, but he has begun to doubt Veronica’s identity,” he
said solemnly.

Matthew frowned slightly at the information. So, he paused momentarily before he continued to ask in
confusion, “But isn’t Veronica’s identity made known to a little group of people? How did the information
leak out?”

“Walls have ears, Matthew. There’s no such thing as an absolute secret in this world.” Crayson sighed.
Then, he added, “Right now, countless pairs of eyes are staring and watching her every movement. So,
you must keep your distance from her.”

“I know what to do.” Matthew reached up and massaged his temple while looking down at the street
under the building. As he looked down, he pondered for a moment. Finally, he asked Crayson, “Is there
anything I can help you with?”

“As a matter of fact, there’s indeed something I need your help with.” After Crayson discovered
something, he tried to personally investigate the matter, but to no avail.

Nevertheless, since Matthew had offered his help, he felt that Matthew might be able to help him with
this problem that had been plaguing him.

“Someone is missing, so I need you to investigate this matter secretly.”

“Do tell, Master Crayson.”

“It’s about Hendrey Johnson.” Crayson let out a deep sigh. He continued worriedly, “I didn’t hear from
this guy at all after he went to Castron. It’s like he had disappeared into thin air. He knows too much,
and I’m constantly on tenterhooks now that he has lost contact with me.”

When Hendrey was in Bloomstead, Crayson had the chance to get rid of him. Still, after discovering
Hendrey seemed to be helping Veronica secretly, Crayson decided that he would keep Hendrey alive,
thinking that he might be a useful chess piece in the future.

Yet, Crayson became somewhat worried since he had heard no news from Hendrey after leaving
Bloomstead for Castron.

“Hendrey Johnson?”

Matthew didn’t ask any more questions. Nonetheless, through Crayson’s words, it wasn’t difficult for
him to guess that Hendrey must know about Veronica’s identity. “Sure. I’ll arrange for an investigation
about this matter.”

Everything that had happened was due to his conversation with Crayson. Now, in the Spinfluence
Group, he had to work hard to eliminate all the obstacles before he could even think about having a life
together with Veronica.

In order to keep a distance from Veronica, Matthew purposely distanced himself, and his attitude
toward her became wholly aloof.

Thomas swiftly stepped forward and acquiesced to Matthew’s instructions. He stood before Veronica
and gestured to her to take her leave. “Right this way, Miss Murphy.”

Despite not understanding what Matthew would do, he knew that, as Matthew’s special assistant, he
simply had to carry out his orders.

With that, Veronica’s gaze turned chilly. She ignored Thomas as she took a step aside and blocked
Matthew’s way again. “You can ignore me, but you mustn’t ignore Yvonne.”

“Yes! Yes!”

At once, Yvonne impatiently exclaimed, “I just want to see my son. I miss him so much. Can you return
him to me?”

“Your son?”

Matthew raised his eyebrows slightly. “I have never seen your son. Miss Spencer, could it be that you
have made a mistake?”

“Y-You—” Yvonne was stunned. In an instant, she didn’t know what to say.

As it never crossed her mind that such words would escape from Matthew’s lips, she widened her eyes
in shock, and her mind went blank.

“What do you mean by she made a mistake? Weren’t you the one who took her son from her?”
Veronica asked. She was clueless as to why Matthew would say that.

However, there was one thing Veronica knew very well—Matthew’s words would instill uneasiness in
Yvonne and scare her out of her wits.

As expected, Yvonne rushed up to Matthew in the next seconds. She reached out and pushed him.
“Matthew, stop pretending to play dumb. You were the one who asked me to entrust my son with you
that day. You were the one who told me you wanted to protect my son!”

She roared anxiously, and her eyes instantly welled up in tears.

Matthew twitched the corners of his lips. “What a joke. We’re not related, so why should I protect your

As he coldly regarded Yvonne, who was roaring at him like a psycho, Matthew felt she was like a fool,
ridiculous yet pitiful.

Although Veronica isn’t in the know about Yvonne and Conrad, I know that they have gotten back
together again.

Despite not understanding the actual reason behind their reconciliation, I know I mustn’t hand over the
child to Yvonne.

If only Yvonne weren’t Veronica’s best friend, I could completely ignore all this sh*t!

“Bullsh*t! I clearly… entrusted m-my son with you.” Yvonne couldn’t help choking in tears. After that,
she pointed her beautiful and slender finger at Matthew’s face. “Believe it or not: I’ll call the police now
and sue you for child abduction if you don’t return my son to me.”

“Is that so?” Matthew wasn’t bothered at all. “Well, your phone is with you. Do whatever you want. I
don’t care.”

He left immediately after he finished saying just that.

Veronica instantly stomped after him to demand an answer from the unreasonable man. Unfortunately,
the phone in her pocket suddenly rang just as she was about to yell something at him.

Hence, she took out her phone, glanced at it, and saw it was Ruka contacting her.

Ruka has just called me this morning and talked about matters relating to the news. Something must
be up on her side now that she calls me again.

Therefore, Veronica wasted no time in answering the call. “Ruka?”

“Veronica, something happened! I’ve been dispatching people to search for Hendrey, but I just received
news that h-he seems to have been kidnapped, and his whereabouts are still unknown.”