Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 506

Midnight Invader

Suddenly, he kicked her in the stomach before bellowing like a wild beast. “Humiliation that is worse
than death? Humiliation that’s worse than death?! Humiliation that’s worse than death?!?”

He repeated his words three times through clenched teeth, hence he spoke in a slow manner. With
every repeated sentence came two kicks; at last, Veronica endured a total of six kicks.

Pain. Since she was being kicked, she subconsciously curled up into a fetus position, prompting the
kicks to land on her stomach, legs, arms, and even head.

With pain emanating throughout her body, every fiber of her being was screaming. Even if Veronica
was a trained fighter, she could still feel that Xavier used all his strength in his assault, leaving her
motionlessly in agony. “Ugh…”

After the attacks stopped, she gasped a fresh breath of air and slowly stood up. In spite of her ability to
rise up, her brain still felt foggy as blood formed a steady stream from her nose.

Without a care about her image, Veronica wiped the blood with her sleeve before gazing up at the man
to discover something horrifying…

Xavier, whose face turned red and veins popped, was trembling as he stumbled backwards and kicked
the chair he was sitting on. “Even you’re aware of what’s ‘humiliation that’s worse than death!’”

He finished his sentence by striking his fist against the wall. Thud… A faint strike could be heard with
Xavier standing there motionlessly.

Soon enough, Veronica could clearly see the blood from his fist slowly staining the white wall, drip by
drip and jarring enough to look at.

No matter how clueless Veronica was, he understood why Xavier had such a huge reaction.

At that time, she was admitted to the hospital and before she was discharged, Matthew told her that he
sent Xavier and Melissa away and that they would never return to Bloomstead ever again.

However, Veronica did not know that he would take revenge on Xavier in such a low, despicable way.

This was why her words agitated Xavier and drove him in a frenzy.

All of a sudden, she felt a mix of emotion inside her. She could finally puzzle how Melissa met her end
with her understanding of Xavier’s hatred toward Matthew.

Looks like Matthew might not make it through this ordeal.

Standing there dazed, Veronica looked at Xavier blankly as words of concern reached her throat, but
she could bring herself to utter them.

She was no saint; she knew that if the person on the receiving end was Matthew, she would do
anything to exterminate the perpetrator’s family from the earth.

Veronica might not be a man, but she could feel how traumatic it must be for one to go through this.
This kind of thing can only haunt him forever.

Just as she was deep in her thoughts, Veronica felt that her nose was still bleeding.

Bending over, she picked up the tissue box on the ground before setting the chair upright. She slumped
down on the chair as she wiped the blood with the tissues before grumbling, “Have you gone mad?
Didn’t you say that you were going to teach Matthew a lesson? Why did you hit me? F*ck, this hurts so

Since she was barely able to handle Xavier, Veronica could not imagine how she would rescue
Matthew later.

She knew that Xavier was a person that would always want to get even.

Due to Matthew’s actions that destroyed his future, Xavier would only return an eye for an eye.

Therefore, how could she just sit and watch this unfold?

Although Veronica was speaking to Xavier calmly, she was racking her brains to find a solution, which
made her feel like she was about to collapse.

Clack, clack, clack—

It was then the sound of high heels rang in the hall.

Trailing the source of the sound, Veronica saw Antheena running over.

The woman glared at Veronica for a split second before shifting her gaze to Xavier.

“Are you okay, Sebastian?”

Sebastian was Xavier’s name when he was abroad.

Antheena stood beside him and held his wrist while tugging on his hand that crushed against the wall.
Staring at it, she felt her heart pang. “Why did you hurt yourself like this? Why are you all just standing
there? Grab some bandages right away! Idiots.”

Following Antheena’s orders, those stunned bodyguards finally reacted to the situation.

They then proceeded to clean the scene up and grab some medical equipment.

All the while, Veronica was seated and kept her gaze at Antheena and Xavier, but her heart was with
Matthew, who was separated by a glass window.

Being unconscious, even such a huge commotion outside could not wake him. This just went to show
how injured he was.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to rest for now.” Antheena dressed Xavier’s wounds before holding his hands to

While his wounds were being dressed, Xavier gave a mysterious look at Veronica then looked away.

After he was brought away by Antheena, Veronica resembled a piece of trash that was left in the

Sitting on the chair, she looked at the huge and empty room with Matthew in it, wanting very much to
call out to him.

Yet, before she could do that, a personnel walked in. “Miss Murphy, the madam wants to see you.”


She rose to her feet and took one last look at Matthew. She knew that Xavier would not kill Matthew
just yet; hence, she followed the bodyguard outside, leaving the underground cell.

Entering the side area of the castle, she returned to the main hall when she first arrived.

She sat on the couch and waited for Antheena, but the night came and she still had yet to show up.

It was then a bodyguard served her a meal. “The madam said that she’s busy today. She’ll visit you

“Where will I be sleeping?” asked Veronica.

“There’ll be a maid that’ll show you your quarters later.”

“Oh, thanks then.”

Veronica was feeling very perplexed inside.

Matthew was kidnapped here and I was threatened into coming here, but why are they treating me like
a guest?

Looking at the steak and pasta on the table, Veronica felt no sign of hunger. Yet, upon thinking that she
still had something to do at midnight, she knew she needed to eat.

Antheena wouldn’t have poisoned the food, would she? After all, this is their territory. It would be a walk
in the park for them to kill me if they wanted to. I don’t think they would go through the trouble like this.

With that, she slowly finished the meal and even drank a cup of red wine.

An hour went by before a servant came and brought her upstairs to the guest room.

Entering the quarter, Veronica stood at the balcony of her room anxiously while silently waiting for the
time to pass like a statue.

With the night settling in, the castle only had a few lamps on. As such, she turned the lights off in her
room and slowly waited on the bed.

It was currently 1.30AM. Another thirty minutes at most and I’ll leave the room.


Suddenly, the door was unlocked.

Sh*t. Shutting her eyes, she lay on the bed and wanted to see why the person came in.

The door was opened as the person creeped in stealthily.

In the dark, Veronica peered through her eyes and saw a shadow approaching her.