Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 510

Troy was Caught

“Anything on your mind?” questioned Hendrey as he gazed at Veronica. She came back to her senses.
“Oh, nothing. I was just wondering who would dare to intrude Princess Antheena’s territory. He must
have a death wish.”

Everyone knew who that person was. And now, she was more certain than ever about one thing—
Xavier took her to the attic to tell her that her little secret was discovered. It was also a warning that
whoever intruded the castle could never escape.

Last night, Thomas sent out a rescue team upon receiving her message. However, that voice did not
belong to Matthew nor Thomas. Then, who could it be? They won’t make such a big fuss over a small
fry, though.

“Who else? Of course it’s Matthew’s confidant, Troy,” Xavier responded. It was not until then did
Veronica realize that the familiar voice belonged to Thomas’ elder brother—Troy! He came to save
Matthew under Thomas’ arrangement, but he fell into a trap.

“Oh, is it?” She was on tenterhooks as she forced a smile. “Foolish. He can’t even save Matthew out of
here. Useless.”

“I know right. He’s so useless, but we should make the best use out of him. It should be his honor to
have the chance to entertain me,” said Antheena while looking at her cards. “Let me see which one I
should place forward. This one. Six of Clubs.”

“My little princess is getting better at this, huh?” Hendrey flashed her a smile that was so gentle it felt
like he was a loving brother. His gaze always alternated between Antheena and Xavier. He seldom
looked at Veronica.

Unsurprisingly, Antheena won the round again.

“Lucky me.” She laughed while motioning the bodyguard to come over.

He approached her with the lottery box, and she took another ball before tossing it to another

The bodyguard took a glimpse at the number. “It’s eleven, Young Mistress.”

Following that, he relayed the message through the walkie-talkie. “Eleven.”

The shriek echoed throughout the basement, drowning the sound of shuffling cards and sending chills
to whoever had heard it.

“This is so fun!” Antheena clapped her hands in joy.

Veronica was astonished to see how hypocritical Antheena could be. It was obvious that she was a
cold-blooded woman with no mercy, yet she could still act innocent like how she was right now. The
fact that she did not even bat an eye at her cruel acts horrified Veronica greatly.

“Kai, draw the curtains open. That way we can enjoy the show as we play.” She ordered the
bodyguard, who was holding the walkie-talkie.

Kai passed on the message and the curtains that were blocking the view to the interrogation room were
soon drawn. Veronica could clearly see how Troy was tied up and beaten to a bloody pulp. Even so,
the card game continued.

Though, Veronica was not in the mood to play at all. For the next few rounds, there would only be new
punishments awaiting Troy regardless of whoever won the game. In other words, she was here to
watch Troy being punished.

“Veronica, are you tired? Why don’t we play another game? Truth or Dare.” Antheena tapped her head
and contemplated. “Whoever wins will throw a question. If that person tells the truth, there will be no
punishment, but if it’s a lie, then he has to be punished. How about that?”

“As long as you’re happy.” Hendrey went along.

Xavier held her chin and gave her a kiss on the lips. “If you want it.”

Antheena smiled in delight. “Veronica, what about you?”

Veronica remained silent as she thought, I don’t think that’s a good idea, but what can I say?

“As you wish,” she said nothing more than those three words.

Another round of card game ended. With Xavier and Hendrey working together, Antheena won the
game once again. She grabbed the walkie-talkie from Kai and said, “He’s Matthew’s right-hand man,
isn’t he? Ask him. Why did Matthew and Veronica break up?”

Her gaze fixated on Veronica as she spoke while her beady eyes flickered like a sly fox. It was then
that Veronica realized that the punishments up until now were merely an ‘appetizer’ before the ‘main

The person in the room repeated Antheena’s words to Troy, who then answered weakly, “I-I don’t

It looked like he had to use every ounce of strength in him just to say those three words.

“Do you really not know or is it because you don’t wanna say it? I don’t have much patience here,”
Antheena spoke over the walkie-talkie without averting her gaze from Veronica.

Veronica’s gaze swept over Antheena, and she looked into the interrogation room to witness Troy being
punished with various kinds of cruel punishment.

As she watched on, she could feel the chill running down her spine, as well as the excruciating pain, as
if she was the one getting punished instead.