Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 514

The Truth Is Revealed

Veronica opened the door and alighted from the car before standing by the roadside. She saw
Antheena maneuver the steering wheel and perform a perfect drift before speeding off into the night.

Pulling the attention back to herself, Veronica found her phone ringing continuously in her pocket.
There was no phone signal inside the castle, so she had kept it switched off the entire time.

Only after she got out of the car did she finally switch on her phone, which prompted it to receive all the
notifications and phone calls all at once. She took out her phone and saw that it was a call from

“Miss Murphy, how’s your phone active? Where are you?”

It was likely that he had set up a program on her phone that once the text message he sent was
received by her, he would get a notification about that.

That was why Thomas called her almost instantly. “Antheena escorted me out of the castle safely,”
Veronica reported frankly. “Is she by herself?”

“Yes.” “Where is she? We need to stop her and capture her. We will definitely be able to rescue Young
Master Matthew with her as our hostage.” Thomas started to plot.

In fact, Veronica had naturally thought of the same idea too. Although she was not a person with high
ethics, she did not want to be an ungrateful one either. Antheena had just risked herself to send
Veronica out and she was very grateful about that. If Veronica betrayed Antheena now and helped
Thomas capture her, then Veronica would appear despicable.

“Hurry up and tell me! My brother’s still in captivity inside and I don’t even know his current status!”

One of the criteria of being Matthew’s closest aide was to have a calm personality; at that moment,
Thomas’ emotions were getting out of control. After being reminded by him, Veronica instantly recalled
the torment Troy had suffered. Finally, her rational self overcame her emotions. “I’ll pin you the

After hanging up the phone, she instantly sent the location to Thomas and gave him Antheena’s license
plate number too.

Veronica had an eye for detail and she had memorized Antheena’s plate number as soon as she
entered the car. With the location provided by Veronica, Thomas merely had to lie in wait at the route
leading back to the castle and he would be able to capture Antheena there.

As Veronica was leaving the street, she gave Skyler a call.

It was daytime in Bloomstead at the moment.

Initially, Skyler was quite perplexed to receive Veronica’s call. “Gosh, Roni, it’s not often that you would

“I want Sasha’s number.”

“Sasha? Why would you need her phone number?”

“Cut the crap and just give it to me. One more thing, top-up five hundred to my number,” Veronica
retorted exasperatedly and hung up.

Shortly after that, Skyler sent Sasha’s phone number to Veronica. At the same time, she received a text
message from her phone provider that her number had been credited with five hundred. With that, she
called Sasha immediately.

Ring— Ring— Ring— The phone rang three times before Sasha finally answered, “Who’s on the line?”

“It’s me, Veronica.”

“W-Why are you calling me?” The phone call came unexpectedly and Sasha was surprised.

“I need to know why Matthew pretended to court you in order to force me into breaking up with him?”
Veronica went straight to the point and interrogated Sasha.

At that point, Sasha’s head buzzed and she did not expect Veronica to find out so soon.

However, Sasha denied it vehemently and shook her head. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You don’t know what I’m on about, huh? I’ll explain and you can listen then.” Veronica increased her
speed and ran while she spoke on the phone with Sasha, “Matthew’s in Castron and he was abducted
along with Troy. I’ve just received news of Troy’s death and they kidnapped Matthew because of me.
The reason for that is to investigate the mystery behind my identity. If you don’t tell me what’s going on
right now, then I won’t be able to save his life. You won’t get to see him ever again if he dies.”

It was natural for a woman to be led by her emotions and Sasha was in love with Matthew, so she was
extremely worried about him. She had just gotten wind of Matthew’s troubles in Castron and was about
to head over to Castron when she unexpectedly received Veronica’s call just then.

“I… I…” Sasha stammered and was quite hesitant.

“Still not talking? Alright then, I’ll hang up if you refuse to talk. As for Matthew, I can’t be bothered about
him. Anyway, his safety has nothing to do with me.” Veronica was prepared to hang up the phone upon
saying that.

However, Sasha instantly piped up at that, “I really don’t know your identity, but Matt wanted me to
come back from Castron to put on an act in front of you so that you’d misunderstand and break up with

“Why did it have to be a breakup?”

“I’m not too sure either, but I can tell that he loves you very much.” Sasha gripped her phone tightly.
“Veronica, Matt’s done a lot for you, so whatever it is, you’ve got to rescue him. Otherwise, I’ll definitely
go after you.”

Veronica had been running hard, so her panting voice could be heard clearly from the phone. Due to
that, Sasha was convinced of Veronica’s words.

“I got it.” Veronica hung up the phone and slowed down before she looked behind her with her phone
by her ear.

It was late at night and there was not a single vehicle on the road. She was worried that she would be
discovered if she remained by the roadside, so she ran into the dense forest.

Panting, she leaned against a tree trunk to take a rest while she dialed Crayson’s number.

“You brat! It’s about time you call me! I thought that I was dead to you.” On the phone, Crayson raged

“Master Crayson, Matthew’s been abducted.”

She had informed Crayson that she was headed to Castron, so he was not surprised at all.

As soon as she mentioned that Matthew had been abducted, Crayson descended into silence.

“If I’m not mistaken, his abduction should be related to me.” Though Veronica was not confidently sure
about her statement, her theory solidified upon arriving at the castle. She could sense that something
was strange with the situation judging by everyone’s reaction and there was something mysterious
lurking underneath everything.

“Hmph! He must have been abducted because he offended too many people. What has that got to do
with you?” Crayson snorted and reserved the truth.

“I was abducted too and coincidentally, I met Xavier here. Xavier still has a thing for me, so his
girlfriend secretly let me go because she didn’t want us to be entangled with each other.”

Veronica took a deep breath. “Besides, Tiffany’s alive and I’m pretty sure that you know this.”

Undeniably, this trip to Castron so far had brought her a lot of new information.

All of these appeared to have no direct link to her, but if everything was puzzled together, she somehow
associated this with something rather horrifying.

Her first instinct was that she had a family background that had to remain a secret. Otherwise, why
would an average being like her manage to survive so many potentially fatal ordeals? Even more so,
Floch and Rachel’s attitudes were very fishy too.

In the past, they had despised her and shown their hatred for her quite evidently. Despite the fact that
Tiffany was stunning and talented, and Veronica’s emergence would not have taken away any of
Tiffany’s glory, the Larsons’ remained persistent in their attempts to get rid of her.

Ultimately, upon Tiffany’s death and Randy’s disappearance, the Larsons behaved overly calm, which
was the strangest part of the situation. Veronica was not sure whether she was right in her deductions,
but she felt that she was involved in everything.

“If you don’t tell me what’s going on, then I’ll sacrifice myself to save Matthew’s life right away!”
Veronica came up with this final ultimatum and threatened Crayson. “You should be aware that I always
mean my words.”