Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 516

Rescuing Matthew

“I’ll have to consult Master Crayson about this.” Destiny was worried about Veronica’s action and she
was even more worried to make any decisions on her own accord. Otherwise, she would not be able to
take responsibility if the major plot was ruined.

Veronica maintained her silence while Destiny had one hand on the steering wheel and the other on
her phone as she dialed Crayson’s number.

The other party answered the phone and Destiny immediately reiterated Veronica’s words to Crayson.
As soon as he heard that, he was not too surprised but descended into silence once again. It was likely
that he was considering the situation and trying to figure things out.

After some moments of thought, he heaved a sigh before replying, “She’s a grown woman and there
are some things that she’s got to decide for herself ultimately. All you’ve got to do is to ensure her

Crayson had watched over Veronica since she was a child and he knew her personality more than
anyone else. No one would be able to stop her from doing anything that she had made up her mind to

Since Destiny had the phone on loudspeaker, Veronica heard Crayson’s words clearly from the
passenger seat. From the phone call he shared with Veronica earlier and up until Destiny’s call now,
Crayson had been sighing non-stop. Veronica had known him for such a long time, but she hardly ever
heard him express such dejected sighs. For a moment there, she somehow felt that he had aged
significantly. Her identity had come as a huge shock to her; though she was able to maintain her
composure on the surface, the inner turmoil she faced lingered on persistently and she could not seem
to calm down.

“Hand the phone to her,” Crayson mentioned to Destiny.

“You’re on loudspeaker, so you can just continue speaking.”

Destiny glanced at Veronica and felt that this girl was scaringly calm. She’s indeed learned the best
from Master Crayson. She’s not frantic even when faced with an urgent situation and this is a trait that
she is exemplary in compared to everyone else.

“Veronica, just go ahead with whatever you wish to do, and don’t be afraid because we’ll be here to
support you.”

After Crayson’s brief pause, Veronica assumed that he was about to come up with some touching
words for her. Unexpectedly though, it was just a simple sentence.

However, his words were powerful enough to make her feel much at ease after hearing it. After all,
there was nothing more settling than having a strong support system.

“I get it. We’re not about to say goodbye to each other for good, so why are you being so sentimental?
That’s all. Bye.”

Veronica did not like the solemn and sentimental atmosphere, so she replied impatiently and hung up
the phone.

She tilted her head and looked out of the window without a word.

Meanwhile, Destiny asked, “I can tell that Master Crayson dotes on you very much. All of us know how
strict he can be, so are you the only one he treats so tenderly?”

“How is that possible? He could never be associated with the word tender.”

Veronica shook her head. “I used to stay with him and I was subjected to hardcore training every other
day. If I didn’t do well, I would be punished physically. He’s a monster!”

“Pfft…” Destiny burst into laughter at Veronica’s antics.

The atmosphere in the car gradually loosened up as the two of them bantered back and forth with each

Finally, they arrived back at Destiny’s place and Veronica was assigned the guest room to take a short

She gave Thomas a call while she rested and asked, “How are things on your side?”

“I’ve succeeded in capturing Antheena and I’ve also contacted her father to get him to release the
hostages. They mentioned that they would only agree to release one of them.” Through the phone,
Thomas’ dejected voice was quite evident.

Veronica had seen Troy’s horrible state for her own eyes, so she naturally did not dare to reveal the
truth to Thomas as she was worried that her revelation would trigger him to make some irrational

“Antheena’s very precious to her father, so he will definitely release Matthew and your brother, but it
won’t be easy to achieve though.”

She considered the situation for a moment before adding, “You’ve abducted his daughter, so he won’t
let you guys get away with this so easily. When will you be meeting him? Send me the time and

“Sure, Miss Murphy,” Thomas responded.

Just as she was about to hang up, he suddenly asked, “Miss Murphy, did you get to see my brother
and Young Master Matthew? How were they doing?”

“They’re…” She hesitated. “They’re not in a great condition, so you must bring more men with you to
the meeting point later on.” With that, she hung up the phone on Thomas as she was afraid that he
would ask more questions.

Subsequently, Veronica sat on the couch in the guest room and calmly analyzed the situation.

Crayson had mentioned that she was a descendant of the hidden clan and would have to eventually
return to the clan. This also inherently meant that she would face a lot more complicated matters while
she was there. That was also why Matthew had broken up with her on the surface; he was actually
secretly building up an influence to pave a smoother path for her in the future. Based on this, they
abducted him and coerced her to go to the castle before interrogating Troy in the underground cellar,
likely because they suspected that Matthew’s breakup with her was just a farce. If it was indeed a farce
and Matthew was in love with her, then it was an indication that they were on the same team—also
known as the enemies of the Black Ace Mob.

Be it Tiffany or Crayson, clearly, the mastermind behind all this was a patient man with foresight. This
was a plot that ran over twenty years, so the amount of effort behind all this was immense. Veronica
suddenly understood why those people did not harm her life despite going after her repeatedly. It must
have been because of her identity as the descendant of the hidden clan and she could be useful to
them. At that thought, she could not help but let out a gasp.

In the underground cellar, Troy had been forced to reveal the truth, which had evoked the murderous
intent of Xavier and the gang. As such, after finding out the truth, they were intent on getting rid of
Matthew just to get rid of the potential obstacles they might face in the future.

“Thank goodness. Gosh.” Veronica anxiously fidgeted. It was fortunate that she had told Thomas the
truth when he asked her for Antheena’s location. Otherwise, Matthew would very likely be in mortal
danger if they did not have Antheena as a hostage.

However, Matthew was way more intelligent than most people, so how could he possibly be abducted
so easily? To her deduction, she found the situation to not be as simple as it seemed…

Meanwhile at the Blenheim Pier, after Thomas contacted the leader of the Black Ace Mob, he arranged
for Xavier to shuttle Troy and Matthew over for the exchange of hostages. It was 4.30AM and the moon
was covered by clouds with barely any stars in the sky. There were more than ten cars that slowly
drove into the spacious area close to the pier before they formed two lines and parked the cars

Xavier alighted from the car and a gang of well-built men appeared by his side. Each of them had
hulking figures and they were clearly henchmen used to fighting.

He glanced at Thomas, who had just gotten out of the car across, and instantly questioned, “Where’s

“She’s in the car. Where’s Young Master Matthew?”

Both of them walked to the middle of the spacious field and they stood less than six feet apart as they
glanced at each other with arrogant and cold looks on their faces respectively.

“Hand over Antheena and you’ll get to see Matthew and your brother.” Xavier reached out to flick up his

As he did that, Thomas went into defensive mode and shifted a hand to his lower back.

At that sight, Xavier could not help snorting in laughter. “Why are you so jittery? I’m just going to puff a
cigarette.” Subsequently, he fished out a packet of cigarettes and put one between his lips before
lighting it to puff on it. His relaxed and nonchalant attitude heightened Thomas’ anxiety levels.

After all, Thomas was the one who had executed all the things that Matthew did to Xavier. As one of
the people involved in the past, Thomas felt quite perplexed to see Xavier in Castron and being
involved with Antheena. He found that Xavier indeed was not one to be taken lightly.

“Stop stalling! Once you hand over Young Master Matthew and my brother, I’ll instantly hand over
Antheena to you in one piece.”