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Chapter 522

Little Temptress

Even though the blow dryer’s noise was rather loud, Veronica’s mood was utterly unaffected. If
anything, she thought the current situation was delightful.

In comparison to 30 minutes ago, when she felt a gut-wrenching heartache, this moment was so sweet
that she thought that she might be dreaming.

Every stroke he made through her hair was filled with tenderness as he gently held her hair with one
hand and gripped the blow dryer with the other. Only then did Matthew realize that her hair was black,
straight, and there was so much of it.

After he was finally done with her hair, he started on her bangs. When he was finished, he combed her
hair gently after switching off the blow dryer and setting it aside.

Then, he leaned toward her ear and said, “My dear, you’re gorgeous.” He placed one hand on her
shoulder and the other on her head to softly caress it.

Veronica pursed her lips and smiled; her lovely cheeks were slightly flushed as she said, “I would turn
conceited if you keep praising me like this.” “You should be.”

As he spoke, he placed one palm on her cheek to turn her face and kissed her. The kiss was rather
sudden. However, no one knew that Matthew had restrained himself from doing so for a terribly long

Veronica gradually immersed herself under his tender and affectionate kiss as her breathing became

The man wrapped his arms around her waist, led her to her feet, and turned her around. Then, he
swiftly yet carefully pushed her down onto the bed and pulled the quilt over her.

Veronica was only in a bathrobe, so as she fell, the robe came undone, which showed her slender
figure. “Are you that impatient?” Matthew teased as he slightly raised his brow and flicked the tip of her
nose. “Go away. I’m not. It’s clear that you didn’t prepare clothes for me.”

Her cheeks were flaming at this point. “It’s not like you haven’t done this before. Why are you still so
shy?” Her adorable expression tickled his heart. “I’m not as shameless as you.”

“I’m only shameless to you.”

Matthew gave her another kiss as those words fell from his lips. This particular night, the two spent a
wholly passionate yet wild night together. Nevertheless, Matthew stopped being proactive and started
to become relatively passive after an hour.

Thus, Veronica took the opportunity to strike, allowing him to witness the other side of her. “I didn’t
know you are such a tormenting little tempter.” “Do you not like it?”

“I love it. I can’t ask for more.” He smiled contentedly. Veronica, who had been doing it for some time,
collapsed and said, “I’m so tired… I don’t want it anymore.” “You just played with fire, and now you
want to back out?”

“This isn’t up to you,” Matthew teased as he spanked her lightly.

The two drove each other mad till 3.00AM before they decided to call it a night. Veronica eventually
woke up around noon, utterly grumpy and ravenous.

She stretched out after opening her eyes, only to discover that Matthew was lying beside her. But, he
wasn’t asleep as he was working on his laptop situated on his lap.

She flipped to the side and looked at the charming man before her.

He closed the computer and said to her before she could respond, “The chef has prepared lunch, so
we’re just waiting for you.”

“I don’t want to get up.”

Veronica, who was in bed, reached out with her arms to hug his waist and rubbed her cheek against
her waist like a lazy kitten.

“Then, I’ll have someone bring it up.”

“Forget it. I don’t want to cause a fuss. I’ll get up.”

When she was about to get up, he remained unmoving, so she couldn’t help but say, “Go outside. I’m
going to get dressed.”

“I’ve seen it all. There’s no need to be shy.”

“I’m… not used to it yet.”

She pulled the quilt tightly over herself, exposing her little head and raven-black hair strewn across the
pillow. Her cheeks were visible, and they were as fair as a porcelain doll. Coupled with her pouty red
lips and pearly whites, she made an unbearably enchanting figure.

Each and every action of hers tugged at Matthew’s heartstrings.

He almost couldn’t restrain himself from wanting more, but when he thought she was hungry since she
was in the cockpit of the tower crane in the early morning, it would be taking things a little too far.

“I’ll wait for you outside.”

Then, the man proceeded to lift the quilt as he wore his flip-flops and left the room.

When did he wear his clothes? Veronica thought curiously as she peered at his back.


Her stomach made sounds of protests yet again.

Veronica’s stomach was in pain from hunger, so she immediately scrambled off the bed and put on the
clothes that Matthew had laid out. Then, she headed downstairs after using the restroom for a quick

Just when she was walking down, a delicious smell assailed her senses.

She instantly quickened her pace and just about ran to the dining room. “What delectable meal did they

“It’s all your favorites.”

When he saw her approaching from where he was standing in the dining area, Matthew moved forward
to meet her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her on the forehead.

“Go away. I’m starving,” Veronica said, exasperated as she pushed him to the side.

He initially wanted to pull the chair for Veronica, but that brat shoved him away and marched right to
the dining room. As soon as she sat down, she didn’t even bother waiting for him as she began
devouring her food with relish.

She appeared as if she had gone more than three days without eating.

Of course, Matthew didn’t mind her rudeness. On the contrary, he was actually rather heartbroken.

What happened the day before was beyond his expectations, and he didn’t anticipate Veronica to take
on so much for him.

She dove into the sea by herself and swam a couple of hundred meters but showed no signs of fear.

In the face of Xavier, she was brave, fearless, and ruthless.

Despite Matthew hearing about all of these from Thomas during his report, he could still feel the
tension and anxiety that she must have gone through.

Matthew secretly sighed, thinking just how lucky he was to be able to meet such an individual in this

“Slow down. No one is snatching your food,” he admonished her lightly as he approached her. Then,
once he was seated, he started piling up more food on her plate.

“I’m starving to death. I didn’t eat much yesterday and spent the entire night working.”

Veronica refuted as she chewed her food.

“I understand, but slow down, or you’ll choke.”

Matthew placed his cutlery down and reached out to peel a shrimp for her.

Veronica’s hunger was gradually satiated as she continued to eat. Then, when she slowed down her
pace, she urged, “You should eat too.”

She served him a piece of meat and regarded Matthew. “You got skinnier.”

“I’m the same. It’s you who should eat more.”

“You wouldn’t be able to carry me if I overate.”

“It only indicates that the man is useless if he can’t carry his own woman.”

Veronica grinned widely. “You never spoke like this before.”

She suddenly stopped smiling and stated solemnly, “Matthew, listen carefully. If you hide anything from
me again, I will never forgive you. You promised me that you would discuss everything with me in the
future. I want us to be honest with each other, to go through all those trials and tribulations together.
You shouldn’t make all the decisions for me without even consulting me, especially when these
decisions involve me.”

“Do you understand?”

While he ate his food slowly, the man nodded and said, “Yeah.”

It was a rather perfunctory answer.


Initially, Veronica was somewhat incensed when she saw that he wasn’t taking her seriously.
Regardless, after she reflected on what had happened recently, she realized that he had done so much
for her and that she couldn’t bear to force the matter now.

“So, are you still reluctant to tell me the truth?”

Veronica wiped her lips after finishing the last bit of food on her plate, kept it away, and looked at him

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