Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 472

Sasha Is Causing Trouble

Conrad laughed off Zac’s overbearing declaration of possession. “I’m not interested in women nor men,

He deliberately flattered Zac against his will. Despite knowing Conrad was lying, Zac enjoyed his
flattery. Then, his big palm pinched Conrad’s buttocks hard before he turned away in satisfaction. “I’m

And this time, Zac really did leave. When Zac left the bathroom, Conrad had been leaning against the
wall in the same position, even after hearing the sound of the door closing in the living room.

After an unknown amount of time, Conrad, whose eyelids were slightly drooping, slowly raised his eyes
and faced the mirror on the sink across from him.

The new and clean mirror reflected his pathetic appearance; there was even a disgusting hickey on his

The man’s depressed face gradually became emotional, like a brewing storm.

Suddenly, he took a large stride towards the mirror, raised his hand, and smashed the glass mirror with
a punch, only to hear the glass mirror shattering and falling to the floor. As a result, glass pieces were
scattered all over the floor, and some shards fell into the sink.

Conrad seemed utterly unaffected by his bleeding right hand; it was as though he couldn’t feel pain. He
clenched his fists on the side as he stood upright and stiff.

Only a tiny part of the mirror was left on the wall, and that piece reflected the hickey on his collarbone,
which seemed to drown him in humiliation.

His clenched fist trembled with anger as his eyes drooped slightly as he glanced at the broken
fragments in the sink. Then, he picked one up and scratched it across the hickey that he could see in
the mirror.

With his swift action, the sharp shard directly made a cut on his body, and red blood dripped down his
chest and onto the bath towel wrapped around his waist, dying it red.

Although there was blood, he still wasn’t satisfied. He held onto the shard and scratched at the hickey
twice until it was in a wholly gory mess before he stopped.

Conrad didn’t even flinch throughout his self-mutilation.


His hand suddenly became weak as he lowered it slowly, and the glass shard fell to the ground. Then,
he limped to the bath like a walking corpse.

Conrad stayed there for three hours; it was getting dark outside. When he came out, he sat on the bed,
deep in thought, before he decided to call someone.

“Help me contact a reliable hospital and make a report…”

Veronica visited Yvonne after work, and they had dinner together before she went home.

Yet, she did not expect that there would be an uninvited guest downstairs at her apartment.

Veronica had a purse slung over her shoulders as she walked towards her apartment in high heels,
only to see Sasha standing there.

Veronica didn’t ignore her because she knew that Sasha was here for her.

“Are you looking for me?” Veronica asked unceremoniously as she walked toward Sasha.

Today at the western restaurant, Sasha took a beating from Adrian, and her face was still a little
bruised. The skin on her elbow was also torn, so she had a Band-Aid on, looking a little haggard.

But even so, it did not ruin her stunning beauty.

Veronica couldn’t help but sigh at the sight of Sasha; she was a beautiful specimen. Back when she
was a man, she was so handsome that people did not dare to look for too long, fearing that one more
glance would lead them to fall for her. Now that she had become a woman, she had a naturally
seductive feminine aura.

“Today, at the western restaurant…”

Sasha hesitated, pursed her lips, and sighed. “Forget it; I’ll get straight to the point.”

Veronica remained silent and waited for Sasha to continue.

“Why weren’t you at the restaurant today? Could it be that…you knew Matt was there?”

Sasha did not want to beat around the bush and questioned directly.

“What did you say? Sorry, I didn’t catch it.”

Veronica sneered at the sudden interrogation, thinking to herself that Sasha was quite an imaginative

How could Veronica have known where Matthew was?

Did Sasha take her for a seer and that she was omniscient?

If that were true, wouldn’t she be a god?

Veronica’s contempt was apparent, and this instantly made Sasha feel annoyed. “I don’t care how
much you like Matt, but he belongs to me, Sasha Claude. Now that you two have broken up, you
should stop pestering him. I’ve always thought that you were capable of handling a breakup, but now it
seems like that’s not the case. It seems like I’ve thought too highly of you. You—”

“Stop it right there!”

Veronica raised her hand to stop Sasha. “What are you talking about? When did you see me entangling
myself with Matthew? Your imagination is truly one of a kind, and it’s a pity that you don’t work for

“I know that you’re caught up with Matt, and it makes you unhappy. But, I am Matt’s true love, and I
hope you will stop being his mistress and seduce him everywhere he goes. It’s really shameless—ah!”

Sasha’s eyes darted behind Veronica, and suddenly, her words became more vitriolic and insulting.

As a result, Veronica slapped Sasha across her face harshly.

This caused her to stagger two steps back; she missed her last step and fell directly to the ground.


At the moment Sasha fell, a familiar voice sounded behind her.

Before Veronica could even look back, she noticed Sasha covering her cheek, staring behind her as
she burst into tears. “Maatt, w-why are you here…?”

Regardless of how embarrassing she looked, she got up from the ground and bowed to Veronica again
and again. “Roni, although I don’t know why you hit me, I’m so sorry. I hope you can forgive me if I did
something wrong.”

She knew the reason behind Sasha’s apology.

And she couldn’t help but feel entirely grossed out by Sasha.

However, although Veronica knew what Sasha was doing, she couldn’t guarantee that Matthew was
aware of it.

Sure enough…

He stepped forward and dragged Sasha behind him. Then, he glared at Veronica with a gloomy
expression and asked imperiously, “Who said you could touch Sasha?”

His stunning face was cold; one angry look from him was enough to drive Veronica into the bottomless
abyss, making her suffer from the agony of the biting chill.

Veronica looked at him with a hint of surprise, then glanced at Sasha, who was standing behind him
with a smile on her red lips.

So, after everything that Veronica had done for him, it was nothing in comparison to the flawed lie
spilling from Sasha’s lips.

That was right.

After all, the person he once loved and still loved deeply was Sasha.

How confident did Veronica have to be to compare herself to Sasha?

“No one said I can’t touch her,” Veronica retorted.

“Matt, forget it. I-I took the liberty of coming to see Roni today. Maybe I said something wrong and
made her angry.”

Sasha was acting like a spoiled brat, frowning and pouting, with tears flowing down her cheeks
uncontrollably. It was hard to imagine that she was once a man.