Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 525

Take You to the Movies

Veronica, Matthew, and Thomas all took a flight back to Bloomstead. Troy suffered severe injuries and
had to stay at Castron to rest and recover.

Veronica’s phone was waterlogged. Therefore, the instant they landed, Matthew gave her a brand new
one. The two then returned together to the Twilight Condominium. Matthew had a lot of properties
under his name, but Veronica’s favorite will always be the Twilight Condominium.

This was because this place held so many happy memories together in the past. Veronica took off her
shoes as soon as they reached home and slipped into her comfy slippers. She then dragged herself to
the couch and slumped into the couch wearily. “I’m so exhausted after such a long night’s flight.” “Why
are you on the couch?”

Matthew came over and lifted Veronica up, carrying her bridal style. She looked like a lazy little kitten in
his arms. “Go sleep in the bed. I’ll cook you some porridge.”

Of course, all this man knows is cooking porridge. Nevertheless, Veronica still felt like a princess as
she wallowed in his arms, enraptured in love. She chuckled sweetly, “I don’t want to eat porridge; I just
want you to accompany me in bed, please?”

“Are you sure that you only want to sleep with me and do nothing else?”

The man gazed down at the languid little girl cradled in his arms with his hooded eyes.

Her long silky hair was draped on her shoulders. Even without any makeup, her exquisite face was
embellished by luscious red lips and pearl white teeth; it altogether showed off her natural beauty.
Moreover, it gave her a dreamy yet mysterious demeanor, which made her look enchanting as it also
strummed the strings of his heart.

She was irresistible to him. He wanted to ‘play’ with her so badly. “Hmm… that depends on you.”

Veronica extended her slender snow-white fingers and traced them down Matthew’s against his nape.
Her fingertips slowly caressed his Adam’s apple and made their way down to his collar. Finally, she
tugged at his tie, and she looked precisely like a seductress right at that moment.

As they entered the bedroom, he kicked the door shut before gently plopping her onto the bed. He then
smirked at her, asking, “Do you know the repercussions for provoking me?”

Veronica grinned before biting her lip. She tried to hold back her giggles as she shook her head,
answering him, “No.”

“How about I show you instead?”

His threatening tone made Veronica regret acting so presumptuously. Thus, she dove for the duvets
and wrapped herself in them. “Matthew, I’m warning you, don’t you dare go too far!” she warned.

Before she could even finish, the man suddenly lifted the duvet and threw it aside; the woman
squeaked as she felt the covers slip away from her. To make things worse, he even had the gall to say,
“You’re too dirty. Let’s take a bath.”

“No way. I don’t want to take a shower with you.”

“You’re such a lazy person; if I don’t bathe you myself, I’m afraid you can’t clean yourself properly.”

“If I bathe with you, you’re just going to make me filthier.”

Veronica once again wrapped herself inside the blanket, and her implications were not lost on him.

“Oh really? Then don’t blame me for ‘staining’ you.”

“Don’t you dare!”

“We’ll see about that.”

Veronica kept trying to push his buttons but was met with ‘punishment’.

After being separated from each other for so long, their hearts grew fonder for each other. So, it was
more of a ‘let’s get wild’ than a punishment.

The two expressed their deepest love for each other by physically expressing it in bed. They both
drifted into endless pools of ecstasy.

Veronica thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the time they spent together.

She didn’t know how often she would have to enjoy happy times like this with Matthew, so she was
exceptionally aggressive that night.

All the heavy training given by Master Crayson, especially the horse stance training she’s been doing,
had finally been put to good use.

Matthew sensed her fervency naturally, so he squeezed her hand and teased, “It looks like little Roni is
getting hungry for me.”

Veronica became bashful by his comment and denied, “You shameless bastard, no I’m not… ugh…”

She let out an uncontrollable soft moan as her body sold her out.

The man grinned in satisfaction. Then, he released her hand and placed it on her waist. With one swift
turn, they switched positions.

It was a long yet passionate night. Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having fun.

It was already noon when Veronica finally fell asleep due to exhaustion. By the time she woke up,
Matthew was nowhere to be found.

Hence, she reluctantly pushed herself off her bed as she got ready for the rest of the day. After she
changed into her clothes, she left the bedroom.

Her slippers barely made a sound as she dragged herself around the house.

There was no sign of him in the living room, and he wasn’t in the dining room either.

Finally, she approached the study room. He didn’t shut the room’s door, so she could hear his voice
from outside without her even entering.

“Has he looked into our birthday horoscope? Which day did he say was suitable?”

“On the sixth day of the month after the next? No way, that’s too long.”

“Okay, then we’ll do it on the sixteenth of next month. Immediately pick out a team and prepare for the
wedding. I want to give her the best wedding.”

Veronica’s heart skipped a beat upon hearing his arrangements.

She immediately decided to stop eavesdropping as she quietly tiptoed away from the study room.

When she returned to the bedroom, she lay back down on the bed. Again, she was overwhelmed by
stress from what she’d heard.

She could swear on her life that she loved Matthew, and from what she could see, he loved her dearly
as well.

But she loved him far too much to let him get dragged into her problems.

After she went through such a perilous situation at Castron, she had a much better understanding of
her own identity.

All she could say was that they shouldn’t act like big fish in a small pond.

Matthew had the power to protect her here within Bloomstead. Nevertheless, Matthew’s power was no
match for that outside of Bloomstead.

If this were to go on, she feared that one day her problems might get him hurt or worse.

Conrad had terrible intentions, and he treated Elizabeth poorly. If Matthew weren’t there, the Kings’
Family would be in jeopardy, and they couldn’t guarantee Elizabeth’s continued wellbeing.

Veronica lost count of how many times Matthew had risked his life just to save her. She will forever be
in debt for how much he had sacrificed for her.

This was a debt that she would never be able to repay fully.

She was grateful and touched, but she couldn’t let him sacrifice himself for her anymore.

Eventually, she flipped sideways as she lay on the bed, immersed in her thoughts and trying to figure
out a solution.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Matthew pushed the bedroom door open and entered the room.
“Silly girl, it’s time to wake up.”

As soon as she heard the door, she quickly shut her eyes and feigned sleep.

The man walked over to her and caressed her delicate cheeks. “Are you not awake yet?”


Veronica pretended to drowsily open her eyes and stretched her arms. “It’s all your fault. Now I’m so
exhausted that I can’t even move a limb,” she complained. “I just woke up and washed up. Yet, after a
change of clothes, I was lured back to bed because I was so tired.”

“Lazy girl.”

Matthew flicked the tip of her nose and said, “I’ll carry you to the living room and put on a new movie for
you, so you can enjoy it while you eat.”

“A movie? Well, well, is it a romantic ‘action’ movie?”

Veronica smiled at him cheekily as she raised her eyebrows suggestively.

He poked her forehead gently and replied, “What are you thinking?” Do you think I have the same guilty
pleasure as you do?”


She wanted to argue, but she suddenly remembered herself accidentally stumbling upon a website link
and clicking on it while in the study room. She was watching some videos on that website before she
got caught red-handed by Matthew.

“I’m just curious, that’s all.”

“You were even drooling. You call that curious?”

“Nonsense, that didn’t happen.”


Veronica shook her head vigorously and firmly confirmed, “No, I did not.”

“It’s only been a few hours, and you’ve already forgotten everything now, do you? It looks like I need to
remind you about it again.”

Matthew’s words made Veronica utterly bashful.

Her fair skin turned red like an overripe peach. “I was just…just…umm…” she stammered as her mind
whirled for an excuse.

“Just what?”

He asked rhetorically, and she found herself lost for words. Finally, he replied in her stead, “Just
couldn’t help yourself?”

He described what she meant perfectly.