Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 524

Your Glibness

“The awful idea of breaking up earlier was because I wasn’t sensible,” said Matthew as he softly patted
the back of Veronica’s hand around his waist. “We’ll be married once we return since you already know
the truth.” How would he not know what she was thinking?

“Why the rush? Don’t you have your own business to take care of?”

“I know that Zac and Conrad have been making things difficult for you,” Veronica said grimly. “You
should concentrate on your work for now.”

“It’s indeed incredibly burdensome. But…” Matthew stopped abruptly and looked down at Veronica.
“The most challenging issue is Conrad.”

“Zac is the prince of the royal family of Castron. His status is noble and powerful. So I can see why you
may think he’s challenging. But Conrad?”

Veronica was quite confused. “Yvonne is the one you need to question about this,” Matthew said.
Veronica, who was incredibly intelligent, realized what Matthew meant immediately. She released his
hand and gasped in shock. “You mean they got back together?”

“If they reignited their love, it wouldn’t be that frightening.” “But things are much more insidious than
you think… ” he muttered hopelessly as he moved the chair aside and sat down.

Matthew didn’t complete his sentence as he couldn’t seem to find a suitable way to put it. It was more
like… it was so disgusting he didn’t know how to put it into words. “Oh, just tell me. Stop beating
around the bush.”

Veronica was deeply concerned about Yvonne’s issues since she thought of her as a close friend. She
was well aware that Matthew was a person who usually went straight to the point. So, whenever he

hesitated, it usually meant that things had gone to hell in a basket.

What unimaginable thing could happen between Conrad and Yvonne?

She racked her brains but couldn’t figure it out. “It all began when Zac knew that Yvonne was pregnant,
kidnapped her, and when you went to rescue her.” “Go on.”

“After you freed Yvonne from Zac, Yvonne contacted him and slandered Conrad. She said that she
became pregnant because he raped her. Therefore, Conrad had deliberately approached Yvonne,
intending to get his revenge and find his child.”

Matthew told her every single detail of the incident. He saw Veronica’s pallid look when he had finished
speaking, and he continued to explain, “When you and Yvonne went to Spinfluence Group the other
day to look for me, I informed Yvonne about it. It’s unfortunate that she’s so utterly blinded by love that
she didn’t trust me.”

Everything was the result of Yvonne’s lack of intelligence. He always had proof behind his words, but
Yvonne chose to trust Conrad.

Bang! Veronica’s face turned red with anger, and she slammed the table. “Conrad, that sc*m, actually
did such a thing to Yvonne! And Yvonne, is she an idiot?”

She could feel her mind spinning with fury as her chest heaved while she tried her best to restrain
herself from losing her temper. But doing so was arduous, so her not-so-ironclad control over her
emotions slipped through.

“No, I’d better call her. What if Conrad finds someone to do such a thing to Yvonne again?!” Once bitten
twice shy, and yet Yvonne was enough of a fool that she didn’t even sense the danger. “Are you sure
it’s a wise choice to tell Yvonne now?”

Matthew was well aware that Veronica was worried about Yvonne, so he didn’t immediately reject the
suggestion. Instead, he reminded, “Yvonne is not as smart as you, nor as rational as you.”

The implication behind his word was that after telling Yvonne, she would definitely impulsively confront
Conrad, and her ending would be far from happy.

“So, what should we do now?”

“Book a return trip for tonight, and we’ll talk about other things when we return to our country.”

Veronica had no other choice but to follow Matthew’s arrangement. She nodded but still couldn’t hold in
her rage. “How can there be someone as malicious as Conrad in the world? He deserves to be put to


Matthew’s mobile phone rang at this very time.

After he swept his gaze over the number, he took the call and said, “Well, I see.”

He replied with only a straightforward sentence before hanging up the phone.

“It was Thomas. He said that Xavier and Antheena were injured by me when they tried to escape
yesterday,” Matthew remarked to Veronica as he raised his eyes.

“Your tone suggested that they are not in danger of dying.”

Veronica scowled, feeling awful about what had occurred the day before.

Suddenly, she had a notion. “You…”

She swallowed the words about to come out of her mouth when her eyes met Matthew’s inky black

You harmed Antheena and are bound to enrage the Black Ace Mob. After all, Antheena was Fleck’s
precious daughter, was what she intended to say.

There was really no way they would be getting out of having bad blood with the Black Ace Mob now.

Veronica was hesitant to voice her thoughts because she didn’t want to reveal her ‘concerns’.

She knew that when she showed just how apprehensive she was about Matthew getting dragged into
her business, he would become acutely aware of her intention to break up with him.

So, the wisest course of action was to pretend to know nothing.

“Do you find it unfortunate?”

Veronica deftly shifted the subject to prevent Matthew from picking up on her momentary pause.

Unfortunately, as his eyes met hers, she reflexively looked away. Therefore, he knew precisely what
she was thinking, even though she didn’t say a peep about it.

Similarly, he took notice of it but decided to feign ignorance.

He nodded. “There will be endless problems if Xavier isn’t eliminated.”

Regarding Xavier’s matter, Veronica initially felt that Matthew was taking things too far, until yesterday
when Xavier went insane and wanted to bring Matthew down with him. She thought that Xavier’s
actions were way out of line. It was so out of line that the line was probably a speck of nothing to him.

Thus, she had nothing worthwhile to say about Xavier’s fate.

“I’m going to see Destiny later today. I want to pay her a visit because we’re flying home shortly.”


Matthew responded affirmatively.

Veronica visited Destiny in the late afternoon, but she insisted on going alone rather than having
Matthew accompany her.

After Veronica passed the gift and thanked Destiny, she left.

Once she had arrived home, she saw Matthew standing on the stairs outside the hall, smoking a
cigarette thoughtfully while watching the twilight. He had ‘pensiveness’ written across his handsome

“You’re back.”

Matthew put out his cigarette, dropped it in the trash, and walked down the steps to meet Veronica as
soon as she left the car.

His sculpted and beautiful face instantly broke into a smile when he laid his eyes on her. “Are you
tired?” he asked as he took her by the hand and embraced her in his arms.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as she tilted her head and gave him a sweet smile, replying, ”I
just visited someone, not get involved in a fight. How could I ever be tired?”

“You’re not tired, but I am.”

“You’re tired? What have you been up to today?” Veronica was confused.

It must have been something extremely demanding for Matthew to claim to be exhausted.

“I’m tired of thinking about you.”

“Ah? Pfft… Hahaha!”

After a brief moment of shock, she grinned and patted his chest. “Such a cheesy pick-up line. Since
when were you so glib?”

“You don’t like it?”

When Matthew saw Veronica laughing uncontrollably, he furrowed his brows tightly. “Then, I won’t say
any pick-up lines anymore.”

“No, I like it a lot. You can say more. I promise not to think of you as a ‘greasy’ person.”


He genuinely didn’t understand most of the terminology used on the internet.

“Ahem… Oh, would you look at that! I’m thirsty. Let’s drink some water, shall we? Veronica waved his
questions off as she sensed that Matthew wouldn’t understand it even if she explained her quip.