Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 527

Destroy Conrad

“Conny, shut up!” Yvonne immediately butted in and pulled Conrad over to sit on a couch. Then, she
circled around the coffee table to sit beside Veronica on the couch of her choice. “Roni…”

Yvonna reached out and intended to hold Veronica’s hand. However, the second her fingers touched
Veronica’s hand, Veronica slapped her hands off and snapped, “Don’t touch me!”

She was not going to touch a hand that was stained by a filthy jerk like Conrad. Yvonne’s smile
stiffened, and she even thought that Veronica was overreacting. Even so, the more she thought about
it, judging by Veronica’s misconception towards Conrad, her overreaction was granted.

“Actually…Roni, Conny had his reasons for treating me that way.” “His reasons?’

“Yes.” Yvonne nodded vigorously as she looked at Veronica with puppy eyes filled with pity. Veronica
raised an eyebrow, asking, “What’s the reason? Because he was terminally ill?”

It wasn’t merely an assumption, but Matthew had told her about this yesterday. “Umm…”

Before Yvonne could even explain, she had already beat her to it. As a result, Yvonne was so flustered
that she didn’t even know how to start.

She pursed her lips before sighing, sadly hanging her head. “You’re right. He was diagnosed with a
terminal illness… It’s stage-four liver cancer.” “Hmph.”

Veronica sneered at them, “Stage-four?” She then pointed at Conrad, who looked far from ill. “Doesn’t
seem so to me.” Then, she scowled at the doleful Yvonne and scoffed, “Yvonne, it seems to me that
you have stage-four of stupidity. I’m pretty sure there’s no cure for you.”

In her opinion, Yvonne was pretty much a lost cause at this point.

Nevertheless, her merciless words were enough to provoke Yvonne. Her face contorted in anger as
she leaped to her feet and reprimanded, “Veronica, because I respect you as my best friend, I’ve
decided to explain everything to you calmly and not start a fight. So what’s wrong with you? I already
said Conrad has stage-four liver cancer, and you think I’m lying to you?”

As she spoke, she turned towards a table and pulled out some documents from the drawer. She then
tossed the papers at Veronica when she approached the woman. “See for yourself then! These are his
cancer diagnostic reports, and it’s literal evidence for his diagnosis. So I wasn’t just making things up.
Also, what you said to him was very hurtful. You should apologize to him immediately!”

Conrad was already distraught due to his cancer. Naturally, Yvonne felt that Veronica’s words would
hurt his self-esteem.

Conrad was currently seated opposite them with his legs crossed. He lowered his head as he sulked,
face plastered with sadness and sorrow, but deep down, he was gleefully gloating.

Except, Yvonne wasn’t smart enough to see through his act.

“Yves, you don’t have to explain to her. Little Roni would never believe you.”

Conrad chuckled self-deprecatingly and said, “She had a deep misconception about me, so it’s
reasonable for her not to believe me. Plus, she was just doing this for your own good. You really
shouldn’t have spoken to her like that.”

Veronica had never seen such a pretentious man in her whole life.

She was so close to charging at Conrad and strangling him.

“Conny, of course, I know Roni is doing this for my own good, but I can’t just stand here and let her
misunderstand you further,” Yvonne said, heart filled with sympathy for Conrad’s misfortune.

Veronica almost lost it upon hearing how she kept siding with Conrad.

“Alright, alright. I’ll believe that Conrad does have stage-four liver cancer, but only for now. Despite that,
what if, and I say that hypothetically, what if he were lying to you? Have you ever thought about the
consequences of that?”

At Castron, Matthew told Veronica everything about Conrad and Yvonne down to the last detail.
Unfortunately, Matthew only had proof that Conrad’s cancer was fake. As for Yvonne being abused, he
had no solid evidence, and it was all just his speculation since the victim herself wasn’t even aware of
her torment.

After much consideration, Veronica decided to keep all the horrible things he’d done a secret from

She thought hiding the truth was the right thing to do to protect Yvonne.

Veronica’s words sent Yvonne deep into her thoughts, so she pondered the matter as her head hung
thoughtfully. Finally, she looked up at Veronica with determination in her eyes, saying firmly, “I trust him.
He would never lie to me.”

Veronica fell silent at Yvonne’s resolute words. Suffice to say, she was utterly dumbfounded.

She definitely has a few loose screws. No, make that several.

“Alright. If you say so. I have nothing else to say.”

Veronica decided not to haggle with her any further, so she gave her car keys to Yvonne. “I parked my
car outside. I prepared you a gift, but I accidentally left it in the car; go and take it yourself.”

Veronica brought a gift for Yvonne because she told the latter she was going to Castron, so Yvonne
asked her to help buy the gift.

Yet, they ended up returning in a hurry, and she’d completely forgotten to get Yvonne’s gift. Therefore,
she had to pick a gift for her at the mall instead.

“Oh, okay.”

Yvonne took over the car keys from Veronica. She felt a sense of remorse for how she spoke to
Veronica. “I’m…really sorry. I shouldn’t have spoken to you so harshly. I… I was just clouded by anger.”

“Alright, I get it. Your relationship is none of my business.” Veronica flopped on the couch leisurely.
Then, she crossed her arms against her chest as she glanced over at the side, refusing to even spare
a glance at Yvonne.

Yvonne pouted at her actions. “Conny, please get some water for Roni. I’ll go and get the gift.”

“Okay.” Conrad nodded.

Yvonne walked out of the living room with the car keys. After she was completely out of sight, Veronica
lunged toward Conrad and grabbed him by the collar, followed by a fist toward his face. “You piece of

Nonetheless, Conrad was nimble and managed to hold onto her arm. Little did he know that Veronica’s
punch was merely a feint; she punched her left fist right at his abdomen when he grabbed her arm.

Despite that, Conrad still managed to block off her second attack thanks to his agility, but Veronica
caught him off guard and swung her leg right at his crotch.

Veronica had gathered enough force in that one kick. After that, her every strike was rapier-like and
calculated, and it eventually wholly caught Conrad by surprise.

He knew she was quite a skilled fighter, but he never would’ve thought that she was this capable.”

“Ouch!” he winced.

The instant her kick landed, agony flared from between his legs. He felt as if his whole body was
throbbing from the excruciating pain as she didn’t hold back with her kick.

He had his back hunched as he clutched his crotch in agony. His face was flushed red, and veins
protruded around his forehead as he gasped out due to the pain, “Veronica Murphy— you b*tch!

“What the f*ck did you call me?”

Veronica took one step back and kicked him square on the chest. Conrad fell backward and off the
couch, hitting the hard floor with a thud.

He lay on the floor; body doubled over. He couldn’t care less about the pain from the fall as he was
wholly blinded by the crippling pain in his lower body.

This woman has a deathwish!

Regrettably for him, she wasn’t even close to done with punishing him. Instead, she stormed to him
and gave him a few more powerful kicks.

She made sure to apply as much force as she had endured when she was brutally kicked by Xavier
that day in the cellar of Antheena’s castle.

“Yvonne may be a fool, but that doesn’t mean I am one too. So you better listen up. If you dare lay
another finger on her, I will make sure you suffer for the rest of your pathetic life!”

Conrad was in too much pain to stand up and defend himself; all he could do was lie on the floor like a
punching bag.

He gritted his teeth as he helplessly watched on while Veronica punted him repeatedly.

He slowly let out a hysterical laugh as he spat, “Oh really? I may not be able to stop you, but I will make
sure Yvonne suffers for the rest of her life!”

His laugh creeped Veronica out so much that it sent sharp chills down her spine.

Suddenly, she had an awful premonition that he wasn’t making things up when he said he would take
revenge on Yvonne.

Veronica tightened her fist once more and gave him one final hard blow at his crotch with her leg.
“Then, I’ll make sure that you suffer for the rest of your life first.”