Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 534

Chapter 456

Flora hid behind the door of the ward and carefully looked inside.

The ward door was ajar and she could see

Savanna lying on the bed.

Her head was wrapped in gauze and there was a breathing machine on her side.

She was unconscious, but she was still alive.

“Savanna, you are really lucky. The car didn’t take your life!” Flora gritted her teeth.

She always remembered the pain of her car accident, so she wanted to use the same method to kill

Unfortunately, Savanna did not die.

Beep, beep, beep.

The corridor was empty. The phone in Flora’s bag suddenly rang. She was shocked.

Who is it to make a phone call at this time?

She quickly took out her phone, pressed the answer button, and whispered,



In the next second, something soft and furry rubbed against her feet, and Flora cried out in alarm.

“Meow.” She looked down. It turned out to be an orange stray cat.

“Smelly cat, get out of my way!” She was afraid of furry animals and scolded in a low voice.

However, the cat got closer to her feet.

“Go away!” Flora shouted.

The noise outside alarmed the people inside the ward.

“Who’s outside?” Brandon asked warily.

Flora was afraid of being discovered, so she turned around and ran to the other end of the corridor
without looking at the cat.

At the same time, the door of the ward was pulled open.

Rex poked his head out and glanced over. He only saw a vague figure, and then his eyes were
attracted by the stray cat at the door of the ward.

“How come there’s a cat here?”

The kitten meowed. It was extremely hungry. When it saw someone come out, it immediately rushed to
his feet and rubbed its little head against his trousers.

“It’s a cat.”

Brandon took a look and retracted his gaze.

He was now indifferent to everything except Savanna.

On the other side, Flora, who had run out panting, stopped at a corner.

She looked back and saw that no one had chased after her.

The person in the receiver heard the noise and asked her, “Why are you running away in such a panic?
Where did you go?”

“Hospital.” Flora heaved a sigh of relief.

“Why are you going to the hospital?” Kadyn immediately became alert,

“Savanna had a car accident. Is that because of you?”

“I asked someone to hit her. What’s wrong? Don’t you also want Brandon to be unhappy? As long as
she dies, our wishes will come true!”

“You are insane.” Kadyn became afraid, regretting helping this mad woman do those things before.

Flora laughed maniacally, “That bitch deserves to die. I’ll give it a push.”

“What do you want?”

Although Kadyn wanted Brandon to suffer, he still felt pity for Savanna.

“Don’t try to trick me. Kadyn, just wait and thank me.”

With a slap, Flora decisively hung up the phone.

She put away her phone. Then she looked up and found that the man she had seen at the bar before
was standing not far away and staring at her with a smile.

It was a sunny, natural smile. However, with a piercing gaze, it looked scary.

“Why are you here?”

“I came to visit a patient. I didn’t expect to meet you again.” Tyrell shook the fruit basket in his hand.

“I don’t want to talk to you,” said Flora, glaring at him.

“But I have something to tell you.”

The man took two quick steps and blocked her way.

“What do you want to tell me?”

“Savanna had a car accident. Did you do it?”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand.” Flora was stunned for a

moment and then denied it.

Tyrell stopped smiling when he heard this, and his eyes instantly became sharp.

“I hope so. I reminded you before. Don’t hurt her. If you are stubborn, then your good days will be over.”

“Who exactly are you? Why are you so protective of her?”

Flora was extremely angry. She could not understand what kind of magic

Savanna had. Why were so many men surrounding her?

“You don’t need to know about this. Just remember that Savanna is someone you cannot hurt.”

After Tyrell said this, he turned and walked away quickly.

Flora stood where she was, staring at his back as he disappeared. She was so angry that she ground
her teeth.



Savanna ruined her life. However, Savanna was still free and unfettered. She just wanted to revenge,
and so many people attacked her and threatened her.

“Come on in.”

Tyrell bent his knuckles and knocked on the door. He had come especially to visit Savanna.

Tyrell pushed open the door of the ward and entered. Brandon was holding a hot towel in his hand and
carefully wiped Savanna’s face.

The movement was very light. He carefully avoided the abrasion on her face so that he won’t hurt her.

“Mr. Cassel, I heard that Savanna was in a car accident, so I came to see her.”

Tyrell put down the fruit basket in his hand.

Brandon turned to look at him and thanked him.

“Why are you so badly injured? Has the driver been founded?”

“That person’s injury is more serious. He is still in ICU now.”

Brandon clenched the towel in his hand in resentment and his fingers tightened as if he was holding the
neck of the perpetrator.

“When he wakes up, I’ll ask who asked him to do so.”

Savanna had just been discharged from the hospital. Then she encountered a car accident. No one
would believe that it was a pure accident.

Tyrell guessed who did this, but he didn’t want to meddle in other people’s family affairs.

Besides, that person and Brandon used to be a couple

He didn’t want to say something to cause trouble.

“Then we can only wait for the driver to wake up.” Tyrell agreed.

“I’ll find out the true culprit and tear that person to pieces!”

Brandon gritted his teeth and said in a solemn tone.

When Tyrell heard this, he couldn’t help but shiver. He silently sympathized with Flora.

A young girl who didn’t listen to people’s advice would eventually ask for trouble.

“Mr. Cassel, it’s getting late. Mandel is still waiting for me at home. It’s time for me to go back.”

Tyrell walked to the door of the ward and suddenly stopped.

He turned back and asked, “Mr. Cassel, do you believe that there will be two people in this world who
look the same but have completely different temperaments?”

“What do you mean?” Brandon frowned.

He understood that a shrewd person like Tyrell would never talk nonsense.

“Nothing,” Tyrell gave a meaningful smile, “I should go. After all, I’m Mandel’s real father, not the fake


Two people looked the same but had completely different personalities?

After Tyrell left, Brandon stayed by the side of the bed, pondering over what he said.

Who was the imposter he was referring to?