Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 537

She Wants to Kill Conrad

Back then, Conrad had painstakingly arranged for this day, but it had arrived sooner than expected. He
leaned against the bed with a mocking smile on his face. “You look more attractive when you’re angry
compared to your pretentious look, hahaha…”

Conrad unrestrainedly humiliated Yvonne, trampling on her dignity, as if the only way to relieve the
endless humiliation in his heart was to see her completely lose her mind. What happened with Zac was
still fresh in his mind, and the pain she felt at this moment was the same as the pain he felt before. It
was an eye for an eye—she was just getting what she deserved.

Yvonne kept stomping the laptop on the ground, her ears ringing with his words as she fell into despair.
Her brain buzzed and she stared at him blankly, her face completely pale. The images in the video
lingered in her mind, each of them a scene of shame and a stain on her life.

She thought that him faking a terminal illness was bad enough, but she never thought that he would do
something so heinous. For a moment, her world collapsed. Her body kept trembling and her hands
clenched into small fists as she had a mental breakdown.

“Why… Why did you do this to me?” After a long time, she asked in a breathless voice.

The smile on Conrad’s face gradually disappeared as a sense of humiliation surged in his heart. His
eyes flashing, he snorted. “This is what happens when you make an enemy of me.”

How could he tell Yvonne about the things Zac had done? After all, he didn’t want anyone to know
about the shame he felt.

“You want…” Knowing that Conrad had a purpose, Yvonne pursed her lips and quickly restrained her
emotions before asking, “You want to use the video to exchange for the child, right?”

Other than that, she couldn’t think of any other reason.

Raising his eyebrows, Conrad did not refute. “Yes. Hand over the child, and I promise to delete all the

“You were able to lie about having cancer. How do you expect me to trust you?”

Yvonne had already exhausted all her trust in Conrad and would not believe even one word from him

“That makes sense.” He nodded and lowered his eyes, glancing at the laptop that had been trampled
into two halves on the ground. “I suppose you can refuse, but… thousands of people will probably see
that gorgeous body of yours tomorrow.”

With just a sentence, he sent chills down her spine, as if she had been dunked into a bucket of ice.

Yvonne gritted her teeth as she shivered uncontrollably. “Do you think I won’t kill you right here and

“I bet… you wouldn’t dare.” Conrad smiled playfully. “You’re smart, so you should know that even if I
die, it won’t stop these videos from being published.”

These things could simply be handed over to someone else to handle, or he could just log into the
software and publish it in advance himself; it was not a difficult task at all. Conrad’s words were exactly
what Yvonne was worried about.

As a woman, if the video of her being ruined spread, it would be the same as sending her to hell,
leaving her spending the rest of her life in a nightmare. Indeed, she did not dare to risk that. Yvonne
was completely at a loss. She didn’t know what to do to solve this matter. Though she wanted to tell
Veronica, she found it a difficult issue to divulge to others.

“I’ll give you 24 hours. If you can’t bring the child here, you can just wait for your video to be published.”
Saying that, Conrad hummed a little tune in a leisurely manner, as if what happened to him had no
effect on him.

Somehow, Yvonne managed to leave the hospital in a daze, her mind in complete disarray. After
returning to the villa, she went straight into the bathroom and soaked herself in the bathtub, where she
took a bath sponge and pressed a handful of shower gel before frantically scrubbing her body. As if she
were a soulless machine, she kept scrubbing herself, and even ran out of an entire bottle of body wash.
Though her body had turned red, she did not stop. She felt as if the filth was coming out from her
bones, fueling Yvonne and nearly driving her crazy.

After a long soak in the bathtub, the water had turned cold, and she fell asleep while leaning on the tub
in the end. Unsure of how long had passed, Yvonne woke up feeling dizzy, so she pulled a bath towel
and wrapped it around her body before collapsing on the bed.

She lay around doing nothing for a full day. Her phone that was placed on her bedside had long since
run out of battery and turned off automatically. Yvonne, who had been sleeping for a long time, only
woke up when her stomach gurgled with hunger, but she still felt weak.

She spaced out for a moment before her eyes lit up abruptly and she sat up in a flash, reaching out to
grab her phone and immediately charging it when she saw that it was out of battery.

When she anxiously turned on her phone, it kept vibrating incessantly. There were many missed calls
from Veronica, as well as calls from people such as Conrad.

She tapped on Veronica’s text message. ‘Don’t turn off your phone next time. You nearly scared me to
death. I hurried to your house to look for you and saw that you were asleep, so I didn’t disturb you.
Have a good rest. Don’t overthink things.’

‘Call me after you wake up tomorrow.’

‘Are you awake yet?’

As she listened to Veronica’s voice messages, Yvonne’s eyes turned red, her heart filling with guilt and
remorse. When she thought about the day before yesterday when she reprimanded Veronica for
Conrad’s sake, she felt like a foolish clown.


Suddenly, her phone vibrated with a text message.

When Yvonne tapped on it, she saw that it was an internet link sent over by Conrad. After a moment of
hesitation, she tapped on the link. A warning popped up on the page, but she continued to browse
anyway. Unsurprisingly, it was indeed a foreign website that displayed various kinds of unsightly
videos. Just as she was wondering to herself, she keenly noticed that the video thumbnail in the bottom
right corner was somewhat familiar.

As it was a recommendations page, there were multiple videos on the screen, each having a tiny
thumbnail which she didn’t see at first glance. Now that she saw it clearly, her heart raced and she
turned pale with fear. Yvonne’s hand trembled while she held her phone, and her thumb quivered as
she tapped on the video, only to find that it was in high definition. Fortunately, her eyes were blurred

Ring, ring!

Yvonne’s phone rang all of a sudden, startling her. Upon seeing that it was a call from Conrad, she
immediately answered it. “Conrad, are you trying to ruin me?”

Although the video was blurred out, those who were familiar with her could tell at a glance that it was
her in the video.

“My little princess, you look so unpleasant when you’re emotional,” Conrad drawled languidly. Listening
to his mocking voice, Yvonne felt furious and frantic.

Then, he continued, “I said I gave you 24 hours, and it was you who did not appreciate the chance and
keep your promise. As the person who broke our deal, you have to pay the price!”

“Conrad, you scumbag! Delete it now. Delete the video immediately!” she roared, her voice even
breaking at one point.

“Delete it? Not a problem. As long as you hand the child over to me.”

“Y-You… You’re delusional!”

“It seems that you won’t believe my words unless I take some drastic measures.” With that, Conrad
immediately hung up.

Though Yvonne called him back, her calls kept getting declined. Five minutes later, just as she was
trying to figure out who to contact to get rid of the video, she suddenly realized that the mosaic on the
video was all gone. In that instant, she completely lost her mind.