Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 544

Attacked by an Ex-girlfriend

“You’re back.” Matthew got up and walked toward Veronica with a gentle smile. His expression was
indifferent, as if he didn’t know Veronica was lying. Then, he smoothly took the bags from her hand.
“That’s a lot of stuff. Is there a gift for me?”

“What?” Veronica was stunned for a moment, then she shook her head with her face full of
embarrassment. She reached out and scratched her head. “Oh, my… I was too tired from shopping
with Ruka and forgot about it.”

Truth was, she did not shop at all. She bought a few clothes at the roadside mall on the way back to
continue the lie, and she did not even know if they fit her.

“I’m so sorry for forgetting about you. Should we go shopping tomorrow? I can pick a few clothes for
you.” Veronica wisely changed the subject. Matthew gave her a meaningful look. His pupils were dark
and unclear, making it impossible to fathom what he was thinking.

“Alright.” He responded and led Veronica to the living room. The tired little woman lounged on the
couch as she mumbled, “I’m sleepy.”

Whether it was from the hot weather or the pregnancy that gave women the habit of napping, Veronica
felt tired. She couldn’t help but be thankful that the children in her womb were unharmed after being
severely beaten by Xavier in Castron, and they were indeed a gift from God.

Matthew poured a glass of warm water and handed it to her. “Here, drink some water.” That gentle and
considerate nature completely differed from his ruthless and domineering image.

It was hard to imagine the cruel man everyone talked about would be so considerate. Veronica couldn’t
help but think of the poem. In me, the tiger sniffs the rose.

Then, she got up to sit cross-legged on the couch and accepted the glass of water. She smiled
genuinely as she murmured, “Matt, you’re so kind to me.”

After speaking, she took a large gulp of water from the glass. Matthew took the cup and placed it on the
table, then took out a tissue to wipe the water on Veronica’s mouth.

Suddenly, his delicate fingers pinched her chin and lifted slightly. “My kindness to you comes at a

“Huh? A-At what cost?”

Veronica looked at the standing man before her, and she could feel the discreet coldness from his
expression, though it was not obvious.

“You should be nice to me too. If you were to abandon me one day…” He paused, and his gaze was
tinged with a hint of coldness. “I will break your legs and put you under house arrest.”

Matthew squeezed Veronica’s chin hard, making her gasp in pain. “Ouch! You’re hurting me.”

Veronica pouted and slapped Matthew’s hand away.

As she reached out and rubbed her chin, her eyes dropped in thought and something flashed through
her gaze. Matthew is clearly not in the right mood. Does this mean he knows something?

After thinking about it, Veronica couldn’t remember what she had done wrong.

Suddenly, Matthew asked coldly, “Aren’t you going to tell me?”

Veronica looked at the man for a moment, as if she could perceive something.

She frowned and asked after a moment of hesitation, “Y-You know all about it?”

“Of course. Just tell me all about it.” Matthew sat sideways beside her and put his arms around her
shoulders. “First Meeting is my company, so how could I not know when you blatantly went to Master

“What?” Veronica was stunned and confused. “Y-You mean the part where I met Master Crayson?”

“What else?”

Veronica used his left hand to hold her hand while gently rubbing her hand with his fingers to feel her
delicate and smooth skin. However, he hid his loneliness behind his slightly drooping eyelids.

He was giving Veronica a chance, and only gave her a little pressure.

Hearing that from Matthew, Veronica secretly breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. “That’s right. After
shopping with Ruka, I passed by First Meeting, so I went to rest and chat with Master Crayson.”

“To discuss with him about abandoning me?”

Veronica stayed silent. What an ambiguous statement; what is he trying to say?

“Roni, even if you go out to train for six months, I’ll still come to you. If I suddenly can’t contact you one
day, you are doomed.”

“Oh, haha…”

Veronica laughed dryly as she understood what Matthew meant, so she shook her head and leaned on
him while nuzzling him. “How could I? You’re so kind to me; I wouldn’t want to leave you.”

Then, the man put his arms around her and smoothed her hair. “Roni, promise me you won’t leave me,

Matthew was disappointed that he couldn’t hear the truth.

However, it also confirmed his thoughts that Veronica was reluctant to tell him about her pregnancy,
because she wanted to leave him. She wants to take my children and leave without a word!

Leaning against his chest, Veronica closed her eyes to hide the pain in her eyes, and she did not
answer him for a long time.

Ultimately, she held Matthew’s hand while picking her nails uneasily and nodded. “Okay.”

The reply was somewhat superficial.

This time, Matthew was silent.

They sat on the couch with their thoughts, and no one spoke for a while.

A phone rang and broke the silence.

It turned out that it was Veronica’s cell phone, and it was from Elizabeth.

Veronica took out her phone and glanced at it. Then, she looked up at Matthew. “Caleb? Why is he
calling me?”

After answering the phone, Veronica asked, “Caleb, what’s the matter?”

“Where are you? If you are free, come to the police station.”

“Police station? W-Why?”

“Shirley is injured and in the police station, so hurry over.”

“Okay. Understood.”

After hanging up the phone, Veronica repeated the situation to Matthew and anxiously got up to walk
toward the foyer. “Matt, I have to hurry over there.”

“I’m with you.”

Knowing Veronica was pregnant with twins, Matthew was getting worried about her.

They changed their shoes in the foyer, went downstairs, and drove straight to the police station.

They walked into the police station lobby in Bloomstead and saw Caleb.

Hence, Veronica hurriedly stepped forward and asked, “What’s going on? Why was Shirley suddenly

Caleb was dressed in a navy blue uniform with a police cap and exuded a strong sense of justice.

He removed his police cap to run his hand through the hair, then glanced at Matthew behind Veronica
and felt surprised. It was because Caleb didn’t expect that they were still together.

“It’s… complicated.”

“Speak up if you have something to say. Don’t beat around the bush.”

Veronica was worried about Shirley. After all, Shirley had been working with Veronica ever since Shirley
graduated from college.

Later, Shirley stayed at the wedding company and worked with Monica. When she was free, they would
have dinner together. Hence, Veronica regarded Shirley as her sister.

“It’s because of that jerk Skyler. He kept flirting with girls daily, then his girlfriend… Wait, no. His ex
came and hired someone to beat Shirley. I also contacted Skyler, but I couldn’t reach him.”