Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 545

Skyler’s Been Played

“Girlfriend? I-I thought he didn’t have one.” Veronica had thought Skyler wasn’t in a relationship since
the first day she knew him. So what is this about a girlfriend who has popped out of nowhere?

She looked back at Matthew with a curious face as she waited for him to give her an answer. With no
intention to hide the truth, Matthew explained, “Skyler’s first love is the reason he is like this.”

After saying that, he paused and hesitated, seemingly thinking of a way to explain it to her in a succinct
manner. “In short,” he eventually added, “his first love played him. And he in turn started playing other

Veronica finally understood after hearing that. It turned out that Skyler was such a casanova because
his first love had hurt him. On top of that, he was still not over her.

Now that she was back, she had probably beaten Shirley up because she thought that there was
something between Skyler and Shirley.

“That jerk of a man! All he does is flirt and hurt women!” she chided while taking her phone out to give
Skyler a call.

However, her call went unanswered, and she only heard her call go into the voicemail.

Left with no choice, she hung up and went in with Caleb. She saw Shirley in the lounge then.

Shirley was dressed in a waist-cinching summer suit, and her hair was pulled into a high ponytail. But
at this moment, her high ponytail was a mess that tilted to one side, and there were three bloody
scratches on her fair face. On top of her eyes being swollen from crying, she also had blood at the
corners of her mouth.


Heartbroken, Veronica walked over to Shirley.

As soon as Shirley, who was sobbing, heard that familiar voice, she looked up and saw Veronica
walking in. She immediately got up and rushed toward Veronica and threw her arms around her as she
sobbed. “You are finally here, Ron,” she wailed.

Since Shirley didn’t have relatives or friends in Bloomstead, she had naturally gotten close with Monica
and Veronica.

She decided to call Veronica because she didn’t want to disturb Monica, who had to go to work and
take care of her child.

Besides, Veronica was quite close to Skyler.

“Come now. It’s alright. I am here.”

Veronica couldn’t help but sigh as she comforted the woman who sobbed in her chest like a child. She
somehow felt like Shirley was a young girl even though Veronica herself was only a few years older
than Shirley.

“R-Ron, I am scared.”

“Don’t be. I am here for you. You will be fine.” With that, Veronica pushed Shirley away and looked at
her from head to toe. “How do you feel? Are you injured? I will take you to the hospital for a check-up.”

“My t-tummy hurts.”

Shirley continued to sob as diamond-like tears rolled down her beautiful face, making Veronica feel
even worse than she already did.

Matthew, who was standing at the door, looked at Caleb with cold eyes. “Where is his girlfriend?”

“Drew’s girlfriend sure isn’t someone easy to deal with. She is extremely tight-lipped about the thing
she had someone else do for her. If it wasn’t for Shirley being Veronica’s close friend, I wouldn’t have
said that she is Drew’s girlfriend without enough evidence. That would have been immoral.”

Both witness and material evidence were needed to carry out an investigation. Even though Caleb
knew that Skyler’s girlfriend was the person who pulled the strings behind the scene, he couldn’t just
say that without sufficient evidence. He would be slandering and defaming her.

Still, the men were close, so he trusted Skyler would someday tell the truth himself.

“Let’s not talk about him. What about you? Why are you with Veronica again?”

Compared to Skyler’s love life, Caleb was more concerned about how Matthew and Veronica’s
relationship had progressed.

“As you can see, we are together. We are getting ready to… get married,” Matthew admitted.

“You are getting married? What an unexpected plot twist!” Caleb was very surprised. “I have a feeling it
will be a tough wedding—ouch! What is that kick for?”

Before Caleb could finish his sentence, Matthew had kicked him on his thigh, eliciting a pained gasp
from the man.