Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 546

Make Her Pay

“Shut up if you can’t say nice things.” Matthew’s expression sank, and he shot a cold gaze at Caleb.
Just that one look managed to make Caleb break out in cold sweat.

“I was just saying. Don’t take it personally.” Caleb rubbed his nose and as a glint flashed across his
clear eyes, he leaned in to Matthew and whispered in his ear, “Women are all sentimental beings. You
can definitely make her yours if you get her pregnant.”

After saying that, Caleb even proudly wiggled his eyebrows at Matthew as the former made another
confident remark. “It is a conclusion I got from experience.”

Matthew, who was standing as straight as a pole, crossed his arms in front of his chest, his nonchalant
gaze falling on Caleb. “Experience from being single for 30 years, you mean?”

The smile on Caleb’s face disappeared in that instant, and he rolled his eyes before falling silent. So
they say the best way to kill a man is by killing his soul, he sighed.

Right then, Veronica came out of the lounge with her arm around Shirley. The women then stood in
front of Caleb. Veronica’s fair face looked slightly irritated as she demanded, “I am bringing her home.
Please find out what you can. Shirley is one of my people. Anyone who hurt her will have to pay!”

Shirley couldn’t help feeling touched by how they had each other’s back.

Sniffling, she burst into tears again. “You are so nice to me, Ron.”

Even though they weren’t related by blood, Veronica felt like a real sister to Shirley. With that, Shirley
had become even more determined to repay Veronica in hundredfold.

After hearing Veronica’s words, Caleb mumbled, “Um…”

He tilted his head to look at Matthew, only to feel the corners of his lips twitch when he saw how
Matthew’s attention was on Veronica alone.

As expected, Caleb sighed again. What is a bro compared to a woman?

“Alright, I will make sure Skyler gives you an explanation,” he answered her perfectly.

After that, he walked the three of them out of the police station, and only walked back in after the sedan
was no longer in his peripheral.


A whistle that sounded from behind immediately stopped him in his tracks. When he turned his head,
he was greeted by the sight of a ‘fully armored’ man in black casual clothes, black cap, sunglasses and
mask. The man was plastered to the automatic sliding door as he greeted Caleb.

It was safe to say the man was acting like a weirdo.

As a policeman, Caleb could feel his senses telling him that there was something wrong with the man.

Could he be a crime suspect who is here to give himself up?

“Who are you?”

As the only visible parts of the man were the parts above his waist as he stealthily stuck himself to the
door, Caleb didn’t recognize him at first glance.

It was only until he stood in front of the man, and the man had taken off his sunglasses that he
recognized it was Skyler.

“Geez, you didn’t even recognize me? I should probably call you Mr. Visual Impairment instead of
Caleb.” He jumpily glanced left and right as he spoke.

“How am I supposed to recognize you when you are wrapped like a mummy?”

Caleb put his hands in his pockets and subconsciously switched on the demeanor of a police officer as
he demanded, “Why can’t I get through to your phone? Your woman had Shirley beaten up. Matt and
Veronica have just left. You had better give them an explanation.”

“Duh. I wouldn’t have the guts to come out if they hadn’t left.” As Skyler spoke, he put his sunglasses
back on. “I came here to let you know that I have to stay out of the public’s eye for now.”

“What ‘public eye’ are you talking about? Don’t tell me you got into trouble.”

“Of course I am going to hide from Sofia.” Skyler shook his head and sighed. “Why do you think she
beat up Shirley? It is because I am close to Shirley. Also, she is using such a cruel method to force me
to appear since I have been hiding from her ever since she came back.”

Hearing that, Caleb let a chuckle slip. “You used to love her to death back then, but now you are hiding
from her when she is looking for you.”

“Hmph! She was the one who dumped me and yet, she is looking for me now. Why would I spend time
to meet her?”

As Skyler huffed, he took a cigarette out of his pocket and lightly nibbled the butt. He then lit the other
end and puffed away.

He didn’t give Caleb one as he knew that the police officer wasn’t allowed to smoke during working

Skyler then added, “What the hell does she think I am for her to come and go as she please?”

Caleb’s phone began to ring at that point.

“Let me take this call,” he threw out while pressing the accept button.

“Who is this?”

“Hello, Mr. Caleb. It is Yenna here. Um… Have you seen Skye?” In fact, Sofia was the one asking from
the other end of the call.

Sofia had stayed abroad for years, and had changed her number after she came back. That was why
Caleb didn’t know that she was the one calling.

Hearing that, Caleb looked at Skyler and intentionally repeated, “You are looking for Skyler?”