Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 547

Shir Is Very Cute

Skyler’s eyes widened in surprise and waved his hand to signal Caleb not to betray him. “I don’t know
where Skyler is, but there’s something I want to ask. Did you hire someone to beat Shirley?”

“What? What happened? I don’t know what you are talking about.” “Sofia, your affairs with Drew are
private, and I have no right to interfere. However, as a police officer, I must warn you about this. By the
way, I want to remind you that Shirley is a good friend of Matt’s girlfriend, so don’t make a mistake.”

As Caleb finished speaking, there was a brief silence on the other end of the phone, so he ended the
call. He glanced at Skyler coldly. “Handle your own affairs. You better give an explanation to Veronica.”

“Roni, you mean? I don’t want to.” Skyler did not dare to meet Veronica for fear of being beaten, and he
couldn’t resist her.

However, he noticed Caleb was unhappy, so he gave in immediately. “How about this? You ask Shirley
if she’s with Roni later. If they’re not together, tell me. I will personally visit Shir to apologize to her.”

So, they happily decided on the plan. On the other hand, Veronica took Shirley out of the police station.
First, Veronica took Shirley to the clinic to get some medicine, and then she sent Shirley home. After
that, Veronica stayed with Shirley for the whole day and didn’t leave until dark.

After some reassurance, Shirley was in a much better mood.

Matthew had One Piece Restaurant deliver a meal to Shirley. Looking at the sumptuous dinner, Shirley
immediately felt way better.

After sending off the delivery man, someone knocked on the door.

At that, Shirley got up and walked to the door to ask, “Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

A familiar male voice echoed over.

Shirley looked into the peephole and found that it was Skyler, so she opened the door. “Young Master
Skyler, why are you here?”

Skyler walked in with a pile of supplements and grinned at Shirley. “Shir, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault
that you got hurt, and I’m here to make amends.”

As he spoke, his gaze fell on Shirley’s face. Seeing a few scratches on her delicate cheeks and a
bruise at the corner of her mouth, he couldn’t help feeling guilty.

He felt that Sofia was too unreasonable.

Shirley looked at Skyler, who was laden with bags, while pursing her lips cautiously and shook her
head. “I-I’m fine.”

The dignified Young Master of the Robins Family personally came to her for this accident, so she
accepted the thought.

However, she was surprised.

Skyler lifted his foot to close the door while putting the bags on the floor. Then, he turned around to
pinch Shirley’s face while shoving her cheek to the side. He smacked his tongue. “Tsk! How horrible.
They should be punished.”

His slender and fair hand cupped her chin. Then, he frowned as he carefully examined Shirley’s face.
As if he was going to look more closely, he deliberately inched toward her face.

Shirley felt his closeness, and it was until she could feel the man’s warm breath. Then, she bit her lips
nervously as her pale cheeks tinged with a touch of scarlet. Even her ears became warmer.

In an instant, her heart rate was getting higher as her breathing became faster.

“I-I’m a-alright.” Shirley was not used to Skyler’s approach, so she waved his hand away. “Young
Master Skyler, I’m really alright.”

“That’s great.”

Although Skyler was carefree and did not notice Shirley’s flickering gaze, he still could see her peach-
like cheeks flushed with an unnatural blush.

Shirley wore cartoon pajamas while wearing a pink bunny headband. Her hair was tied into two braids,
which made her look petite and cute.

On the other hand, Skyler was used to seeing Shirley wearing professional attire the whole day, so he
was swayed by her. “Shir, you’re more suitable for casual wear, and you look better without makeup.”

“What?” Shirley looked down at her pajamas and hastily explained, “I took a shower when I got back,
so I changed my clothes and took off my makeup.”

She took a shower after being beaten and took off her makeup to apply the medicine.