Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 548

The Rival Coming to Her

“I see.” Skyler didn’t pay much attention to her words, as the fragrance of food hanging in the air caught
his attention instead. “You’ve cooked? It smells amazing!”

“It was Young Master Matthew. He asked the One Piece Restaurant to make them for me.” “It’s from
One Piece Restaurant? Tsk! What a heartless man Matt is! He has never ordered food for me from that

Hearing those words, Shirley had no choice but to be courteous. “There is too much food, and I can’t
finish all of it by myself. Young Master Skyler, why don’t you join me?”

Meanwhile, Skyler immediately accepted the offer. “Sure! I’m kind of hungry at the moment.” There was
no answer from Shirley because she was taken aback by his response. I’m just being polite. Are the
wealthy ones always taking things for granted?

She left the thought to herself without commenting on his behavior. After that, she led him to the dining
room and brought over a set of cutleries for him.

As Skyler picked up his spoon and was ready to eat, Shirley suddenly stated, “Young Master Skyler,
you haven’t washed your hands.”

As he was accustomed to living his own way for his whole life, Skyler perked his head up in surprise
when he heard her reminder.

Shirley was holding his gaze as he watched her. Her casual outfit and the warmly decorated room gave
off a leisurely mood.

Skyler had never experienced such a feeling before.

It was as if at that moment, the void inside his heart since long ago was filled by something he couldn’t
make sense of, and the feeling had fulfilled his mind in a split second.

After he spent years in a haze, he felt truly at home for the first time.

It was different from back at the villa, where his family and he would gather around the dining table and
dine in silence as the servants served them at the side.

It was always quiet and had no traces of laughter around the table, which only frustrated him more.

“Alright. Where’s the bathroom?”

“There.” Shirley pointed in that direction.

Skyler washed his hands in the bathroom. It was only after he stepped out of the bathroom that he
noticed the decorations in Shirley’s apartment.

She was keeping the small living room tidy and organized. There was a bunch of white roses in the
vase on the coffee table.

What a coincidence! White roses are my favorite flower.

“You like roses?” Skyler asked as he lifted his chin to gesture over the flowers on the coffee table in the
living room.

Shirley answered with a smile, “Right. White roses symbolize pure love.”

His eyes were shining at her words as a thought flashed through his mind. We think alike.

He joined her back at the dining table and the two ate in silence.

Even though Skyler and Shirley met often, it was the first time the pair had a meal together. Moreover,
as their first meal together was happening in her home, Shirley was a little restrained.

She served herself some food and nibbled on them. To make it less awkward between them, she
initiated the conversation.

She wasn’t hiding her admiration of him between her words.

After all, other than being a playboy, Skyler was a man with many strong suits.

His capability, friendliness, and sense of humor were the perfect combination to leave a good
impression on others.

Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted their conversation.

Shirley put the cutlery on the table as she pushed her chair back. “I’ll answer the door.”

Monica had reached out to Shirley before Skyler’s visit, so Shirley was expecting Monica at the door.

After all, it was already half an hour since they last talked, and Monica was supposed to be here at any

She wasn’t expecting a woman in light makeup would stand outside her apartment when she opened
the door. The woman with shoulder-length black hair was wearing a black baker boy cap.

Her crop top and the pair of slacks were in black, too. A gold chain was hanging down from the side of
her top and buckled on the waistband, while her feet were clad in a pair of sneakers.

The outfits set off the reddish tone of her porcelain skin and her slender waist. Besides, it was obvious
she had abs.

“You must be Shirley. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Sofia Green.” The woman introduced herself as
she brushed past Shirley and walked into the living room.