Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 554

Sasha Confessed to Matthew

“Here?” Veronica stopped at the end of the corridor and turned to Matthew as she pointed at the door
on her right side. After he nodded, she knocked on the door.

She didn’t notice anything wrong before she knocked on the door, but was soon to realize something
was wrong when her hand touched the door.

She turned to him involuntarily for assurance. As their gazes met, the pair pushed the door open and
stepped inside the room without a word.

A small living room with a European style design came into their view. The decorations in the room
were a combination of light luxury and minimalist as they bathed in the dim light of the glass chandelier.

As soon as the pair stood in the living room, they noticed the room was in a mess. There were many
empty liquor bottles on the coffee table and small shards of broken bottles, wine, and fruits were
scattered on the ground.

“Sasha?” Matthew called out before he headed toward her bedroom. However, Veronica tugged at his
hand before he could make it further.

He turned around with a confused look and saw her shaking her head at him. She gestured at the
bedroom door and implied that she would take a look instead.

The second thought came to him. Veronica was right, though. After all, it was a woman’s bedroom, and
a man shouldn’t go into a woman’s bedroom without her permission.

As he was worried about Sasha’s well-being, he neglected the fact that she was a woman.

Or perhaps Matthew had never considered Sasha as a woman.

Letting go of his hand, Veronica strode toward the only bedroom in the apartment suite and pushed
open the door.

Sasha didn’t turn on the lights in her bedroom. The light from the living room shone over the opened
door, illuminating the bedroom with faint light.

Veronica could see Sasha was facing away from the door, dressed in a lacy tulle nightgown.

Grabbing hold of the doorknob, Veronica parted her lips and was about to say something before
Sasha’s words stopped her.

“You’re here,” Sasha mumbled.

Veronica sought the opportunity to introduce herself, but Sasha was faster. “I thought you loved
Veronica, but it turns out you’re holding me in your heart too. Matt, I’ve something to tell you. It took me
a while to finally make the decision. Actually, I have no feelings for Adrian at all. The only man in my
mind will always be you because I’ve fallen for you since a long time ago. If it isn’t for you, I wouldn’t
have gone through with the sex reassignment surgery.”

As she finished her words, Sasha began to untie the sash of her nightgown. Then, she undressed by
pulling the fabric away from her chest to the sides and allowing the nightgown to slip from her milky-
white shoulders. At last, an almost perfect figure was presented before Veronica.

It was an unexpected turn of events for Veronica. She gaped as the scene unfolded and couldn’t form a
proper response.

Even though she didn’t get an answer, Sasha continued, “I drank a lot today to give myself some liquid
courage. T-That’s the reason why I could finally have the courage to call you here. I-I want to become
your girlfriend. ”

Sasha was acting on a purpose. She was pretending to get hit by someone on the phone, only to trick
Matthew to come over to her place.

She wasn’t known as a brave woman, so she had been hiding her true feelings to herself, never
revealing them to Matthew.

Everything changed when Veronica showed up. Sasha felt a sense of crisis when she saw Matthew
could even sacrifice himself for Veronica’s sake. Sasha couldn’t restrain herself from the feelings
anymore, so she drank a lot of alcohol to give her the courage to call him.

She was aware of his arrival as she heard him calling her name a moment ago, but she hadn’t
mustered the courage to face him to confess. Therefore, she could only face away from the door as
she expressed her true feelings without a stop.

Little did she know that she would come face to face with someone else when she turned around
expecting Matthew to be there.


Widening her eyes at the unexpected person, Sasha blanked out for a second before another thought
occurred to her. She covered her body with her arms and screamed, “There’s a pervert here!”

As soon as she expressed her surprise, she picked up the clothes from the ground and covered her
body. Meanwhile, Veronica was dragged back to her senses by Sasha’s scream. As she turned on her
heel to leave, she noticed Matthew walking over. Taking a few steps back into the room without
hesitation, she closed the door without a loud thump.

Even though Sasha was once a close friend of Matthew’s, who could even share a bed with him, she
was already a woman at the moment. Thinking that Matthew shouldn’t invade Sasha’s privacy as there

was a difference between the two genders, Veronica closed the door with determination.