Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 556

She Nearly Miscarried

“Yes. The only person he loves is you. Otherwise, how could you act so arrogantly in front of me?”

Sasha chuckled coldly as she growled, “Veronica, don’t be a hypocrite. You disgust me.”

She lowered her head, took a glance at the pajamas beside her, and pointed to her own chest. “Laugh
as much as you want. Many people already regard me as a joke anyway. It makes no difference to
include you.”

“I can’t help it if that’s what you think.” Veronica did not want to argue with Sasha any further. “I simply
want to advise you that now that you’re a woman, you must learn to respect yourself.”

Women were generally more passive than men, making them more vulnerable to bullying. Hence,
without self-respect, women would be at a disadvantage.

Veronica turned around and walked to the door after she finished her words. Sasha, on the other hand,
was enraged as she looked at Veronica’s retreating figure. An unknown rage burned in her heart,
eroding her last semblance of sanity.

And on the spur of the moment, she kicked Veronica’s back hard. Veronica was taken aback as she
staggered a few steps forward and landed on the table. Her stomach slammed into the sharp corner of
the table.

Despite having undergone the surgery, Sasha was once a man. Her strong body structure and muscle
strength were not something that the surgery could change.

She had also previously practiced self-defense techniques and Taekwondo. With that, her earlier kick
was indeed powerful.

Veronica was caught off guard and was completely unprepared.

This was exacerbated by the fact that her physical condition had deteriorated since returning from
Castron. She yelled in pain after the kick and her hard collision with the sharp corner of the table before
collapsing on the ground.

Her abdomen became increasingly painful as she fell to the ground, and it eventually spread to her
limbs. The agony was so intense that Veronica curled up, unable to say anything else for the time

Outside, Matthew heard Veronica’s scream as well. He dashed into the room, concerned about what
had happened to her.

The only thing he saw was Veronica curled up on the floor, looking as if she was about to pass out from
the excruciating pain.

His heart sank when he saw that. Remembering that she was pregnant, he immediately turned
horrifyingly pale.

“Roni?” Matthew yelled for her and dashed over to her side to carry her up.

Sasha, who was standing nearby, was taken aback. When she noticed Matthew glaring coldly at her as
he carried Veronica out, she shook her head and explained, “I didn’t… Matt… I… I only lightly kicked
her. She was the one who slammed herself into the table.”

Matthew was already at the door when Sasha explained. When he heard Sasha’s words, he halted his
steps and stared sternly at her. His gazes gave her chills, as if her heart had been pierced.

“If anything happens to Roni and my children, not even your death will satisfy me!” he exclaimed.

Then he dashed outside with Veronica in his arms.

Veronica, on the other hand, lay helplessly in his embrace, one hand on her abdomen and the other
pulling at his sleeve as she mumbled, “Matt… I’m in pain…”

Her murmur was soft, and her face was becoming paler by the second. Cold sweat was dripping from
her brow, and she appeared to be in excruciating pain.

Her mind was preoccupied with the pain that even though she had heard Matthew mention the children
to Sasha earlier and knew he had learned about her pregnancy, she didn’t ask any further questions.

“Don’t be afraid, Roni. I’m taking you to the hospital now. Please hold on for a little longer.”

With that, Matthew quickly entered the elevator. As the elevator began to descend, he looked at the
woman in his embrace, his heart racing as he nearly suffocated.