Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 557

Sasha Is Seeking Her Own Doom

It was unusual for the strong-willed Veronica to reveal her anguish in front of Matthew. As a result,
when he saw her trembling in pain, he couldn’t help but feel his heart ache and his mind tumble into

As soon as he exited the elevator, he dashed toward his car. Veronica wasn’t particularly heavy, but his
arms were aching.

That was because he wasn’t sure how to carry her—not too tight as he might hurt her, but not too light
in case she fell. Hence, he could only straighten his arms and hold them firmly in place.

“Roni, just hold on for a while longer… Please…” he said after putting her in the back seat before
hopping into the driver’s seat and speeding away.

Matthew drove at a high speed but with extraordinary stability, all because of Veronica laying in the
back seat. It was already late in the night. There weren’t many obstacles on the road and it took him
driving past three red lights to get to the hospital.

As soon as he arrived, he parked the car and jumped out of the driver’s seat. He then dashed to the
back seat to carry Veronica without even closing the driver’s door.

“Roni? Roni?” Matthew bent down to carry her, only to discover that she had passed out.

When he saw that, his heart immediately sank. He dashed to the emergency room with her in his arms,
nervously gulping. “Doctor? Where’s the doctor? Please save my wife!”

In the heat of the moment, he referred to her as his wife. Veronica was already his wife in his heart.
The only thing that remained was to register their marriage. The doctor on duty immediately went up to
him. “What happened?”

“My wife is pregnant and she accidentally hit her abdomen earlier. She’s in so much pain that she
fainted!” Matthew explained the situation briefly.

“Oh my. That’s so careless of her! Send her inside quickly!”

The doctor then brought Matthew into the emergency room and asked him to place Veronica on one of
the available beds. “Register for her at the counter now.”

“Alright… Alright…” Matthew cast a few more worried glances her way. Despite his words, he remained
standing by the bed, staring at her with no intention of leaving.

Seeing that, the nurse right away pushed him out. “Sir, the doctor needs to check on the patient now.
You have to leave first.” Matthew was then pushed out of the emergency room. He retracted his gaze
and tried to calm his thoughts as the door of the emergency room closed behind him.

For a few moments, he was dazed and had no idea what to do. He subconsciously took out his
cigarette holder, took a cigarette from it and placed it in his mouth before taking the lighter out.

When lighting the lighter, he lowered his head to aim the cigarette butt at the flame.

His mind was a jumbled mess. He noticed that his hand holding the lighter was still trembling and he
raised his left hand, intending for it to hold his right hand firm. But he was stunned when he saw his left

He had no idea how long his left hand had been covered in blood.

Upon seeing that, he froze. The lighter slipped from his grip, and he stared blankly at all the wet blood
on his hand as he became even paler.

After a few moments of calming himself down, he headed to the counter to register for Veronica. Then,
he waited outside the operation theater after he saw Veronica being pushed inside.

Suddenly, footsteps echoed down the quiet corridor. Matthew, who was smoking, raised his head and
saw a few people exiting the elevator and trotting toward him.

They were Caleb, Skyler, Shirley, and Sasha.

Sasha knew she had done something wrong and was terrified. After calming down, she called Caleb.

Caleb then called Skyler after a few moments of thought, thinking that as a doctor, the latter might be of

Skyler was stunned when he received the call and learned what had occurred. “What? Roni hit her
abdomen? She is already pregnant! Is Sasha tired of living?”

Shirley, who was in the room, was alarmed by his voice and came out to inquire about the situation.
Skyler told her everything, and they went to the hospital together as they were both worried about