Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 559

Doomed if You Offend Sofia

Matthew turned around and watched as Veronica was wheeled out of the operation theater.
Subsequently, he held her hand and accompanied her to the wards.

The rest went along as well, but Skyler was the only one who remained at his original spot before he
explained the situation to the doctor, “She’s my best friend’s wife. You must take whatever it needs to
save the child.”

Skyler was much more aware than anyone else of the importance of Veronica and her child, so they
had to ensure the unborn child’s safety. Otherwise, Sasha would be doomed; they used to be best
friends, so Skyler would never allow them to turn against each other.

Although he gave out an impression of a talkative player, he was actually a meticulous man. “Sure, Dr.
Robins. We’ll definitely try our best.” The doctor nodded.

“Thank you for your efforts.” Skyler nodded and turned around to leave. Inside the ward, Veronica lay in
bed with a drip injected to her hand, still unconscious.

Matthew sat by her bedside and kept a vigil next to her without moving a single step. He held tightly to
her hand and did not let go of her at all.

Standing beside Matthew, Caleb comforted him, “Miss Murphy’s a kind person, I’m sure she will be
blessed with a long life ahead.”

“Yeah! President Kings, Roni has always been blessed,” added Shirley as she continued to shoot
daggers with her eyes at Sasha, showing her evident anger.

“It’s getting late. You guys should leave.” Matthew gave instructions for them to head home. The few
exchanged looks with each other but did not object to his instruction. As such, they bade farewell to

him and exited the ward.

Just as they were leaving the room, Skyler came over and asked, “Why are you guys leaving so soon?”

“Matt’s in a foul mood and our presence is annoying him.” “That’s right. President Kings is very worried
about Roni.” Shirley shook her head and heaved a sigh as she tilted her head and lamented, “I’m
envious that Roni has found a man that loves her so much.”

“Crazy b*tch!” Sasha glared at Shirley exasperatedly and slung her bag on her shoulders before
stomping off in her high heels.

“You’re the crazy one! They were in a great relationship with each other and yet you’re the one who
came in between them! You’re either sick in the head or you’ve got some serious ethical issues. Do you
actually enjoy being a homewrecker?” Shirley rebuked.

Sasha, who had just taken a few steps forward, paused in her tracks and clenched her fists tightly
before turning around. She glared at Shirley unblinkingly with a furious look in her eyes and headed
back in Shirley’s direction.

Sensing the sharp look in Sasha’s eyes, Shirley was scared stiff and instantly cowered to hide behind
Skyler. She tilted her head and looked at Sasha as she tried to reveal a fierce look. “If you dare lay
hands on me, I’ll be sure to get Roni to beat you up after she’s given birth.” As Shirley spoke, she
waved her fist at Sasha and appeared to be fearless, knowing that she had someone backing her up.

“Pfft!” Sasha stood in front of Skyler and saw that he held a protective stance before Shirley; he was
intent on standing up for her. Seeing that, she snorted derisively, “She might not even be able to give
birth to that child. Besides, you claim that I’m a homewrecker, but have you looked into the mirror? You
got involved with Skyler and came between him and Sofia. Are you proud of yourself then? You’re
shameless yourself, so how dare you act all ethical and point fingers at me!”

“I-I… That’s not true!” Shirley felt wronged at the mention of that matter and she stood up angrily from
behind Skyler as she attempted to refute Sasha’s words. However, he merely wrapped an arm around
her neck and signaled to her. “Koff. Koff.”

He coughed twice to remind Shirley about her promise today. Momentarily stunned, Shirley came back
to her senses instantly and frowned without uttering another word.

Nonetheless, she refused to allow Sasha to have the last word, so she added, “Miss Green and Skyler
broke up ages ago, so even if I date him, I’m not a homewrecker! Hmph!”

Meanwhile, Caleb had his arms crossed while leaning against the wall as he enjoyed the primetime
drama. He lifted his brows and thought, Oof! That’s a lot of information for one episode!

Sasha was rendered speechless for a moment and turned to shoot a helpless look at Skyler, whose
eyes immediately shifted elsewhere. In this case, he had no intention of standing up for her at all.

Disappointed, she gave a self-mocking smile before sneering, “Skyler, since we’re friends, I’m just
gonna remind you one thing—you can offend anyone but never Sofia.”

With that, Sasha turned around and left without another word. “Huh? Hey, Sofia is…” Skyler stretched
his hand out and attempted to say more, but he realized that he was unable to think straight.