Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 562

Abby Bullied at School

While Abby was taking a shower, Caleb took a seat on the couch and accessed the surveillance
camera footage of her living room from his phone.

Though he had installed a security camera in the living room, he was not one to spy on someone else,
so he merely glanced at it from time to time each day just to ensure her safety.

He accessed the security camera footage and checked the daily records. Surprisingly, he found out
that Abby finished her homework every night and left the apartment at 10.30PM. She came back at
1.00AM every night and left for school at 5.00AM after changing into casualwear. Religiously, she came
home from school at 6.00PM everyday.

Caleb randomly selected ten days’ worth of footage to view over the span of four months and he was
surprised to find that this was her daily routine. At that instance, he completely found himself in rage as
he sat in the living room to puff on his cigarette.

After quite some time, Abby walked out of the bedroom in her usual nightgown that had lost its color
after being in the washer for too many times. She wore it as her pajamas for the entire summer.

‘It’s late now, aren’t you going to head home?’ She walked over and stood in front of him as she signed
to him.

The man kept his head lowered and puffed on his cigarette while ignoring her. She ended up standing
there foolishly.

After he was done with his cigarette, he extinguished it with his bare fingers and flicked the butt into the
rubbish bin before lifting his head to stare straight into her eyes. “Aren’t you going to explain yourself?”

She shook her head.

“You don’t know how to explain yourself, huh? Well, I have some questions for you. You’ve been going
out every night for the past four months to collect garbage and then leaving early in the morning to sell
them, is that right?”

Abby was stunned. ‘H-How did you find out?’

After she signed that, it suddenly dawned upon her that he was a police officer, so it would be a piece
of cake for him to find out the information.

Caleb crossed his legs and leaned back against the couch as he focused his cold eyes on her.

The look in his eyes terrified Abby as she felt goosebumps crawling on her arms. After some hesitation,
she lifted both hands to sign. ‘I’m thankful for your great help in assisting me re-enroll in school to finish
off my studies. I regard you as my family and you’re like my older brother. But then…’

“Type it out with your phone. I don’t understand that.”

Although Caleb was able to understand some sign language, Abby’s speed and frequency proved quite
challenging for him, so he ended up confused.

Resigned, she had no choice but to grab her laptop; it was the one that Caleb had bought for her to
make things easier in her studies. Despite having such a gadget, they had never contacted each other
via video call.

Abby powered the laptop and clicked into a Word file to type. ‘I wanted to say that I’m thankful for the
opportunity to re-enroll in school to finish off my studies. You’ve been of great help and I found out
afterward that you’ve been spending a lot of money on me, so I… I wanted to earn my keep as soon as
possible to repay you.’

There was another incident that she did not dare to mention to Caleb. Truth be told, she had been
constantly picked on in school due to her disability.

There were several boys who frequently targeted her and extorted her in school. They beat her up if
she did not hand over money to them and they also threatened her that they would publicize the
footage of her being beaten up to make it viral.

Frightened by that possibility, Abby had no choice but to collect recyclables late at night every day and
scrimp to come up with a fixed sum for them. That was the only way she could gain some peace to
focus on her studies daily.

‘We’ve only met each other several times, but why are you offering me so much help? I feel like I might
not be able to repay this in my lifetime.’

“I don’t expect any repayment.”

‘We’re not related to each other, so I definitely have to repay this favor. It’s logical for me to repay any
debt owed.’

“Abby, listen carefully to me. I helped you re-enroll in school by sponsoring you and I sponsor plenty of
students every year. You’re the most disobedient one amongst them,” he spoke loudly and there was
clearly a displeased note in his voice.

Meanwhile, Abby felt quite guilty as she clasped both hands together uneasily. After some time, she
signed to him, ‘I’m sorry.’