Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 563

As Soon As Possible

“I don’t want an apology. If I catch you selling scraps again, you’ll have to return to your home.” With
that being said, Caleb left the apartment without looking back. After walking quite a distance, he
entered the car and drove away.

Though, it did not take long before he turned on the surveillance footage through his phone to check on
Abby. Through the footage, he could see that she was wailing on the couch with her head buried in her

His stomach was churning with mixed feelings as he listened to her wail. She eventually fell asleep on
the couch after crying for a while.

At first, he intended to leave her just like that. But, in the end, he just could not bring himself to do it. He
then made a detour back to the apartment, and carried the sleeping girl to the bed.

As he laid her down onto the bed, she suddenly shuddered and let out a whimper in her sleep before
hugging his arm. Curling up into a ball, she began sobbing as though she was in extreme pain.

“There, there. Everything’s okay.” Caleb sat by the bed, thinking that he might have gone too far just
now and frightened her.

Soon, Abby fell into a deep sleep and let go of his hand. He stared at the girl who slept like a little
kitten. And no one could possibly hate her with how her baby cheeks made her look like an adorable

Raising his hand, he hesitated momentarily before reaching for her cheek. While he caressed her
cheek softly, his heart raced uncontrollably, as though it would pop out of his chest at any time. It was
the first time he felt such fluttering sensations.

At that moment, Skyler’s words rang in his head, which irritated him and prompted him to leave right

On the other hand, Veronica, who was hospitalized, had finally regained her consciousness. The first
thing she saw was a haggard-looking Matthew sitting next to her bed.

“You’re awake?” The moment he saw her eyes open, he lurched forward and asked gently, “Feeling

She looked at him with hollow eyes as she parted her pale lips to speak, “The baby. Is the baby okay?”

She placed her hand on her belly, worrying that something went wrong with the baby.

The man smiled gently as he ruffled her fringe. “The baby is safe and sound, but you have to stay in
the hospital to avoid a miscarriage, or it’ll be dangerous.”

He dared not relay the doctor’s words to her since she might overthink about it.

Veronica pulled his hand. “S-Since when do you know about it?”

Had she not been at Sasha’s home yesterday, she would not have known that he was privy to her
pregnancy all the while.

“I’m your man. How can I not know when it’s something about you?”

“Matt, I—”

“Silly girl. Don’t worry too much. Just take as much rest as you need. And the doctor advised you to
stay in the hospital for now.”

“Hmm. Okay.” She nodded. Considering how weak her body still was, she drifted into dreamland in no
time. Though, she felt even more stressed than before with how things turned out.

Now that Matthew knew of her pregnancy, he would definitely find a way to keep the baby and bring the
marriage forward.

After resting in the hospital for a night, she made a video call to Yvonne out of boredom. Yet, the call
was rejected.

Following that, Yvonne called to inform that she was unable to take a video call since her parents were
around. They shared a light conversation for a short while before terminating the call after Yvonne said
she had errands to run.

Veronica sensed something was wrong with Yvonne, but her worries were dispelled afterward. After the
call ended, Yvonne had sent her a picture of Ian with a bright smile on his face.

Everything’s fine. I’m just being paranoid right now.

“Have some porridge.” Matthew held a bowl of porridge while sitting next to the bed. He blew to cool off
the spoonful of porridge before lifting it to her lips. “Here.”

Veronica ate it and smiled in contentment. “Matt, you’re the best.”

Holding the spoon, his hand stopped midair before he reciprocated, “Then, you should marry me as
soon as possible. I have contacted your parents to invite them to Bloomstead. Once you’re discharged
from the hospital, we’ll register our marriage as soon as possible.”