Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 566

Even if It Hurts, It’s a Blessing

“Oh,” Veronica responded and flashed a smile instantly. “Grandma, what brings you here?” She lifted
the blanket in an attempt to rise and greet Elizabeth.

“It’s alright. You should be on the bed and resting.” Elizabeth rushed to the bedside and gripped her
shoulders. “I know everything. The doctor said you’re hurt and need rest. Stay still. Your health is
important and so is the baby, haha.”

The calamities had exhausted Elizabeth during the past year, and she spent her days in a terrible
mood. Her Alzheimer’s disease made the situation worse. Although it was under control, they could not
stop it from worsening. She was concerned about Matthew’s marriage, but their unstable relationship
worried her.

This morning, Matthew called her to inform her about the wedding. He explained the previous breakups
were part of the initial struggle period of a relationship. It was nothing more than squabbles. The news
exhilarated Elizabeth. After the call ended, she quickly requested that someone look into their
condition, only to discover that Veronica had been injured and was currently in the hospital. When she
found out Veronica was pregnant with twins, she was in seventh heaven and dashed to the hospital.

“Grandma, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Veronica shook her head.

Worried that Veronica would be unable to handle the news of an unstable pregnancy, Matthew warned
the medical staff of her condition. He wanted them to announce that Veronica had suffered from a mild
injury and needed a week of recuperation only. Therefore, Veronica and Elizabeth thought it was a
small matter.

“Grandma, have a seat.” Matthew stood up and helped Elizabeth with her seat. “Why are you here?”

“It’s all because of you, young man!” She sat on the chair and slapped his butt. “Tell me. Why didn’t you
inform me about the pregnancy?”

In the eyes of the elderly, kids would always be kids, regardless of age. No matter how outstanding and
persistent Matthew was, he was her grandson.

However, she was still furious, so she pinched his thigh. “How dare you keep secrets from me. Am I still
your grandma?”

She blamed him.

“Pfft… Haha.” It was such a rare sight to have seen Matthew being beaten. Veronica covered her
mouth as she burst into laughter.

Matthew’s starry eyes sank for a moment as he became frustrated. Still, the pall of gloomy clouds lifted
when he glanced at the woman laughing. “Even if I didn’t, you found out about it, didn’t you?”

He said helplessly as he sat by the bed and turned to stare at Veronica with an expression that asked,
Having fun?

“Hmph! It’s different from hearing it from you personally.”

Now that he was so preoccupied with Veronica and kept making eye contact with her in the middle of
the conversation, Elizabeth was vexed. She yanked his ear. “You only have your eyes on Roni. Do you
not love your grandma anymore?”

Outsiders regarded Matthew as a leader with a stern demeanor, as though no one dared to approach
him. Yet, Elizabeth yanked his ear right in front of Veronica.

Embarrassment and helplessness were clearly seen on his face. Matthew was embarrassed because
he had lost pride in front of Veronica, who was laughing at him. He was helpless as he could only
tolerate Elizabeth’s lecture since she raised him single-handedly with unlimited love.

Most importantly, Elizabeth had gone through a rough year. It made him happy to see her smiling right

“Doesn’t my dignity matter?” He had to give her a sidelong glance since she was pulling his ears.

“Haha… Nice one, Grandma!” It was unusual to see him in such a depressed state. Veronica was
having fun and laughing as she recorded everything on her phone. “Don’t let it go just yet. I need to
record this and forward it to Matt’s friends. They’ll love it!”

“Great idea. Roni, hurry up!” Elizabeth took Veronica’s side and refused to let go of Matthew’s ear.