Her Biliionaire Husband

Chapter 565

Matthew Is Beaten

Matthew rose to his feet and sat by the bed. He rested Veronica on his shoulder while hugging her. “All
you have to do is to stand behind me, and let me protect you. Of course, my Roni is smart. We can
devise strategies and bear the burden together.”

He twirled the strands of hair that flowed down on her shoulder. “Zac is returning to Bloomstead in a
few days, and there will be another storm to deal with. If you’re scared, you can choose to run away.
Although I hope you’ll be my adviser, I do understand if you decide to escape.”

He said the exact opposite as he attempted to persuade her to reconsider her decision.

“I will never run away!” She was leaning on his shoulder when she abruptly straightened up and turned
to face him. “You’re the father of my babies. How can I run away right now? That’s—”

Veronica paused midway as she thought of something, then froze with her lips pursed in silence.

“What made you stop?” Matthew smiled as he stroked her cheek. “If I’m in trouble, you will never
abandon me. So, do you think I’ll just watch when it’s your turn?”

“But—” He shook his head lightly to prevent her from saying anything further.

“Roni, you know me very well. I will not back down after I make up my mind.” Matthew softly touched
her collarbone. “You’re mine. If I can’t even promise your safety… I will live the rest of my life with an
empty soul.”

Yes, that’s right. I’m at the top of my game and used to win at everything; I’ll never lose again. It will be
a huge setback if I fail to protect my wife. I am right about what I say.

Veronica finally understood what he meant.

“Okay, we’ll register our marriage.” She nodded seriously and gripped his hand tightly before she
placed it on her belly. “From now on… We are a family of four.”

She was enjoying the moment. She could not help but imagine how happy they would be after the
babies were born. It would be lovely.

“Hey, Matt. Do you prefer a baby boy or a baby girl?” Veronica was curious.

They had never discussed kids. She was not sure if he wanted kids either. Veronica remembered him
not liking kids the first time they met last year.

“As long as they are our child, I’ll love them.” Matthew was slightly concerned as he stared at her
doused in happiness.

The doctor mentioned the injury on her belly, and that she should be hospitalized in case of an
emergency. However, due to her unstable pregnancy, there was a risk for miscarriage. The only thing
he would do was to find the best gynecologist and accompany her to protect the babies.

“I knew it.”

Veronica had decided to spend the rest of her life happily married to Matthew. All her concerns had
vanished, and she was all smiles and adorable.

It was a stunningly wonderful moment.

Matthew was completely immersed in the joy but did not lose himself. Instead, he felt everything came
unexpectedly. He couldn’t help but wonder if it was like the colorful bubbles ejected from a bubble gun,
which could shatter and disappear at any time.

“Have some porridge. It’ll get cold soon.” He continued to feed her porridge, and they heard footsteps
beyond the door.

Veronica raised her head when the door was opened. Elizabeth entered the room briskly while still
smiling. “Geez. You brat. Why didn’t you tell me about the good news?”

Veronica was stunned momentarily, and she whispered into Matthew’s ear. “You told her?”

“No. It is only about marriage.”

Matthew’s initial plan was to inform Elizabeth and make her happy. Even so, since Veronica’s condition
was unstable, he thought that failing to keep the baby safe would backfire. Elizabeth was old and weak;
and she would find it difficult to tolerate any mishap.